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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Retro Stereo, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. dj snamonkey

    dj snamonkey New Member

    I tried searching the threads with key words so sorry if this is obvious and I missed it:

    Looking for threads on replacing turntables in vintage consoles. I have a working Motorola X300 solid state (I believe 1967-69). Everything works but the turntable just stopped spinning at all.

    a) is this worth fixing? is it possible to fix?
    b) does putting in a more modern turntable (of any kind) make sense? do the same R/L sound inputs work? I was thinking of running power of the turntable separate but using it through the console for amp and speakers. My existing table had only R/L input coming from the console and a power clip in. is it complicated to set up a new turntable to run through the existing system?

    thanks so much for helping this noob


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  2. kansas storm

    kansas storm New Member

    new here

    Good day all, just wanted to introduce myself. I am Allen and am just getting into some of the vinyl and vintage audio. Just picked up a Motorola SK458DW to add to my collection. Looks like this one has been sitting in storage for 20 years or so. I still works, but I am going to clean it up and get all of the electronics working factory new. The cabinet needs a little refinishing as well to make into a nice unit. I will be checking in and searcing the forums to get tips and tricks for working on this console. My other set up is a Sony PS-X600with Holman amp and pre-amp.

  3. RF2015

    RF2015 New Member

    New to AK

    Hi everyone, I hope to be able to use this site properly. I've just returned to the audio seen recently and trying to rebuild the record collection I had in HS. I've also been having fun putting together a stereo system to play my LPs. I recently picked up a Yamaha CR 1000 for restoration. After replacing a blown power fuse it still doesn't power on. So, I'm looking for some suggestions. Does any one have experience repairing this unit?

  4. Badbullitt

    Badbullitt New Member

    Hey y'all I live in south Ga. And I'm looking for someone to recapp a working sansui g 5000 this is my take on recapping ..."why would I put headers on my 68 fastback mustang when the exhaust system is decent? PERFORMANCE AND SOUND "
    .they all have a 35 yr life expectancy..
    Didn't think it made that much of a difference till I got an au717 that was totally rebuilt than I recapped some speakers that I thought sounded good till I recapped them and realized how much of a difference it made especially in the mids and highs


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  5. ram1967

    ram1967 New Member


    Hi guys i am from India and this is my first post. I love vintage solid state equipment. I love the way they look , their relative affordability and the sound quality.

    Presently I have a NAD 3020 e amplifier, a JVC AX-30 amp which i purchased second hand in 1988 and still hasn't ever had a single repair and two Sansui tuners.

    Its great to read the posts of more knowledgeable members here and increase my awareness.
  6. meeers

    meeers New Member

    new here and have question for Realistic sta-2000

    I have been a member for a while just haven't posted. Within the last 3 years I started to appreciate the vintage equipment so 2 years ago I purchased a Realistic sta-2000. Just within the last 2 months the selector lights quit coming on so I looked at the service manual and it says to replace the transformer. How can I tell what the power requirements of transformer are to replace it with or even test?


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  7. kvining

    kvining Active Member

    Planet Houston
    Greetings from Houston, TX. My "vintage" pride and joy is a Pioneer SX-828, which has a few crackles here and there but is otherwise magnificent pushing my old reliable CS-99 speakers, I also own a Pioneer SA-6800/ST 6800 intergrated amp/tuner combo as well. I also have an extensive home theater system. Nice to be here....
  8. vwdank

    vwdank New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I am very new here and I have been lurking around here for two days now and just read the “guidelines” in the this forum and decided don’t be that guy and introduce myself first.

    First of all what a great site this is and just reading through some of the topics on here I can not wait to get started on repairing all of my equipment that has been sitting around not working for to long now.

    About myself, I started collecting vinyl(all genres) back in 2000 after I bought one of those vintage stereo cabinets where you lift the top up and inside is the Stereo,turntable and eight track for $35 at an estate sale. I sure do miss listing to albums on that and it is on the list for repair.

