VR-407 / Subwoofer Woes

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    Hello all,

    Have a Kenwood VR-407 unit that has been really good to me for years...recently while we are watching TV, the system starts making loud bass pops and sounds like someone is rubbing their hands over a microphone and doesnt stop until we power down the system and pull the plug. Its finally gotten to the point where its doint it after 2-3 minutes of being on. If I pull the Powered Subwoofer cable from the Until, the system runs fine, audio is good and there are no loud pops or other sounds....but also no good bass.

    Scored another VR-407 unit online and after it hooking it up to the same speakers and same powered subwoofer, the issue doesnt happen at all, and everything runs fine, leading me to wonder what in the other VR-407 would cause the above issues to happen?

    I am hoping to fix the unit with the bass issues and set it up in my garage with my workshop as when I bought the second unit, I got all the 5.1 speakers and Powered Sub with it and want to use it.

    Where should I start looking inside the unit for issues?
    Anything in particular I should focus on?
    Could it just be a bad capacitor?
    Anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks, I look forward to your knowledgable opinions!!


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