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What are You Streaming and Tell Us About Your Streaming Rig

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by pustelniakr, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Johnny 007

    Johnny 007 Active Member

    I can stream a few different ways, but mostly, it's Tidal via Wi-Fi to Auralic Aires Mini to Bryston BDA-1 DAC to Bryston BP-6 to Bryston 4BSST2 to Magnepan 1.7s.

    Or, I can stream MQA via a MacBook Air and the Tidal browser into a DAC and so on.

    If I don't move back overseas, I suppose I'll look for an MQA enabled DAC at some point.


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  2. Alobar

    Alobar Pulling out of the Last Chance Texaco.. Subscriber

    SE Alaska
    I do use it through the Tidal app. I still don't have a screaming fast isp connection, just 5mbps so that could be the issue, or perhaps it's hardware too. For what I use Tidal for it isn't a problem. I find new material I am curious about and stick it in the Tidal playlist and go about my day. This isn't critical listening, but simply auditioning so a split second dropout is NBD...
  3. Mamrak1

    Mamrak1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I am using the Calm Radio streaming service. I choose to use the 320kbs rate. I run from a Grace Digital radio analog outputs to an Oppo Sonica DAC that has analog inputs. It sound great to me.
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  4. lanwanman195

    lanwanman195 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    San Antonio, TX
    In the living room I have a Google Chrome Audio device hooked up to an Emotiva Mini-x A-100 amp pushing a set of B&W 610i speakers. I can stream from my Hi-Res ripped and down loaded files, Google Play Music, or Tidal from my PC through either JRiver and BubbleUPnP, Logitech Media Server, or cast directly from Chrome browser. I use a similar setup out on the patio but feeding an old NAD receiver and a pair of Yamaha outdoor speakers.

    At my desk I have a Schiit Sys that is hooked to my headphone rig and to the integrated amp. The input comes from my PC into an SMSL M8 DAC or an ifi NanoDSD DAC and then to the Sys which is hooked to a rotating cast of headphone amps (Liitle Dot Mark I+ & II+ and an Objective O2) and to the Nikko integrated that pushes a set of EPI 100V speakers. Current headphones in use are Senn HD598 and HiFiMan HE-400i.

    Edit: Bought a Meridian Explorer 2 to try out MQA hardware -vs- software decoding. Today is the first time that I've been home in 2 weeks so I'll be giving it a listen on my desk setup after the Sebring 12 Hour is over.

    I don't stream to either of the other 2 systems but I will occasionally plug in a Fiio X5 loaded with FLAC rips from my CD collection.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
  5. 2broke4this

    2broke4this Active Member

    Arlington, VA
    Streaming in some fashion is involved in all of my setups. I'd say i'm about 60-70% streaming and 30-40% vinyl for music.

    At the moment, I'm listening to an MQA stream of Sturgil Simpson's "A Sailor's Guide to Earth" on Tidal through my BlueSound Node into a Dynaco SCA-35 into Dynaco A25s... and loving every minute.

    My systems are listed in my signature (not noted is the fact that there's a computer hooked up in some fashion to each one), and I'll say that I use the crap out of Tidal... either through one of the systems below or synced to my iPhone and plugged into the stereo in the car. I love the sound quality, but I have to say that the playlists are crap and the navigation of the new "Masters" section is near useless. I do like how well Tidal integrates with the BluOS software for the Node... so it's got that going for it!
  6. bigx5murf

    bigx5murf Super Member

    Las Vegas
    My main rig with 1TB of flac is in the living room, it acts as server, kodi box, and work station.
    I stream to the following.

    bedroom, old HP PC, hooked up to TV, used as kodi box, wifi stream
    bar system, Dell i7 PC, chromecast audio on vintage system (technics integrated, with technics linear tt, sony r2r, technics dbx deck). This PC also has a Little dot 1+ headphone amp.

    I got rid of both spotify and tidal


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  7. E.Auer

    E.Auer Super Member

    Lobster Pot
    Luther Allison - Blue Streak, Amazon Music.

    Amazon Music on a Asus Fonepad 7 - Apple TV gen2 - Insignia TV DAC - Nikko 715 - Mirage FRX-1's.


  8. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier

    MI, US
    Easy! Oppo 105 as a media player. Synology in the basement with audio and video files, including high-res and ripped SACDs. Chromecast into the Oppo for Pandora, Tidal and TuneIn Radio from devices.
  9. wgb113

    wgb113 Well-Known Member

    Chester County, PA
    Tidal HiFi/Masters to a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless.
  10. Poultrygeist

    Poultrygeist Lunatic Member

    When the picture was taken, I had Pandora Premium streaming through Chromecast Audio into a Schiit Modi MB DAC ( smallest silver object ). From the Modi the signal went to a Nobsound tube preamp and then was split and delivered to two separate amps: a Volt+ TPA3118 driving Lowther DX3 full range speakers and a Dayton APA-150 powering four 15" OB woofers. The pass through line out signal from the Dayton traveled to a Yung SD300 plate amp which powered an 8" Dayton Reference DIY sub. It may sound complicated but it's worth it and a way of life when bi-amping OB speakers with bass augmentation.
    The black Tektons are a part of an other system.

