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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Retro Stereo, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Hyperion

    Hyperion Roobarb & Custard Subscriber

    Hertfordshire, UK
    You might want to try asking this question on the MacIntosh Audio sub forum - lots of helpful members there who may be able to help with the Mac specifics of this question.

    BTW: Welcome to AK ! (Jose Cuervo Gold = nice :) )
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  2. Ol_Spinner

    Ol_Spinner New Member

    California, Fairfield
    Oldie But Newbee

    Howdy folks. Ol Spinner here. I have enjoyed a lifelong love of audio. As a musician I have listened to and owned a lot of vintage equipment. I own several pieces of mid grade amps and such. Can't afford some of the stuff you guys are blessed to have. However, I own a newer Denon with all the HDMI inputs and such, but I also have a vintage set of audio equipment that I can't find ANY info whatever on. I figure I would tickle your intellectual curiosities. I have a complete setup from a company called GAMA. All separates. A power supply for the 2 separate amps a pre amplifer a parametric EQ, and a Compander (Expander/Compressor). Sadly, I can not get the pre-amp to work. So I am running the rest of what does work through a Thalia Servo loop Preamp, and I gotta tell you folks, this thing sounds GREAT! I have a Sony PSX-600 TT with a Acutex 412 STR, and heavenly closely describes the beautiful sound this produces through my Sansui SP-7500x Speakers. I have opened the preamp- (The GAMA) and see no physical reason why it won't work. Without being able to find ANY info on this stuff I have no idea if I might not be hooking this thing up correctly. I am not a newbee in that sense. I am not new to weird hookups, such as my Mitsubishi DA-U156 which must be hooked up to its matching EQ to work. I have photos of this stuff which I took. It really reminds me of Heathkit kind of stuff. I am just curious if anyone knows anything about this GAMA equipment. I plan to graze these forums and drool over some of the stuff I expect to find. I can do this tirelessly as my love of good audio is attached to my soul. Thanks for letting me bend your ears (eyes). Feel free to pm me anytime. .....Ol_Spinner.
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  3. johnhs

    johnhs New Member

    thanks' I will do my best to subdue my passions and keep myself within due bounds
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  4. jontyrees

    jontyrees New Member

    just scanned through this thread, and never did find a definition of "vintage solid state". Is it purely by year? Oh, I'm an equipment fan, mostly receivers and speakers, with a bad Craigslist habit, in Austin, TX. I love putting together little systems on the cheap - in my kids' bedrooms, in the garage, in my office, etc, etc, and have come up with a few interesting pieces along the way. I have a nice Yamaha RX-V1070 from 1992 powering my office setup, (mini-plug to rca splitter from the back of my PC soundcard, pair of old D-2 Cerwin Vegas, cheap JL sub - beat THAT Logitech - hah!), and the separate amp section of a Velodyne Subwoofer set powering a pair of Rockford Fosgate subs in a sealed box from my old car system in one of kids' rooms. That runs off a Sony ES receiver (GA9ESG) - the one that had the Egg remote - long gone unfortunately. Lots of other weird stuff in my house!
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  5. boza

    boza Super Member

    Hello from the uk i have bean a member for a while but have only just started posting i hope to lern a lot from you all and mabe give a little back
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  6. Kelshar

    Kelshar New Member

    Mesquite, TX

    Hi everyone, I joined about a 1.5 years ago but haven't posted much. I have an Onkyo TX-2500 MKII that i recently upgraded to LED and it looks cool. i have a SuperScope and just picked up a Pioneer SX-737. I am going through it now and learning a lot from these forums. thanks for all the good info! :music:
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  7. lhantech

    lhantech New Member

    a newbee in this forum......

    gud day everyone. having tried surfing the net for quite sometime looking for some sort of advices tips and answers to some of my encounters about my passion to music and finalkly ived found this forum hope i could find some tips coming up from you guys

    thanks every one
  8. Kingshead

    Kingshead Professor

    South Florida
    Well, there's quite a bit of vintage SS gear in my systems, but the pieces that most closely define "vintage SS" are my Dynaco Stereo 120's sitting on top of the Heresys in this pic.

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  9. phillistine

    phillistine Member

    I am looking for a Concept 16.5. I have a few things to trade or cash. HH Scott 299C redone by Craig at NOS Valves and a Regar Planar 3 with cover. Does anyone here have one or know where one is?
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  10. Vincenti

    Vincenti New Member


    Hi, i lived in Jakarta and have some vintage equipments. Unfortunately many was thrown away when my parents sold their house and also because The idea of restoring came late.

    Currently still in my possesion:
    Technics SL1200Mk2, Marantz 4300, NAD 3020i, ION Obelisk 2, Rogers LS 3/5a
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  11. petethemadma

    petethemadma Active Member

    Onkyo integra m-588 stereo power amplifier.

