What Artist passing affected you the most

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  1. i will be honest in that i didn't read all of the previous pages, but i did read enough to know that most of you are younger than me. my biggest shock was the plane crash in 1959 when Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens (the others were also a sad loss but the biggest impact was from Buddy and Ritchey) were snuffed out.

    "true love ways" was my favorite buddy tune and i lived for the singles of Ritchie because there was always a killer guitar track on the B side of each. e used to get our 45s used from places like WT Grant and other stores that sold the old juke box records. three for a buck, sometimes less.

    "true love ways" i bought new for a dollar as i did with rumble and all new Santo and Johnny, and also the Ventures records.

    we can only speculate how many and how great more Buddy Holly songs would have been.
  2. rmeade

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    Bay Area
    John Lennon's death had the greatest impact upon me. To me his death represented a loss of hope.
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  3. gbroot

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    NW Arkansas
    The recent passing of Glen Campbell was sad. Many don't know his prowess as a studio musician well before making music of his own. Probably in the top 10 guitarists of all time (at least IMO). He was one of the most respected musicians and entertainers that spanned decades and genres.
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  4. Smokin amps

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    Prescott, AZ
    Eva Cassidy
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  5. ilusndweller

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  6. bluescat

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    Although, many will not know of him, but I was saddened when I heard about Glen Cornick's (original Jethro Tull Bassist) passing. Not the greatest bassist,maybe, but he was very entertaining and added a lot to their live shows. I've seen some interviews with him thru the years, and he seemed to be a great guy, and he never (seemed) bitter about the way he was fired from the band. Although, I was still a fan of the band's music thru the years, their concerts were not the same for me, after he left.
  7. burneyreid

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    I have to agree with many of the post here as I was a fan of many of the artists and their work.

    What does stand out for me personally is the passing of Keith Knudsen and Michael Hossack of the Doobie Bros in the last decade or so.
    I've loved their tunes since the beginning in the 70s and these two drummers inspired me to want to play drums due to their ability to sound fantastic together
    (dual Drum Kits).
    As they were growing up, their experiences playing in marching bands in their younger years pre-Doobs, gave them the ability to play together flawlessly once onstage with the Doobs of those days.
    They never ever overplayed the other instruments and vocals. Their drums were always musically tuned and sounded great in concert and on albums.
    Nowadays, the Doobs sounds are almost painful to listen to live as ,for me, their drumming seems to drown out guitars,vocals so much with the current guys and
    sound guys having the Bass drums so Subwoofery sounding that it hurt my ears. Maybe it's just me, but I won't be attending anymore of their live concerts in the future. I wonder where John Hartman ended up?

    Apologies for the whine :)

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  8. john111/LZ

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    When Eric Morecombe passed away an age of innocence departed with him
    Ernie Wise not so much......
  9. Moth R. Superior

    Moth R. Superior Active Member

    Lemmy. I miss the hell out of him.

    He was a good friend.

    ( Lem & I on the "Hammered" tour)
  10. JohnnyS

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    Glenn Frey for me. Still can't believe he is gone. Take it easy my favorite road trip song.
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  11. Isao Tomita passed relatively recently. He certainly knew that we who have rear channels were in his target audience. He even released discrete four channel CD4 LPs. Try any of his records using DPL and adjust the rear channels to near inaudibility on most of the sound. When there is rear channel content, it will be plainly obvious.
  12. Todd Dodds

    Todd Dodds AK Subscriber Subscriber

    She comes to my place several times a week. Nice lady...real "regular folk", the most personable of all the dead that materialize in my room.
  13. timsclips

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    Central Illinois
    The first one that greatly affected me was Jim Croce, during my senior year of high school.
  14. theophile

    theophile Pheasant Plucker. Subscriber

    Love Jim Croce.
  15. GP Hill

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    Louisville, Ky
    When Gregg Allman died it felt like I lost an old friend.
  16. davidb1

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    Sandy Springs GA
    John Lennon's death hit me so hard- I still can't talk about it. All the colors in the world went a shade dimmer.
  17. CT_Ohio

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    Randy Rhoads... would've been my first entry here. 2nd concert I ever saw, Ozzy and his band. So much talent on those 2 albums. First concert I saw was Sabbath with Dio, who also died too young. I wonder about the really hardcore vocalists, guys like Dio, Cobain, Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot)... how much damage their bodies take when they give it their all.

    Edit: and now that I think about it, Motorhead opened for that Ozzy show. RIP Lemmy too.
  18. elcoholic

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    Fountain Valley, CA
    Stevie Ray Vaughn hit me the hardest at the time. John Lennon a close second.
  19. loopstick

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    Shit 'n' Piss, Texas
    I didn't get this news as it happened but reading recently about her capture and murder by the Khmer Rouge affected me more than what I typically experience when learning that some septuagenarian rock guy passed away. Her death was literally part of the death of an entire culture.

  20. stoutblock

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    Northwest USA
    John Lennon

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