What are you giving your spouse for Christmas?

Discussion in 'AK Home for the Holidays' started by Bob_in_OKC, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. VinylHanger

    VinylHanger Navigaret ex ironia

    I got my wife one of those electric heaters that look like a stove. It's all she's talked about for years.


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  2. mech986

    mech986 This Custom Title box has a 50 character limit. Subscriber

    Finally convinced my wife to go ahead and get an iPhone 4S after she had suffered through multiple failures of her old flip phone. She had been avoiding it because she always thought it would be too hard to learn and use - course she always asks me to use my iPhone to check stuff for her.

    Well, she's had it for 10 days and is happily calling, texting, and browsing away, bought herself a nice case, and will be looking for a bluetooth device.

    Yeh, it was that easy this year.
  3. thymanst

    thymanst Minnesota morning

    I'm getting her a airprint enabled printer - she is annoyed she cant print from her ipad - its been especially bad she I told her about Pinterest.com (all the girls at school look at it)
  4. tensleep

    tensleep AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Dallas Metroplex
    She had the same idea and accepted my gift with enthusiasm.
  5. hjames

    hjames ... winter is HERE - time for Cake! Staff Member Moderator Subscriber

    VA near DC
    We enjoy watching movies and such together - got her some movies to enjoy (the 4 Bourne films in BR), some ELO CDs, and the Jeff Lynne CD Long Wave, plus a (refurbed) ipad3 and a neat keyboard for it ...
    http://thebrydge.com/ -
    She's pretty happy with an iBook I gave her years ago, still uses it to write with, but hopefully this will move her to something newer ...
    If not, we can return the iPad for something else she likes - we talk pretty openly ...

    I also baked another round of Toll House cookies yesterday as the snow fell ... :banana:

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