    Howdy, this Video
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  12. 6cylrider98

    6cylrider98 Member

    Hi all, new to here but this place is cool. Don't have a lot of gear yet but have been bitten by the bug again. Have a 90's Sony a/v 790, denon m11 deck, B&O RX2, TF-600, newer sony cd/dvd. Have a pair of Celestion3s, and when I can get it back a Sansui 8080db at my Granny's. I gave it to her to use hers system was waaay old. I doubt it has been over 2 at all. Am looking to build a old school rig around the 8080,when funds allow. Thanks for any help I will need, this place has lots of info, hope I can add too . Doug.
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  13. BillJGW

    BillJGW Active Member

    SE WI
    A big hello to everyone on AK. I'm brand new here but have been into audio for over 35 years. My first piece of gear back in 1976 was a Marantz 2270.

    That's long gone and have since scaled the heights all the way up to a full-blown Atma-Sphere system. Health issues and financial difficulties have forced me to sell everything of over the past few years except my BR player, a decent Marantz unit. I just purchased a small Yamaha CR-620 receiver and am awaiting delivery. DeOxit products on standby. Speakers are some older VMPS 626s. this will mainly be used to substitute for the lousy speakers in the TV and also background listening to music.

    I'm also saving up for a pair of good headphones as I live in an apartment now and have to keep the noise down. Probably a pair of HiFiMan HE-5LEs that I will run off the speaker taps on the Yamaha. Planar dynamics are power-hungry!

    I've been reading up on various models of integrated amps that interest me and that are within budget. AK is absolutely tremendous, plus the comraderie is unmatched from other forums I have been on. I don't post a whole lot but do read a lot. Only post if I feel I have something worthwhile to contribute.
  14. 4carhauler

    4carhauler New Member

    Hello, new to AK but not audio. The kids have been leaving the nest for the last few years which has allowed me to rekindle the hobby. Starting on the entry level with a Superfon amp and pre. An AR table a tube phono amp and some Polks I picked up cheap. Using AudioQuest cable. In my garage sale vinyl hunts I came across what appears to be an old kit amp. Its solid state. Has K-V 260 on it. But that's it. kV sends Google in the wrong direction. Any thoughts on brand out there would be interesting to hear. Thanks
  15. NguyenlanTC

    NguyenlanTC New Member

    Hi All members .
    I'm in Vietnam . I'm sorry my english is very bad .I'm new member to AK . My amplifier is Receiver Kenwood KR5150 . Please particitape in forum .
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2014
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  16. arranb

    arranb Arranb

    Amherst Ohio
    I just came across a Pioneer sx-1250 and have been rebuilding it. I will follow the forum rules and appreciate any help given. Thanks for having me!


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  17. scalman

    scalman New Member

    Hi im new here . Male. 37 . Lithuania. Listening music is my passion. I do it in car, getting out from car and walk outside mean to put in-ears and listen something while i walk to work or shop or just walking. I wouldnt drive car if. There woulnt play music. And loud. And now i want some vintage receiver for home for headphones. Some nice looking with analog radio.
    p.s. If i wont follow all rules dont beat me hard ;)
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  18. juptonstone

    juptonstone Member at Large...

    Near The Villages, in Florida
    Hi Guys..
    My name is Jeff and I became a member a few weeks ago. I joined because every time I googled a stereo question, AK was one of the first sites to pop up.

    Anyway, I am returning to audio after many years away and I am just now putting together what I can afford as it becomes available, mostly from eBay. I have a Sony TC 755 reel to reel, a Sony 508ESD and a Sony PS LX5 turntable... All of that is hooked up to a Pioneer SA-7500 II. I also have a Dynaco 120... Which leads to a question. Can I use a second pair of RCA cables and connect the CD to the Dynaco amp, using the variable output?

    I am hoping that if that is possible, I can add a 3rd set of speakers, and/or test speakers. Right now I am driving a pair of Advent Prodigies and a pair of JBL J216's. Between the two, I get a fairly good range and the stage isn't terrible.

    Thanks to all and to anyone who can answer this question!!

  19. vk7hch

    vk7hch New Member

    Like most people here, I came across AK by googling a model number to see what info was about on it. It seems like almost any piece of HI-Fi gear you can name, someone has mentioned it here!
    Current VSS is in the listening room: Yamaha TT with Shure V15 MkIII, Amber Full Function Model 17 pre, Amber Series 70 amp and Sonab OA14 speakers. Also have an Amber Series 50b integrated if I choose to swap it in.
    In the bedroom I have an Armstrong 626 receiver feeding a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 3. The Armstrong was a gift from a friend when he was moving house.
    Love seeing the variety of gear that is picked up from SA, GW and hard rubbish collections. Not to many of those down here in Tasmania, mostly look on the local Gumtree site and check the tip shops.
    Cheers for now
  20. lojyo610

    lojyo610 Active Member

    Hi Jeff: You can hook the CD player directly to the amp with RCA's. If your CD player has a volume control, it would be possible to hook up via the fixed input. I had a Marantz CD63SE that had a volume control, but was only accessible from the remote. I did run it through a Rotel power amp just to see if I could. It worked

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