What does AK Fest mean to you

Discussion in 'AKFest 2008' started by Grumpy, May 7, 2008.

  1. Grumpy

    Grumpy Krusty old SOB! Yes, I own Audiokarma Staff Member Admin Sponsor Subscriber

    Even if you have not attended I am curious what the fest means to you.


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  2. SPL db

    SPL db It's all about the music! Subscriber

    Omaha, NE
    Means auditioning some great audio and meeting even greater people*! :beerchug:

    *(Unless your talking to Eric about Sliceless Sally! :) )

  3. Sandy G

    Sandy G Spiteful Old Cuss Staff Member Moderator Subscriber

    Rogersville, Tennessee
    What Scott said.
  4. sauuuuuce

    sauuuuuce ...In a bottle or a can

    Danville, IN
    Means learning listening and fun....
  5. DaWoofer

    DaWoofer Super Member

    Elkhart IN
    First the people from this group, meeting all the great gents and their audio experiences and building friendships. Second, the DIY equipment these fine people have put together. Third, all the great vintage speakers. Fourth, the new tube equipment just to see what the industry is up to. Fifth, revert back to one and add commradary(sp).
  6. gigidy5

    gigidy5 Mission Hill!

    Cincy, OH
    like sandy said. Plus a TT


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  7. Snade

    Snade humble AK member

    I would expect the Fest to be like my experience with the AK forums:

    - Meet great people - laugh, exchange stories about gear, music and life.

    - Learn new ideas about setup, rehab and combinations of gear (practical ideas I could take home and try).

    - See a lot of great demos of vintage gear and discussions with the many AK experts of vintage gear

    - See and hear some great modern gear (open my mind to new ideas, breakdown old misconceptions).

    - I also would like a room with old radios and TVs (that would be cool). ​

    Thanks for asking. Snade
  8. birddog

    birddog Addicted Member

    Tewksbury, MA
    As a Non-Attendee, I can tell you what I feel it means to me...

    First and foremost, I see the fest as an irreplaceable resource for all aficionados of all levels of audio equipment and enjoyment. No where else will you find such an experienced and knowledgeable bunch of guys, who are willing to reach out and share their joy and wisdom of this hobby, with everyone from the total newb, to some one with a world class system like Masterlu.

    This spirit of camaraderie and passion for the shared interest in all things audio, is what it means most to me. There are so many members who best demonstrate these qualities, it is impossible to begin to name them all here. To have the opportunity to have all of these folks, as well as the many members of the general public who attend the fest, gathered together in one place, is beyond priceless.

    Someday, I hope to be able to attend, and expand not only on my love of the hobby, but to be able to finally shake the hands and thank the numerous members who have made me welcome here on AudioKarma.

    This forum transcends just being a place for us to gather and discuss a hobby, it is like a family to many of us, and the fest is like our "Family Reunion", and family reunions are our chance to honor and examine our past, and to strengthen the bonds that have been made, and to nurture the future generation of audio enthusiasts that will take our place when our time has past.

    To all involved with running this forum, and organizing the Fest, my heartfelt thanks to every one of you!

  9. NOSValves

    NOSValves AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It means having a chance to allow Grumpy to give me a can of " Nag B Gone" only to turn around and use it on him later when he nagged me about my system....... I'm sure seeing Grumpy run and me chasing him was the sight for those lucky few that were present to witness it......

    But seriously the fest is many things to me.

    To me the fest is a vacation away from the dungeon I call my shop.

    The fest gives me a chance relax and enjoy music with like minded folks.

    Although I'm considered an exhibitor the fest is more of a chance for me to get back the roots of what used to be just a hobby for me.

    Of course it also allows me to touch base with my customers and introduce myself to possible new customers.

    I usually leave the fest very tired but also rejuvinated...
  10. shelby1420

    shelby1420 Enjoying the music.....

    Oromocto, NB
    A chance to audition great gear, meet great people and catch up with old friends.
  11. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    PODUNC USA......
    Being at the first 2 fests - I can say - meeting people and making new friends. Chatting about equipment both new and old. And a general laid back affair where everyone has fun - even 'Toze!!


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  12. Erkenbrand42

    Erkenbrand42 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Rochester, New York
    As my first AKFest, it meant checking out the exhibitors and seeing what's new on the market, and finally getting to see some stuff that I've only read about. It also meant seeing the members' systems and finding out what's going on in the DIY land. That second bit was the more important - we all get to share our love of audio gear. Not to mention it's great talking with other people who understand the addiction and don't just go blank when I start prattling on about T/S parameters, crossover points and all of the good stuff that makes this so much fun. :)
  13. Mike Gibson

    Mike Gibson Modulator Staff Member Super Mod Subscriber

    Dufur Oregon
    As a first time visitor I enjoyed the great sounding equipment a lot. However, since most of my AK time is spent in chat I was really looking forward to meeting as many of the people I have annoyed in chat in person.

    I succeeded for the most part and met almost everyone I regularly chat with. My expectations of the fest were exceeded.

    One thing became very apparent and that is even though we sometimes have our moments online with someone when they need a hand or some gear all that fades and folks true nature shines through.

  14. WhiteSE

    WhiteSE Is Lute Gluten Free?? Subscriber

    North Bergen, NJ
    To me, many things:

    1. I get to insult AK friends in person.
    2. To get insulted in person by AK friends.
    3. I would insult Craig NOS Vulvas but i think he would throw off a balcony.
    4. DIY stuff...that is cool...and vintage stuff (kinda lacking in this show).

    But in seriousness, its like a family reunion to me...its really that comfortable.
  15. BajaGringo

    BajaGringo Abalone Farmer

    Not having attended my perception had much to do with the name - "Fest". I saw it as being a festive celebration of what draws so many of us here together online from distance parts of the globe. So I would have imagined that it would include camaraderie, mixers, new equipment/technology from vendors, vintage, HT, DIY, swap/sell, entertainment event(s) and some mini seminars on some of the subjects that have already been mentioned in other threads...

  16. roadie1

    roadie1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Chillicothe, OH
    Great question, Grumpy. I've been here since '05 and for the first year or so I just took time to get to know my way around and get a feel for people. After I figured out what a great place this is with tons of great people I'd promised myself I'd make it to a Fest but for the last 2 years it just wasn't in the cards so hopefully next year. I'm going to do all I can to set money and vacation time aside to do it.


    1. I want to meet and greet some of the wonderful people here and that's saying a lot for being the introvert that I am. I want to put faces with names and say Thanks for tutoring me in the ways of all things audio. And what the hell, maybe even have a beer or two with the infamous 'Toze and you too:yes:

    2. I want to be able to hear equipment that otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to.:music:

    3. I'd like to bring some of my stuff with me to get some opinions on how it sounds. Maybe to find out what I could do to improve things or hope beyond hope that there may be a few that say "Hey, that sound's pretty good". Just so I know that I'm on the right path.:scratch2:

    Thanks to you for all that you do!:thmbsp:..............R1


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  17. merrylander

    merrylander AK Member

    Glenwood, MD 21738
    Attending last years Fest was to me, all of the things that have been posted ahead of mine. It is meeting friends face to face, seeing what others have accomplished, and just plain old fashioned good fun.
  18. pustelniakr

    pustelniakr Silver Miner at Large Staff Member Super Mod Moderator Subscriber

    Tucson, AZ
    Pure and simple: AK in person

    Rich P
  19. tentoze

    tentoze Twangophile

    Somewhere Else
    No pizza.
  20. KeninDC

    KeninDC Speedfreak Jive Subscriber

    Inside jokes.

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