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    The Cutting Edge/Thinking Out Loud:


    This is where you come when you are done debating the validity of controversial topics and are focused on the goal of getting your system to function at its highest capability.


    1. Discussion is to be limited to problem-solving and goal reaching. General theory questions are welcome, but please let everyone know why it's on your mind.
    2. You must respect people you don’t agree with and allow them to have their own views. This forum is not a place to challenge people to provide proof or to publicly dismiss them for lack of proof.
    3. Thread craps will not be tolerated. What constitutes a thread crap in specific cases will be at the discretion of the moderation staff. (We will all use rules 1 and 2 for guidance)

    What we will be doing:

    • In addition to the usual matters of sources, amplification and speakers, we will also be discussing all aspects of system building from your breaker panel through to the room you listen in.
    • ‘All aspects’ of system building includes cables, tweaks, even components like capacitors – the focus is on squeezing the best out of what we have with the blinders off.
    • We will be supporting each other’s efforts in a constructive and helpful way.

    What we won’t be doing:

    • We will not be debating “dead horse” topics.
    • We will not be challenging each other to provide proof of anything.
    • We will not be passing judgment on a topic based on what something costs.
    • We will not be cutting each other down to size and giving each other a hard time.
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