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What is the difference b/w 170DC, 300DC and 250 line

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by airtime, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. airtime

    airtime Super Member

    Central Arizona
    So what is the bit differenc between the 170dc and 300dc. Seems to be the same but half the power. Are there any sonic differneces????

    And how does the 250 line sonically compare to the DC line????

    If the DC line is like the "B" class of marantz I have always found them to be more edgy or brighter on the top end. But otherwise exceptionally clean sounding. Sometimes boardering on a little TOO clean sounding.



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  2. smokenguns22

    smokenguns22 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Lafayette LA
    To try resurrect an old question since no one bit in 2008, maybe a new member could share some light.
    I'd love to know what everyone thinks

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