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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Retro Stereo, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. NAD80

    NAD80 Super Member

    Carlisle PA
    Hello everybody. I'm new here. found this wonderful place for audio heaven, not kidding. Have a NAD 3140, needs recapped. Working on an 1300 preamp (caps). But finally getting back into vintage audio. Got too many albums I want to play again. Missed real music listening.


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  2. Yakitori

    Yakitori New Member

    Hi,I'm new. I have heavy trouble. Please help me.
    I got "Fisher X-202-B". But right channel is no sound.
    I got manual of PDF and read it. But I do not know which is red or black. And I connected red and black as like photo. I put in CD player to AUX1 and AUX2 and Tuner jack of channelA and channelB. And JBL C54 Trimline(8ohm speaker) connected to as like photo. But right speaker has no sound. Left speaker only good sound. And when Balance front panel select "max-r", no sounds there. Does right channel broken? Please help me. Thank you. From JAPAN.

    P.S. I can speak English a little. So sorry.
  3. Rob DeFries

    Rob DeFries Active Member

    As for an introduction, I've been around some time but never too late to tell something.
    I used to work with hifi from 1978 till 1996 professionally. Repair, selling, modifications.
    I've been through a lot of amps, from Sansui to Dynaco, from Philips tube amps to Audio Note.
    I'm now back to the hobby, starting mainly with some older set.
    I use a HK 700 series set, with very hard to drive HTD speakers ( made in Holland) and a Luxman PD-284 TT with Denon DLsomething stylus.
    I do have several other stuff, mostly early 70's British amps, Sharp, Luxman, Kenwood, Sansui, Rotel, Pioneer etc etc.
    For me it's just fun to have them. From my first bought amp Pioneer SA-5300 to my latest aquired Superscope A-245.
    I do have some knowledge. Maybe I can answer some questions.

    2016-07-18 20.54.36.png
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  4. podbaydoors

    podbaydoors AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Chicago area
    Hi all,

    I have already posted threads in this forum but should introduce...
    I have had the hifi bug since I was 13 (1969) in Sterling Il where I found an entire mono system in the trash.
    Rekokut rondine, brociner Mark 12, Heath fm-3, university corner horn. Everything worked, too!
    Had the bug to varying extents since.
    Love working on old gear, tube or SS.
    Partial to acoustic suspension speakers.
    Really like vintage American made gear brought back to spec. Just have to observe the wife's one in one out rule or risk the wrath of the boss...
    Best regards,

  5. Pit

    Pit New Member

    Oops, I totally came in here asking for manuals and schematics... but I did post a bunch of pics, so hopefully that makes up for it :)

    I find that it's tough to get a ton of info about old consoles unless you have one that was super popular. There were just endless options for consoles for three decades. But anyway

    I just picked up an old Panasonic se-9000hg console, mostly to collect vinyl with the kids. But now that I have it, I'm finding a lot of joy in fm/am and the reel to reel.

    It's an ongoing project to get everything working at peak performance but it's fun so far.

    The tuner works really well, some occasional static when turning the knobs.

    TT needs a stylus and idler wheel.

    RTR was working great, but now the one reel isn't turning fast enough to wind the tape.

    Anyway, thanks for the welcome thus far, looking forward to go through this project with the expertise here at AK!!
  6. chiquito1960

    chiquito1960 New Member

    hola todos soy nuevo y si fuera posible necesito ayuda con un amplificador integrado mitsubishi d au640
    si alguien habla español le agradezco ayuda muchas gracias


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  7. TooBlue

    TooBlue New Member

    Hey all,

    Newb here at AK, but not to audio. Been in and out since I was a kid in the 70s. Right now was looking for a vintage amp to go with some vintage speakers and found:



    This old Hitachi SR-804 at the local pawn shop for cheap. All lights work, all pots clean and silent, volume silent, balance works, tone controls work, high and low filters work, loudness works, mono works. Set it up in the garage and drives an old pair of H.H. Scott S-10Bs to ear-bleeding levels swinging a steady 1 watt on the meters, sound is clean and clear . . . playing FM radio.

    Playing from the other sources (bluray player and cable box--inputs are aux and tape 1) only the left channel works; the other gives off a super-low hum. If you shut it off using the balance, left plays great. No heat build-up, amp runs barely warm even playing FM loud.

