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Welcome to the British Audio Forum!

Discussion in 'British Audio' started by Bigerik, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. scuba

    scuba My idea of spin class. Subscriber

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    With a pair of M-S Carnival 2's and a pair of Mezzo 2" I guess I belong in that club too. Oh, a pair of Wharfedale W60's as well. Can I count my FatMan iTube amp also?
    I almost forgot my sub (MS308W)
    Bloody good show and all that. What! What!:thmbsp:
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2013


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  2. davidjsharp

    davidjsharp New Member

    London Ontario Canada
    Interesting thread! I'm an expat Brit in Canada, with too much stuff (according to my wife). Yes, Tannoys are at the top of my list (three pairs of home built cabs, for MG10 and HPD385s in Tannoy horn designs, and HPD315 in ported cabs. Some Arcam tuners and Cambridge CD players too, but the rest of the electronics is Japanese. I started out in the 60s with a home built Ferranti amp and Wharfedale speakers, upgraded the Wharfedales in the 70's to a large 4-way QWTL design from a magazine which I still listen to most days! British babies seem to be in the news a bit these days .. well, one of them anyway!
  3. Goo5580

    Goo5580 New Member

    Hello all! I'm looking at a pair of wharfedale sp-87's. After some searching Ive not been able to find a creditable review on them. I was wondering if any of you has had experience with these speakers and if so, care to share some wisdom? Thank you.
  4. Gang-Twanger

    Gang-Twanger Resident Wharfedaliophool


    (I can't believe it took me six months to realize there was a British Audio forum... Unbelievable)
  5. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I've Been Everywhere
    Well, get to posting then!
  6. Gang-Twanger

    Gang-Twanger Resident Wharfedaliophool

    Way-ahead of ya'...

    Boy, I'm gonna' have to find an old Leak amp/receiver or something along those lines..... so I can feel FULL-ON British. :smoke:


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  7. About time.
  8. koltrast

    koltrast Active Member

    Just discovered this forum today. I haven't read all the posts so apologies if I'm repeating what has been said. IMO British stuff generally focuses on functionality rather than aesthetics. Soundwise the electronics vary from brand to brand just like anywhere else, with the possible exception of speakers, B&W is not the world's largest manufacturer of speakers for nothing.
  9. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I've Been Everywhere
    Thanks for dropping by!
  10. Aligauld

    Aligauld New Member

    Hi There,

    In my system currently:

    Rega Planar 2,
    SRM-Tech Deluxe Acrylic Platter,
    Michell Tecno Weight,
    NAD 3020i,
    Cambridge Audio Azur 540C,
    Mourdant-Short Festival 3

    I have owned the Rega and the Nad for about 20 odd years now and they have always delighted me.
    The rega has had a few tweaks in the past year but everything that has been done has made me fall in love with it all over again

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2014
  11. iwilson

    iwilson Well-Known Member

    Brooklyn and the Catskills
    love british turntables and always wanted a pair of rogers since I heard them. I like the look of the old quad amps too


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  12. AudioGeek

    AudioGeek too hip to function

    some bi-radial universe
    I've had a few British speakers: KEF C80, B&W 303 and Nautilus 803, REL Stadium II and Stentor III, Mission 70, Quad 11L and 21L, and a NAD CD player (forgot model). Can't recall owning other Brit electronics, but I've always liked their speakers.
  13. Bonder

    Bonder AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    I've had KEF 103.2's which were great, probably shouldn't have sold them but they weren't being used. Also have a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 8i's (circa 2001), bought them new but they've been in their original boxes for most of their life (just not warm enough for my taste).

    Most recent acquisition is a pair of 1964 Wharfedale W90's, time to start selling some of my stash as these aren't going anywhere soon. :thmbsp:

    Attached Files:

  14. Hoffius

    Hoffius Left Eye Dominant

    So far:
    Rega P3 24
    Rega TTPSU
    Rega Planet CD Player, (early 90's model)
    Cambridge audio 640 C version 2 CD player

    I'd like to acquire a Naim integrated and some Spendor speakers in the near future :yes:.
  15. hjames

    hjames beware of folks offering Cakes Staff Member Moderator Subscriber

    VA near DC
    Have to say, I have been having a lot of fun with the KEF 105.4 speakers I bought from JJohnson Feb 19th.
    I recapped them mid-March and since then I have been really enjoying the sound of these speakers! New caps broke in nicely by now!
    Played Cowboy Junkies "The Trinity Sessions" after work yesterday and its another revelation ...

    I don't play the KEFs loud (I'm using an 80w/ch Jolida integrated tube amp)
    and they play sweetly with great definition and imaging ...

    Had a pair of Ruark Accoustics Talisman II speakers (also British) but sold them off about a month ago -
    I didn't need 3 pair of speakers in the room!

    I also have some big custom JBL 3-ways in that room but haven't played them much in the last couple months while I explore the KEFs.
  16. Tiggerlator

    Tiggerlator New Member

    Hi, i'm new here.

    I like a lot of BritFi, never had the folding to buy anything nice though.

    I did find a nice set of english made active monitor speakers. unfortunately one of the amps died, so I have modded them to make them passive.


    The rest of my system is a Rotel Rsp 960AX and a Denon ud-m30, I have to output from the rotel going to the input of the denon. I know, I know, but I am looking for a cheap power amp.


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  17. tube-a-lou

    tube-a-lou Super Member

    Nice! owning 4 pair of British speakers, 3 pair are mission, 1 pair of Celestion's and a
    Systemdeck turntable and wanting one day to find a cheap pair of LS3/5A (yea right)
    I be checking this forum.

  18. rvance

    rvance New Member

    Just a couple.

    Rega Planet and KEF Q10s
  19. allenh

    allenh New Member

    South UK
    Hi all being a brit in Britian I hope qualifies me for entry? And I have some very british item's of hifi like

    Harbeth LS 3/5a's
    Ram LS 3/5a's
    Rogers LS7's
    Rogers LS4a's
    Lumley Reference Monitor 4's
    Kef Cadenza's
    Kef Coda 8's
    Ferrograph Series 7
    Inca Tech IT200's
    Alner Hamblin Pre
    Kinshaw Perception Pre
    Pink Triangle PTOne
    Pink Traingle LPT
    MRM Source
    LAD GAJ828P's
    Cambridge DAC1
    Cambridge CD6

    Then all the stuff I've made or adaptad myself which makes it British.

    My turntable made from all sorts of bits Oriental and American but in a very British way
    My speakers built using cabinets from Wilmslow Audio
    My phono stage which was a cheap Chinese thing that I rebuilt to a British circuit.
    My EL34 monoblocks that I've Britishised
    And my active crossover that I built to the Marantz circuit but Britishised

    There's probabaly more hiding around here and there's been a pile more passed through my hands over the years.
  20. allenh

    allenh New Member

    South UK
    Some of the little Denon systems we got over here actually had Denon badged British speakers, they were all made by Mission.

    Very good little speakers, I use a pair in the kitchen.

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