    Seeing how I was collecting vinyl at an alarming rate I found myself collecting turntables mainly vintage Dual’s (3) with a Technic and marantz which none are working now. My only turntable source right now is a Numark USB which I have never transferred a vinyl over to digital as of yet as I just don’t see the need.

    Some how I found myself searching vintage receivers and discovered marantz especially since the pioneer receiver I was using was not giving me the power I wanted to really push my cerwin vega’s AT-12 which I just orderd a new foam kit today since they have been out of commission for 5 years due to foam rot.

    Back to what brought me here my marantz 2220B receiver has been out of commission for almost two years and I am tired of listing to my music with poor sound quality and I have decided that I either need to send it out to be serviced or I could do it my self. I researched getting it serviced since I have no electronic skills what so ever but after seeing some of the costs I will give it a try. After researching some threads I am hoping I just need to clean the switches and pots.

    So Cheers everyone I will be here and there and hopefully will post some pics of my ongoing projects. I’ll mosey on over the the marantz forum and paste this same intro and get this adventure started

    1. Marantz 2220B trouble shoot no sound from left channel for both main and headphone (remote works as of now)
    2. Re-foam Cerwin vegas
    3. Trouble shoot all turntables and decide which ones to repair and which ones to get rid of or sell
    4. Research repairing vintage Klipsch 10” Floor speakers (one speaker sounds blown)
    5. Repair vintage Zenith stereo cabinet (if I can complete 1-4 then I guess I can do this too)
  9. nagafd

    nagafd New Member

    I like "no rules" with guidelines... seems very reasonable. I am new to audiokarma.org, and I am looking to find... the love of my life here, or a facsimile thereof - 60s & 70s analog music and solid state audiophile music machines; and to try to understand them again, and figure out why I dumped them in the first place.
  10. Sean Paige

    Sean Paige New Member

    Good evening all,
    To be sure that I am following the rules and stay within the limits of the guidelines, I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself as a newbie. I didn't want to show up and seem rude from day one. I am truly looking forward to picking the brains of many of you audio geniuses in hopes that some of it will stick! I acquired a vintage Kenwood KR-8340 from my neighbor and now I am attempting to bring it back to life.

  11. axelXkane

    axelXkane New Member

    image.jpeg Good-Day
    My #2nd post / do you not love how things have come full circle, for all the right reasons. 35+ yrs has slipped by gently for some and much too fast for many. The deeper I dig into forums the more I realize the impact, things we took for granted then, either clung to their laurels and managed to survive in the ever changing, now throw away society that has been brainwashed by big business into the belief, rather lie) that new model must be an improvement, and look it not only been rehashed ( mothers of invention can only rebuild the mouse trap so many times, before it gets over thought and inferior) but it's now affordable to the GP. Just go to the landfill site and see the broken promises.

    It took me by surprise as well, better judgement told me that the heavier the sub is the more likely it will perform as expected. The same for all familiar components the bigger the magnet the more you could push it, regardless of the smaller package.
    My shelves are lined with fried woofers and voice boxes, surround sound systems designed by BOSS failed me.
    Vintage Power: will never be matched IMO , 1000 watt amplifiers that are all the rage fall short in comparison to the lesser 165 watt per channel antiques, after side by side testing even higher end speaker are to delicate (cream puffs) that crash and burn on an older transformer that weighs in at 60lbs. I dare not dial in much more than 5.0 on a scale of 10.
    The reviews that I've read are all equally consistent and will not shy away from the newest products. Household brands that sell from $750. To just under $2000.
    Paradigm , Klipsch , Bose , Infinity Primus , Mission. , Polk Audio ..

    End all Be all really boils down to individual music gender and personal taste ...

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  12. salvo

    salvo New Member

    Hello friends, my name is Salvo,I'm Italian I bought recently the Sansui in object I interfaced loudspeakers Klipsch rf7 first series, I'm very satisfied sound but unfortunately not I can to find the total value capacitors of filtering and the power of the transformer (the site HiFi engine layout and inaccurate....), can you help me?,
    THANKS and congratulations for the site!!

