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Welcome to the British Audio Forum!

Discussion in 'British Audio' started by Bigerik, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Ken Mitchell

    Ken Mitchell Member

    Central MA USA
    New guy, somewhat a fan of British/UK gear though don't know if any of my current stuff actually qualifies. By brand, yes. By country of manufacture, perhaps no.

    KEF R500, R200C, R100, ProJect RPM1. Other items too, but Canadian, Japanese or US brands also of offshore build; NAD, Sony, SVS, Bluesound


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  2. red 111

    red 111 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    love the british sound heres some of my stuff target t5tt rack,monitor audio m3 gold floor standers,cyrus2 amp,cyrus tuner,Nad 7240pe receiver,Nadc316BEE int. amp,Nad4020 tuner,Nadc402 tuner,Nadc542 cd player,Linn Wakonda preamp,musical fidelity X-PRE,X-LP,X-CANS,X-PSU ,LEAK troughline mono tuner,ArcamAlpha 7 cd player....Linn LK 140 amp...
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
  3. JohnnyNapalm

    JohnnyNapalm Member

    Isle of Man
    Hello, currently running an Isotek Mini Sub mains conditioner, Kef Reference 4.2’s, Kef Reference 3.2’s, Kef Reference 200C and a Rega Planar 3 TT. Cheers.
  4. dpdatl

    dpdatl AK Subscriber Subscriber

    North of Atlanta
    Wharfedale W60D, Kef UniQ10, Linn Espek. and Ruark Epilogue in no particular order....Love them all.
  5. KevinCorr

    KevinCorr Super Member

    Fairbanks Alaska
    I have a Sonneteer Orton Integrated Amp, my favorite amp. image1-2-1.jpg
    Also now using a Rega Brio R integrated amp in the bedroom, with a Rega Apollo cdp, with a pair of original Roger's LS3/5a monitors
    (Swisstone 15 ohm). IMG_3439.jpeg
    Living room is a pair of Spender A6 floor standing speakers and a pair of Quad 11 Classic monitors, Quad 11L Center, Quad Lite satelite. 12322728_10156116156520478_4123646284309723320_o.jpg
    Rec Room has Castle speakers: Castle Severn, Castle Richmond, Castle Center
    2 Roksan Caspian tuners
    Audiolab 8200CDQ cd player
    Work Shop/garage has my old Onix OA21s Integrated amp, and fm tuner. 6861019630_7def03a586_z.jpg
  6. Edzo

    Edzo New Member

    might I be in with a bunch of Mission speakers (the white conuses series) 70/700/701 and 704?) and some humble KEF Chorales and Wharfedale Diamond III 's ? And maybe there is a set of Quad 405 and 44 heading my way........but that's not sure yet......


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