  11. prisoners

    prisoners AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Addison, Il
    I use subscription Spotify via my Sony HAP-Z1ES into my preamp. I have about 4K CD titles loaded into its internal hard drive but more often than not I'm using the streaming service. I've never A-B streaming vs stored; I'm enjoying both regardless.


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  12. Midwest Ear

    Midwest Ear Member

    Chicago, IL
    I stream Pandoa Plus through my Tivo 6 into an 18 year old Sony AV Receiver DB-870 and listen on a pair of System-Audio 1110 bookshelf speakers supported by an old Velodyne subwoofer. I love the radio aspect of Pandora and have several stations set up with favorite channels featuring Jazz, Female Vocals and a few favorite artists. I did a short time with Spotify but the interface with the Tivo is a bit limiting. I am looking forward to Pandora's expanded and upgraded program and will surely upgrade once it becomes available. Happy with the current sound quality but would like to see how high streaming can get to quality wise in the coming years. Have heard demos of Tidal but will still wait to see Pandora's next offering - guess I am a real company guy. The above set up is in our condo and all of our listening is done in 2.1, I will eventually upgrade to a new integrated amp once some room in the budget opens up.
  13. juncers

    juncers Reasonably skeptical about everything

    Tidal HIFI/Masters
    Lenova Thinkpad + Meridien Explorer2 into a line source input.

  14. reardonp6

    reardonp6 Hot Ruddered Bum Subscriber

    Leesburg, FL
    From my router I go wireless to Grace Internet Radio (Encore) with Pandora, output to my Dynaco Pat-4 to my Dynaco ST-70 tube amp. From there I feed my JBL C-38 “Baron” speakers or sometimes my AR-2a’s.

  15. Ned Blohard

    Ned Blohard Active Member

    Ontario, Canada
    Hey all
    I run Logitech Media Server on a Raspberry Pi using Max2Play.
    Connected to the Pi is about 1TB of music, 80 per cent of which is in FLAC files.
    I also stream Spotify 320 kbps subscription service through LMS. Tried Tidal HiFi for the free month using Ickstream and loved it... that's expired now but I'm excited about the $15/month Spotify Lossless service that's rumoured to be coming down the pipe.
    The Pi is hardwired to my router, and streams wirelessly to two players:
    1. A Squeezebox Radio in my kitchen
    2. In the living room, a Squeezebox Classic playing through a Simaudio Moon 100D DAC, into my Pioneer SX750, and out to original Bose 901s. I have a CD transport and a turntable connected to the SX750 as well, but I'd say at least 65 per cent of my listening comes from this streaming system.
    All controlled by Squeeze Ctrl app on my Android phone. Also have the SB Player app which turns my phone into a player as well.
    Happy streaming!
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2017
  16. CLB3

    CLB3 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Concord, NC
    I stream Tidal HiFi, lossless, and .wav

    Main rig:
    Lenovo laptop > Peachtree Dac itx > Rogue Cronus Magnum II > Klipsch Heresey III + Outlaw Audio Ultra X12 sub
    Connected with AQ Forest USB, AQ Jitterbug, and BJC IC.

    iPhone or iPad > Peachtree Shift > AT ath - m70x

    Both sound excellent to my ears!
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  17. rcspkramp

    rcspkramp AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Vancouver, WA
    I have a Synology NAS in my office, it streams wirelessly to my Auralic Aries which feeds my Audio Research Foundation DAC 9.

    On the desktop it's Tidal through my Moon 230 HAD.
  18. bryblob

    bryblob AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I do Tidal Hifi/Masters to a Schiit Modi Uber, to yaqin ms-12b to Sonance power amp to modded polk monitor 7c's. This is how I listen to 80% of music, other 20% being cd's using the Schiit dac. I love streaming, you can find pretty much anything you want and it sounds really good especially with Tidal.
  19. Poultrygeist

    Poultrygeist Lunatic Member

    In my secondary system I stream Pandora Premium through a Chrome Cast Audio into an Audio GD NFB DAC and then to this ancient 5 watt Rotel EL84 single ended tube receiver.



    The Rotel tube receiver powers these OB 12 inch Zenith Alnico's while one 100 watt plate amp drives their 15" woofers. A second and third 300 watt plate amp drives a conventional Dayton DIY sub and two bucket subs. All plate amps are daisy chained together off the tube preamp. Apple TV radio is another streaming option via an optical switcher feeding the same Audio GD DAC.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2017
  20. Bodyblue

    Bodyblue AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I try and keep it simple: On my Dell Inspiron I run Spotify Premium from a simple Y 3.5mm to RCA (I have no need of an external DAC because there is no background hiss at all) into a Pioneer SX 680.


    For the the living room system I stream Spotify through the Playstaytion 4 (I have the PS4 hooked up with Ethernet cable from the Xfinity router so there is never any drop outs) and run it through the Sony AVR. In the bedroom (where we usually play the SACD or TT) I stream Spotify through an Android cell phone (WiFi from our network) and it sounds great but I did have to buy a better shielded Y connector since the cheap one had background humm.


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