What drives you nuts at concerts?

Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by Ethan25, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Ethan25

    Ethan25 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West Central Illinois
    I'll start.

    People who try to clap along with the song when the artist never asked them to, or, folks that clap before the song is over.
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  2. Hyfi

    Hyfi Super Member

    Bucks County, PA
    People talking instead of listening
    People staring at their phones and the light from them
    People who always have to stand up in front of you
    People who stink like cigarettes when they sit next to me
    When the music is way louder than it needs to be so it's mostly distortion
    When your ears ring for 3 days after a Buddy Guy concert because I refused to use some cotton my wife brought :)
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  3. Cactus Bob

    Cactus Bob Desert Rat Subscriber

    Way Out West!
    People that talk through the entire concert.
  4. SA-708

    SA-708 Appalachian-American

    NE Tennessee
    Last show we went to, my daughter and I came up with a theory that there were three types of people:
    * People who yell "Woooooo!" at concerts, often repeatedly.
    * People who would never utter "Wooooo" at a concert.
    * People who only say "Woooo" at a concert in a sarcastic manner.
    The first category are the annoying ones.
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  5. willyrover

    willyrover Super Member

    The other people that are there.
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  6. Dave_1962

    Dave_1962 Lunatic Member

    Ontario, Canada
    Let's see - bad sound production, performers who are hammered or just stand there, security, walking in puke, people slamming into you, the whistlers, the fights, people getting hauled out by cops or on stretchers, pretty much the whole scene. I've been to some bloody ones back in the 70's and 80's. The last one I went to was Ozzy doing the Crazy Train tour at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto in 1981. I went to the can and there was blood all over the walls and a sink smashed off the wall clearly by the guy's head who was laying there unconscious and cut up real bad. I decided then and there I was done with live shows but at least I got to see Randy Rhodes. I remember 11 people died at a show by The Who in Cincinnati in 1979 - trampled to death. Just not worth it .
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  7. bobsvinyl

    bobsvinyl Painfully Aware Subscriber

    Milford, NH
    My daughter took me to a Jonathan Edwards concert last year at a small venue club where you can bring your own drinks. Some woman in the audience began yelling "Sunshine" all throughout the performance. Edwards finally said, "Take it easy. I'll get to it." You could tell she had too much too drink. Maybe the BYOB idea isn't such a good idea.
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  8. likebike23

    likebike23 Super Member

    Western MA
    Tall people, I'm 5'7". Just kidding. Lol.
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  9. ETLS

    ETLS metacarpophalangealcranium Subscriber

    The parking.
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  10. BobHol

    BobHol Old fart Subscriber

    Fort wayne IN
    My wife recently dragged me to a musical. I found the sound system unbearable.
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  11. Hyfi

    Hyfi Super Member

    Bucks County, PA
    People who scream Freebird
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  12. RT Fan

    RT Fan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The last show I saw @ B.B.Kings here in NYC, a woman who thought she was Bill Bruford started playing the hand drums on our table with the first song. Without saying a word I reached across the table and grabbed both her hands in one of mine and smiled silently at both her & her husband. I am glad she got the message, saved the concert for the rest of the folks sharing the table.
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  13. Northwinds

    Northwinds Huh? Turn what down? Subscriber

    Mosh pits, too old for that shit now
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  14. Eric n Kc

    Eric n Kc AK Subscriber Subscriber

    1. People that talk through the show
    2. Bad sound
    3. People that won't set down.
    4. $40. T shirt that are too small
    5. Friends that's bail on me and force me to go alone.
    6. $8.beer
    That's pretty good start. I rarely go to live shows any more. If I do go it's usually a smaller venue. Eric
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  15. RobRoy

    RobRoy It's just stuff - but fun

    Central Kentucky
    So many things drive me nuts that I don't go to concerts. The last one I went to was Reba and George in downtown Nashville. It was an arena. The sound was terrible, the crowd too loud, etc. I only did that one because my wife loves both of them. The last concert I went to by choice was in around 1980 at the Paramount in Seattle to see Genesis.

    That said, I own a ton of concerts on DVD and BlueRay. There is no need for me to go to a concert any more.

    Oh, and I refuse to pay more than $20 to see ANY band.
  16. KrisM

    KrisM Addicted Member

    Guy Who Brings His Harmonica So He Can "Jam Along With The Band" At A Blues Festival Guy.
    When he goes into a porta-potty it should be pushed over.
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  17. Two words: 1.) Marijuana, 2.) Mud (obviously during outdoor venues...)
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  18. hjames

    hjames Nabbed ... Staff Member Moderator Subscriber

    VA near DC
    People that sing-a-long (loudly) through the whole show
    Dunderheads that talk through the whole show ...

    damn, I did not pay $eriou$ S$ to hear your twiddly story -
    Shut up, go home and talk elsewhere!!
    Its why I don't go to shows very often these days ...

    That said, we are buying tickets for 2 shows in the next few months -
    Joe Jackson, and the Moody Blues - hope they are worth it
  19. I forgot... ^^^^This, right here. And it's even more maddening when it's either a.) being yelled almost non-stop into a phone or b.) texted and forwarded via an incessant stream of photos or short video clips. If your friend/acquaintance/significant other couldn't make it to the show, couldn't you simply relay the experience later via face-to-face social interaction, a.k.a. conversation? I attended a KoRn show back in 2009 at Toyota Park off of 71st Street and Harlem Ave. in Bridgeview, IL (literally three miles beyond Chicago's southwest city limit) and found myself surrounded by a crowd of individuals who spent more time staring down into smart phone screens than at the actual performers on stage. Yes, it's none of my business and I did my best to ignore it, but it's difficult to do so as the sun sets and you can't help but observe a sea of brightly lit 4.5-inch rectangles in your line of sight. Do the rest of ticket-holding fans a favor and do that shit after the show. /end of rant
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  20. Cactus Bob

    Cactus Bob Desert Rat Subscriber

    Way Out West!
    Someone yelled out "Freebird" at an Adrian Belew show one time and Belew said "I'll give you a Freebird" and smiling he gave him the middle finger. Everyone cracked up.
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