    Would love to recap it and do complete service but am on a budget right now. Any ideas? Input section on preamp board? I had an Emotiva USP-1 lose all inputs and it was something with the phono section, which I didn't use. Maybe something similar? Haven't tried phono or headphones with this receiver so no idea yet if the issue persists there.

    There's a guy repairs vintage audio about an hour away, just trying to get an idea of what's up.


    P.S. Yeah, I got to the dust, was just all excited to see lights and take a pic, lol.

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  8. ohfizzle

    ohfizzle New Member

    Howdy all,

    New to the forum but I've been lurking without an account here for a long minute now. I've always had tapedeck/turntable/am/fm combo to play my records on. I just got my first "real" stereo recently. I just GW scored a Modular Component Systems 3207 Receiver and I've been running some Sansui da-85sou speakers. I've been really surprised that the low wattage of the amp runs these speakers but they sound decent to my ears and seem to fill my 500sqft apartment no problem. All I've got running to the receiver is a Technics SL-BD20 turntable with a Stanton stylus and needle. I'm sort of new to stereo repair but I've repaired Tv's and old Peavey guitar amps. So I'd say i'm newb plus 2 in the repair department.;)

    I've been having issues with my receiver. Seems that it still has power at the speakers after I turn it off. There's no power on at the receiver, but you can here a low hum and some r/f disturbance from the speakers for 5-10 seconds after the reciever is off. And if you unplug the speakers and plug them back in, with the reciever off but still plugged in at the wall, there is an audible pop from the speakers. I've checked the DC offset and it fluctuates between -16mv and -25mv on both channels, never settling on a steady number. If anyone comes across this and could help, that would be greatly appreciated. And in the mean time I'll be fishing through the stickies and search to find my answer and probably hitting Fleabay for a service manual.

    Good day
  9. zeffer1940

    zeffer1940 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sylvania oHIo
    Hi gang, I suppose I am a mid-fi guy..My solid state set up is my Pioneer SX-1050, which still rocks without issue, I had big advents, blew out the tweeters, moved up (I thought) to some Boston A-100s, dumped them when the foam went out and wife came into picture, now I use some nice but inadequate Infiniti Primus 150s and a Sony powered sub. I'm spinnin Vinyl ( always been records to me), on a dual 606 with Shure m97xe cart. I need better speakers, and lose the sub, but for now I enjoy it..I confess I have an 80's RCA branded equalizer, that I use with my second TT, My original 70's Technics SL-D2, which I modded to play 78s, and is equipped with a GE RPX cart that I play old recordings, both .1 for lps and .3 for ever lovin shellac.--
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  10. Matt Black

    Matt Black New Member

    Hello. Joined up a while ago when looking for a vintage turntable as a gift for my son. I found him a Pioneer PL-41 in decent shape for a decent price on CL and in the process kind of got interested in vintage gear myself. Not really a surprise as I'm interested in vintage cars, motorcycles, boats, furniture etc...etc... Not that I have the $$ to pursue any of that... Other than the PL-41 (which I sadly and somewhat reluctantly handed over to my son this past Christmas) my only other equipment of a certain age was a pair of Realistic Nova 6's I have connected to a modern Yamaha receiver for the TV and Blu Ray. Which I didn't even realize were "vintage" until I stumbled across a thread on them here on AK. Then this past weekend, when poking around my Father in Law's basement I came across a Yamaha CR1020 that had been collecting dust (literally, my FiL does a lot of woodworking) on a shelf for the last 30 years. So now I'm back to studying the forums...
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  11. JDHoag

    JDHoag New Member

    Hey all, Im a newbie to the vintage 'market' but always had a deep love of music and electronics. I picked up a sansui turntable and technics receiver a few months back and really started (and love) the classic vinyl hunt at flea markets, yard sales and record shops. Ive read tons of posts on here and love the site even though it is feeding a growing addiction, which has expanded into hunting for additional equipment, needed or not, just to tinker, fix and use. That leads me to my question, someone gave me a free sears solid state receiver. This one i had to take to a repair shop, where the owner told me it is definitely a Pioneer receiver made for Sears. The receiver model is # 570.74100201 and I'm wondering if anyone ever heard of this?