    SALVO (Italy)
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  13. Fotolife

    Fotolife New Member

    I'm a new fan Audo living in old Spain.
    Thank you very much for the great work they do helping fans old audio equipment.
  14. hoarder

    hoarder New Member

    chicago, il
    Hello my name is donald. I have recently been getting into vintage electronics because my father in law has been a hoarder of vintage electronics. He is at the point where he cant probably live on his own and we will most likely be cleaning out his house at some point. He has three floors of vintage receivers, tape decks, speakers, old radios, vcrs, etc. Anyways thats why I joined.
  15. axelXkane

    axelXkane New Member

    Hey, SALVO

    You have arrived ...

    Audiokarma, is the site that the tread stops ...

    With overwhelming information and well learned tech's , you will soon be advised,
    This site/wiki/forum, leads in a positive direction, not blow-hards that (speak loud and say nothing)
    True love of all that was / is / and to come, in the spirit of sound. Capacitors are a delicate opp. And generally preferred to be untouched, as they are well protected by paper or rubber housings from what I've been lead to believe and paper thin.
    Now (crossovers) are replaced like I change my socks

    GodsSpeed and may only all that is good lead us all in the end to a higher level of vibration.

    I like to drowned my self in a deep pool of noise... Daily if possible ...
  16. axelXkane

    axelXkane New Member

    Cover me in vinyl ... "B" sides


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  17. yawnjones

    yawnjones New Member

    Greetings to everyone!!!
    Been a fan of music since I was born so it is no surprise to be a fan of vinyl 45,78,33, reel to reel and cassettes!!! I am enjoying my musical journey and acquired a few good record players that I would like to revive .....just because it's a joy to hear how these records sound on the equipment used in the era it came out!!
    I may have some questions and pictures to share with community !!!
    Great forum!! I've been following this forum for awhile !!
  18. rkgren1

    rkgren1 Super Member

    Yorktown, VA
    Hi All,
    My name is Ray. I have been around here for several months and I never introduced myself.

    After not having a source of music for the last 30 years, I stumbled upon a Sansui 771 under an pile of wet cardboard boxes at a flea market. I bought it for a silly-low price on a lark and took it home. I bought a pair of thrift store speakers for it and I was astounded at how pretty it is and how good it sounds.

    The Sansui developed loud popping and hissing on the right channel after some weeks of use and I set it aside for awhile.
    I have since a couple of Realistic receivers I also enjoy: an STA-90 and an STA-430. I like both of them.
    Last weekend I recapped the 771's driver board and it's fine again.

    I stop at thrift stores and yard sales when I can in pursuit of a dirt-cheap gear.
    I found a Pioneer SX-1000TW for $10 at Goodwill last week and it's a thing of absolute beauty, pumping out Indigo Girls as I write this.
    These things are beginning to pile up.

    I especially like modest-power gear from the 70s, the time I was a teen. I have no interest in high-priced TOTL stuff.

    I am fond of the Realistics partly because they are unappreciated by some. I love an underdog. Truth is they both sound great.

    You will encounter no brand name or WPC elitism from my direction. If it sound good to you, then I like too.

    Happy Listening,
  19. migz

    migz New Member

    hi everyone im new on this site and im wondering if anybody can help me troubleshoot my apt holman amplifier, .....
    i recently purchase my apt holman amplifier and when i hook it up and test it, i could hear a sound in the right side if the speaker and the overload red light is on and when i play around in the volume then i hear a sound onthe right speaker and the red over light turn to green , so i let it play for awhile and i turn it off and after a little bit i trun it back on again and this time i could not hear a sound on the left side output pls. help me trouble shoot this unit that you everyone......
  20. just dave

    just dave vintage rules!

    Oak Forest ILL.
    Hello and welcome to all you new guys.If you got any questions it's best you start a new thread.You'll get more and faster responses.

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