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Discussion in 'Fisher Forum Stickies' started by Fisherdude, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Welcome to the new Fisher Audio Forum!!

    If you've been a member or a regular visitor to AudioKarma in recent years, you've probably noticed a growing interest in Fisher gear, both tube and solid state. For those of us who have been "carrying the torch" for the Fisher brand, it's a very welcome and appreciated turn of events. During the 1950's and 1960's, the "Golden Age of Hi-Fi", Fisher was one of the big four of McIntosh, Marantz, H.H. Scott, and Fisher. In the last few years, collectors have begun to recognize the fact that Fisher equipment was still a relative bargain compared to the prices that some of the other brands were fetching, with the result that interest has been exploding.

    Because of this interest, and the large number of very informative and educational threads that have been posted, we have decided to create a new forum specifically for Fisher. There are relatively few sources for Fisher information on the internet, so we are very excited to be able to create this new forum. Tell a friend!

    Over the next few weeks the moderation staff will be moving Fisher-related threads from other forums to the new location. Before you create a new thread, please give the following some careful consideration. One of the most important discussion points regarding the creation of a new "brand-specific" forum is a concern that threads may be posted in an inappropriate forum, and/or important information might then become difficult to find. So, with that concern in mind, give some thought to whether or not your potential thread topic should be in the Fisher Audio Forum, or Tube Audio, or Vintage Solid State. If your topic is specific to a particular piece of Fisher gear, or to repairs or restoration of Fisher gear, then it would go in the Fisher forum. On the other hand, if your topic is a generic question about the restoration of tube gear in general, (or solid state), and would be equally applicable to other brands, then it would be more appropriate in the Tube Audio Forum, or the Vintage Solid State Forum. If it's a question about repair or restoration of any audio equipment in general, it might be best in DIY. It's not always going to be a black-and-white decision, but give it some thought.

    One of the key decision points in creating this forum was the realization that AudioKarma has quite a few members who are true experts in the history and restoration of Fisher equipment. I don't want to risk slighting anyone by mistakenly forgetting to mention any one individual, so I won't name names, but if you've been reading threads about Fisher, you are well aware that we have some folks here that are very, very knowledgeable. That knowledge came from years of study and years of experience. With those attributes, obviously, come opinions. So, while keeping in mind AK's mantra of "All Audio, No Attitude", I'm asking all posters to respect the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that each of you have, and to refrain from stating your own opinions with unnecessary force. Sometimes "I guess we'll have to respectfully disagree on that point" is the best possible statement.

    I have to clearly state that I am not one of those experts! While I'm obviously past the point of being able to claim that I'm just a beginner, I'm simply a devoted hobbyist who's still trying to learn more and more about my favorite gear. So, although I've volunteered to host this forum, I promise I'll be deferring to the guys who really know what they're talking about when it comes to the more technical issues!

    I hope you'll enjoy learning about the history of this great company, and the fabulous equipment that they made. If you don't have a piece of Fisher equipment yet, I hope reading the threads in the Fisher Audio Forum will give you some incentive to join us in some great listening experiences.

    As a side note, obviously all existing AudioKarma Rules will apply in this Forum, including the prohibition against open offers to buy or sell anything. Thanks for your cooperation.

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