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  12. MannyE

    MannyE Exterminate! Subscriber

    Miami Beach
    Never heard of it, but Sears would often re-brand receivers and other audio equipment and sell it under their own label, so it wouldn't be a surprise.
  13. Section8

    Section8 New Member

    St Paul, Texas
    Hi all. I loved the vintage audio equipment even when it was not vintage. My intro is in that part of the forum. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I have a Sansui AU 517 that will need servicing. I see that the last post for Frank Mufich was over a year ago. Is he still in business? I sent a couple of emails with no response. Can someone let me know of a good tech in my area. I live in the northeast Dallas, TX area. Thanks.
  14. Pilgrims

    Pilgrims New Member

    Hi Folks. I am new in the Forum, but not in the HiFi vintage world. I am from Milan, Italy and I am an happily retired old man. So a lot of time di devote to one passion of mine.
    My last toy is a class AB ampli Pioneer A27. I had a lot expectations about it, but, at the moment is not making me happy. Speakers are Kef LS50 or ProAc D25.
    Is anybody familiar with this 26kg beast?
  15. Wally1955

    Wally1955 Active Member

    Hello Mr.Pilgrims
    got abit expirience with the Pioneer A-27/200 as i played around with this gorgeous Amps from Pioneer since some time and
    must say with some decent JBL speakers cant do nothing wrong but as we all know we got differend taste
    try for example the JBL L19 or other L models
    In the moment im very happy with my new old Onkyo A-711/150 and JBL4312E or JBL L19 its an amazing Amp surprises me more and more soundwise beside didnt had any service yet -- guess didnt had service since 40 years cause looks inside very clean
    salute :beerchug:

  16. Pilgrims

    Pilgrims New Member

    Thanks, Mr. Wally.
    My ears are becoming more and more compliant with A27...
    Clearly it has to be very hot to perform according its reputation. And that takes hours.
    Do you agree?


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  17. Wally1955

    Wally1955 Active Member

    Merry Xmas Mr.Pilgrims and all other

    agree the A-27 is best performing if warmed up at least 1-2hr and it sounds in my ears

    as longer the listing session well seems the sound is getting better and better sure need

    adequat speakers and source guess its just imagination but i like it

    hehehe its the same with this fellow

    Pioneer M-22


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  18. lokerola

    lokerola AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Alexandria, VA
    Rob, I know this is sort of an old post of yours, but just wanted to say hi as another Superscope A-245 owner. I've had that little amp forever and it's such a warm and nice amp even though it's such small wattage. I've got it downstairs in the mancave, and I've thought of re-capping it, but it just keeps running, so I just using it. Have you upgraded, or re-capped yours?
  19. njmattes

    njmattes New Member

    Chicago IL
    Hi everyone. Just joined AK whilst looking for some info about a pair of HK775's I've had kicking around for quite some time. Of course, selfishly, I have a ton of questions about those, but thought I'd say hey first. I don't sit in front of the hifi for hours on end like I did when I was younger—but I still enjoy spinning some records on a semi-regular basis. Currently I have a HK T25 running though either a Hafler DH110 or a PS Audio SR1, into HK775's (when they're working) or into a selection of DIY amps I've built over the years, then into Infinity Crescendo 3006's. I've already gotten a lot of great information from lurking and look forward to interacting more. Cheers.
  20. Nikkotopia

    Nikkotopia New Member

    Central Connecticut
    Hello all, I signed up for this website some time ago, but now in retirement I have more time to think about improving my music situation. This website is great! I've used websites like this for car enthusiasts many times in the past years and I am always amazed at the generous and competent posts which have helped me through many a car repair. This looks like the same type of enthusiasts. It's one of the highest and best uses of the internet! I'm not a musician of any type, but I have always enjoyed having music playing around me, unless there is a Yankees game on. My wife and I listen to Serius-XM most of the time, usually rock of some type, and some jazz also, but I need to improve the delivery system. I'll be researching the posts to try to decide what to do with my old mis-matched separates: Nikko Alpha II, Mitsubishi DAP30 and AR FM Tuner. From what I've read so far I can't yet tell if it's better to go all Nikko or all Mitsu. Oh, and there is also our old Dynaco ST-70 and PAS-2 that I would like to restore, to work on solving (at least for me) the great tube vs. solid state debate.
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