Vincent SV-237 Your Thoughts Plus A Couple Of Questions

Discussion in 'New Gear - Values' started by Iceman32, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. sbrownnw

    sbrownnw New Member

    Great thread here. I currently run Audio Refinement (YBA) separates and would really like to try any of the Vincent SV amps with 6 analog inputs (226, 226MK, 236) as I need that many for my 2 channel AV system. Anyone know of one of these rare beasts for sale? Here is a current pict of my system, which includes a modified Rega RP6 (GT ref subplatter and AT-33PTG/II low MC), ProAc Studio 148s and Mogami / KLEI wire.



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  2. sbrownnw

    sbrownnw New Member

    That noise is usually called / caused by "tube rush". Tube rush (noise) is a fact of life with tubes, no matter what brand or model. Some are noisier than others, others quieter, but unless you hand select the absolutely quietest tubes from batches in he thousands an fine tune the surrounding circuit with the absolutely quietest surrounding components, you will pretty much always hear a bit of tube rush with your ear within a couple of inches from the speakers, especially the more sensitive ones.
  3. AΩmega

    AΩmega New Member

    My sv-237mk is super quiet. I rolled the 12ax7 to Bugle Boy made in Germany in 1956 similar to this: and sounds amazing. No tube rolling ever made a difference in the noise you're talking about.

    Just re-read that post... I get very low noise if you crank the volume way up. But you still have to put your ear to the speaker. I have the stock Russian 6n1p-ev tubes and and rolled the 12ax7.

    Here’s a thread I saw on tube hiss:
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  4. Lucian

    Lucian New Member

    I can also hear some noise but really low level and only if I am with my ear at 5 cm from the tweeter (cannot hear anything from middle or bass speakers on my Monitor Audio RX8)

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  5. ultrasparc

    ultrasparc Active Member

    Hi All

    As a new Vincent SV-237MK owner I'm happy to read all the positive remarks.

    I find that this unit offers what the best of the vintage Japanese receivers was known for, but in any of the other moderns amps I've been listening to I haven't heard this warm, clear saturated sound that I prefer.

    Actually I have been trying to get my Pioneer SX-1080 up to its old original super sound, but having spend countless hours and lots of $$$, I've never managed to get there, and I kind'a resigned from the hope of having superb sound back, and just sort lived with what I got.

    Then a couple of days ago I saw this post on a Facebook Hifi debate group, that this guy just wanted to share how much he enjoyed this Vincent SV-237MK that replaced his Luxman R1120.
    So when I was passing by the Vincent dealer i Copenhagen I dropped in with the firm intention just to browse, and if possible, listen to it.

    Well I was blown away - with a silly smile on my face.

    I ended up bringing it with me for a trial, since the dealer made an extremely attractive offer (which turned out to be too good, but it remained my price :) )

    Now I can enjoy listening to my records again :)

    To address the remote/volume control, I have to say that it works flawlessly - precise and at a controllable speed.
    Wrt to noise when cranking up I have a totally quiet system. If at full volume I can barely hear a very faint hiss if I put my ear within 2 inches og the speaker.

    I've only had it one day and am absolutely satisfied with it.

    Only job left is to explain to "you know who" why it has to stay.

    BTW I have a Pioneer PLX-1000/Ortofon 2M Bronze, ROTEL RCD-06 and ELAC BS 253 running with the Vincent.
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  6. Diathesis

    Diathesis Active Member

    Boston, MA
    I've had my SV-237 for a couple of years now, and I'm still loving it![​IMG]


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