Vintage audio issue; Onkyo TX-2500MK11

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Alswhiskey1, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Alswhiskey1

    Alswhiskey1 New Member

    Syracuse, New York
    I recently bought a very clean TX-2500MK11 for kicks and hooked it up last night for the first time...I set it up in the kitchen (where we tend to hang out in the evening) with a pair of PSB Image 5Bs that were handy. I simply plugged in some RCAs through the tape input (no aux in on this model) and played my Spotify playlist...everything was great until the music stopped, 8 or 10 seconds after I paused the music there was a loud pop. Nothing was touched on the phone, cord or stereo. I quickly reached to turn it down and off to be safe...unhooked everything and called it a night. So tonight I came home and started over, I made sure all connections were good and turned it sounded great and I played the system for several hours without a hitch until I was calling it a night and paused the music, there it was again...pop...then a second one. I shut it down again. Oddly, I had paused it several times earlier with no issue so I'm a little perplexed. I have several other systems (and at least 10 other vintage receivers) and have never had this happen in the past. Maybe it just wants to keep playing, lol. Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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  2. don philipe

    don philipe AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West plains mo
    Check the fuses?
  3. imral3

    imral3 Super Member

    Blackwood, New Jersey
    Was the phone charging at the times when the pop occurred?
  4. DaveVoorhis

    DaveVoorhis Super Member

    Behind you.
    Could be an appliance in the house switching on and off.

    Could be a cracked solder joint in the amplifier.

    Could be the phone doing funky things with the audio, as mobile/cell phones sometimes do.

    Could be a failing component -- usually a semiconductor or capacitor -- in the amplifier.

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