What is that one thing you own that suprised you the most.

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by vintage 5.0, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. BillyBatts

    BillyBatts ALOHA! Subscriber

    Definitely my Realistic SA-1001 35 wpc Integrated Amp.

    I bought this on a whim from a blowout table at a Radio Shack in about 1991. Well under 100 bucks. I was going to put it in the garage and forget about it.

    As time went on, I realized what a great amplifier this really is. The amp is built like a tank with a great wooden case. Easy to service, well designed circuitry and well structured. I have recapped it about 5 years ago and have it set up in my living room with a Pioneer PL-514 table and Optimus 10 Speakers. I am currently using an old Technics Tuner but randomly check Fleabay for a matching Realistic Tuner.

    In other residences I have a Yamaha CA-810 system and a McIntosh MA6900 System, but I have to tell you, the Realistic SA-1001 System holds its own very nicely. I'm super impressed.

    I really am amazed at this amplifier. It has definitely surprised me the most of any gear I have ever purchased.



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  2. blhagstrom

    blhagstrom Mad Scientist, fixer. Subscriber

    Duvall, Washington
    My Dahlquist DQ-20s ad DQ-10s.

    The DQ-20 were a leap forward in my audio experience and always sound wonderful. When I rotate them into use and pick a new location for them, I'm surprised by how good they sound.

    The DQ-10s are amazing in themselves, but what surprises me is what actually makes them sound great. I get surprised by what doesn't sound good on them too.
  3. tubeornotube

    tubeornotube Well-Known Member

    I am having the same experience.
    Acquired my L-07D back in April and every time I spin it I am shocked that it betters my two Oracle MKIV's.
    The music just comes out of blackness and with the best dynamics I have heard.

  4. tygr

    tygr Audiophoole

    My Audio Nirvana 12" ceramics in their custom built ported cabinets. Detail, rich, crisp, smooth detail. Love 'em.
  5. markshan

    markshan Sir Thrift a Lot Subscriber

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Technics SB-L200 speakers. I bought them for next to nothing intending to flip them, but instead they lived in my main system for quite a few years before finally being displaced. Maybe one of the most under the radar speakers ever.
  6. hatrack71

    hatrack71 distracted by everything

    Helena, Montana
    Currently, a little DIY LM3886 gainclone amp I paid very little for. Very little. And the Technics SL-10 a close second.


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  7. bsandovalb

    bsandovalb AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Costa Rica
    The bel canto reflink is amazing!, it really improved my digital front end...
  8. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    CDs played on 1970 Sansui speakers: like...wow.

    NAD C-515 BEE cd player. Nice sound. Really nice really. Pleasantly surprised.
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  9. ggrey

    ggrey Sonically Insane

    Upstate NY USA
    Thinking of doing the same with my L80T3s. Only have 10" woofs in those and am thinking a sub would rock my world once properly balanced for my room.

    What sub did you pair with the L100s?
  10. nick12345

    nick12345 Well-Known Member

    Realistic T-120s, and the fact that I listen to them almost daily while my Smaller Advents sit unused.
  11. Daunia 70

    Daunia 70 Lunatic Member


    Many thanks.
    It's the only one I've come across this year on Ebay UK.
    I saw another L-07D on Ebay UK last year,but just couldn't quite make my mind up as it was courier delivery only and because of this it would've had to be assembled.

    When this one came along,I thought it was an opportunity too good to pass up.. as it'd being fully serviced by professionals around 18 months back and was in great cosmetic condition.. The little used Ortofon Rohmann cart was a big plus too! Also,the seller agreed to deliver it/set it up for me if I won it (I'd dread to have this TT delivered by couriers).
    BTW,It's kinda strange they're so mega rare in the U.S.


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  12. zebra03

    zebra03 All Audio - NO BS

    West of Weedville
    My Genesis 210's . No matter what speaker I compare them to . the Genesis has always held it's own in sound quality .
  13. tomlinmgt

    tomlinmgt Addicted Member

    Arlington, TX
    The broadband absorption panel....by far. Game changer is an understatement. Profoundly affected the hobby for me more than any piece of electronics or pair of speakers.....and I've had the good fortune to experience some fairly interesting stuff. All of it was a given a fair chance to show its true sonic capabilities thanks to the absorption panel (ok, several absorption panels). Without them performance was disappearing like a fart in the wind...and I didn't even realize it.
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  14. gogofast

    gogofast AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I had same experience. :thmbsp:
  15. restorer-john

    restorer-john Addicted Member

    For me, it's this sweet little pair of Jamo E800 speakers. I picked them up for peanuts and they are quite unbelievable.

    They are part of my desert island system. (you know the system you take with you to a desert island when you aren't coming back)

    They are detailed, articulate, never confused with massed orchestral pieces or intimate Jazz right through to classic rock. They are currently my mini reference speaker in the current lounge room rig, each hooked up to a mono Sony TAN77es power amplifier, a TAE77es preamp and an X7esd CD player.


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  16. Unican_Eric

    Unican_Eric Pioneerious Collecticus

    Cornwall,Ontario, Canada
    A set of Nuance C3 that I got for a song. After all the negative reviews online and anyone I talked to saying they are garbage and to stay far away....
    I have them hooked up to my restored Kenwood M1 C1 and they sound so good that they replaced a set of Energy Pro 22 with original tweeters.

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  17. Hifidelity1

    Hifidelity1 Member

    Fort Smith Arkansas
    Here is my game changer. I'm running a vintage Pickering/Stanton 380 cartridge on my TD124/II. Thoroughly lovable cartridge with performance that has amazing 3-d fidelity and playback. The bass really kicks!! I have a soft spot for Stanton/Pickering cartridges ...

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  18. watt

    watt no on

    Winston-Salem, NC
    What? An idler runs vertically and drives the platter?

  19. MikeT.

    MikeT. Displaced Irish Cajun Subscriber

    Woodridge, IL
    My new, to me, Thorens TD-318 with Ortofon OMB-20 has been a really nice surprise. I've been through a Technic's SL1700, Project Expression, Rega RP3 and a Project Debut Carbon.....Denon DL-110, Ortofon Salsa, Denon 103 and had finally given up but couldn't stand the sight of all my records just laying around.
    Really remarkable sound from the Thorens/Ortofon combo. I've played more albums in the last week than in the last two years.
  20. 30hz MAGIC

    30hz MAGIC Creator of earthquakes!

    Almost everything i bought from Pyle

    They get such a bad rep everywhere.
    I have $90 Pyle subs that keep up with $200 Kicker and Fosgate 15's
    Im not kidding, where else can you find 600RMS DVC 18 inch brand new for $90?
    And i beat on them ALL DAY! I dont get it.

    And their amps are solid too... but noisy ass fans.

    Out of 3 Pyle amps and 13 Pyle subwoofers ALL of them are still WORKING!
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