What CD Player Do You Use?

Discussion in 'Members' Systems' started by bonaccmj, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Sansui77

    Sansui77 Khosaku Kikuchi's Grandson

    Melbourne, Australia
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  2. cube-tube

    cube-tube Super Member

    Lakeland, FL
    Mine is the Oppo BDP-105D.

    Funny thing is, in the past 3 years of owning it, I've only played a handful of Blu-Ray movies in it and absolutely no CD's at all. All of my music is either streamed from my NAS or Tidal, or vinyl spun on my old Technics SL-1700 MK2. My entire CD library was ripped to FLAC onto a huge NAS drive in the other room via JRiver.

  3. Idunno

    Idunno www.sx1980.com Subscriber

    I've a Pioneer PD-S904 Legato Link Stable Platter hooked up to my SX-1980.
    Kickin'! :rockon:

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  4. Ds2000

    Ds2000 All About every cool stereo component. Subscriber

    New York City
    Onkyo DX-G10 is here.
    84FC55FB-95BA-4344-AA6F-D72C2F0DEA33.jpeg 924FA70B-E9E5-4DC5-B1BA-2A7FB79EB7D2.jpeg 96DFD0A9-C550-4D85-BDF8-145B1E6B6884.jpeg
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  5. Worried Man

    Worried Man Super Member

    Charm City, Maryland
    Yamaha CDS-700.

    Single drawer. Opens and closes smooth as silk and like a whisper. Modern (about 4 years old now). Comes with a USB port for other music sources, but I've never used it. Simple, clean design, and low profile. Sound-wise, I have a hard time detecting differences among better CD players, but to my ears, it's excellent; I used to get fatigued listening to CDs on other players I've had but I've not experienced that with my Yammie.
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  6. MadcatSowega

    MadcatSowega New Member

    Phoenix, Arizona
    I have been using a vintage NEC player from the late 80's for quite awhile. I'll have to double check when I get home but I believe it is this one:


    It's nothing too special but it reliably plays all the discs I've thrown at it. I also appreciate that it has a fully metal faceplate and buttons from an era when nearly all the CDPs were made with lots of plastic. Eventually, however, I'd like to snag either a higher-end audiophile player or vintage vertical loading one for the attractive visuals.
  7. dswann01

    dswann01 New Member

    I use a Technics SL-P1 that I bought new in 1985 at Long's Electronics in Birmingham, AL. I replaced the disc drive belt last year and the player works and sounds great (at least to me).

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  8. 1984_C10

    1984_C10 Active Member

    Rio Pardo, RS, Brazil
    Sony DVP-NS900V.
    It recently came to my knowledge that my very player was owned by the acoustic engineer Renato Lira from Audiokit.com.br .
    I use it as a transport for both CD and SACD reproduction. While it already has a really good DAC inside, the DAC on my Denon sounds a tad nicer, so i use it instead of the original one from the player.
    The irony of it all is, these players cost a fortune to buy here in Brazil, but they can be picked up next to nothing in the US, thankfully i didn't have to pay for mine because my friends gave it to me as a birthday gift.
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  9. armyslowrdr

    armyslowrdr I don't want one..LOL

    Killeen, TX
    TEAC CD-2000 in my hi-fi stack. A Sony 5 disc changer in the home theater, and some cheap (read 29$) department store special in the bedroom near the treadmill and small tube tv.
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  10. manu et deo

    manu et deo I'm loving it! Subscriber

    SW Riverside County, CA
    OPPO Dv-980h and a Sony CDP-cx225. OPPO is just recently acquired from BT and is my first "high end" player. Sony was purchased as part of a set 19 years ago as my wife and I first together stereo for our apt. Still rocking it and the cds that were last changed out in it around 2008. Both are only transports as I use a outboard DAC which is currently a Halo P5.

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