What is YOUR pet peeve? Let's have a laugh.

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  1. meggy

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    Bizzarre answers from eBay sellers.

    My message:

    How is the sound quality? Can u hear any pops and clicks?


    this copy looks great thank you!
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  2. 2011etec

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    Ordered a sonic tooth cleaner from amazon.Lovely looking product,instructions might as well be on microfilm! Now I have to find a magnifying glass.Why cant they make the lettering bigger for gods sake.
  3. toxcrusadr

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    Central Missouri
    Going back a couple pages, you guys hear about that lady in CA who returned her dead Christmas tree on Jan. 4th to Costco, and actually got a refund? That's the other side of the returns coin. Bugs me that they give out refunds when they're clearly not justified.
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  4. 2011etec

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    Yeh I read that one and I'm fervently hoping that woman has never had children.If she did their doomed.
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  5. Quadman2

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    This morning at the grocery store saw this dude(dud), pick up with bare hands some individual buns, then throw them back into the bin. Was gonna confront but the OS was with me...she hates public confrontation. Me? I don't mind. Getting more "squeaky wheel" as time goes on...I guess? Maybe more of us has to do this?

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  6. noogies

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    I usually do, and I never regret it unless the wife is with me.
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  7. BruceRPA

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    How true! Doing that has become an entire industry. Its all over the internet and is the bread-and-butter of every mainstream media outlet. They are really good at it too. Sadly, that is far, far beyond being just a pet peeve.

    Come to think of it though, I have a couple of people that I work with that seem to take great pleasure out of turning every screw they can just to see how difficult they can make things for everyone else. That’s really sick. It doesn’t improve their life at all. It just seems to them that it lowers the relative position of those around them. Now THERE is a pet peeve of mine, at the very least, too!
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  8. vinowino

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    Cambridge. New Zealand.
    Drivers who park and encroach into an adjoining park by the distance of their wheels (front or back or side in a paralell or angle) thus making the park unusable for others.
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  9. Zekeman

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    In the USA our Rules of the Road state to proceed into the intersection when waiting to make a left turn. In heavy traffic sometimes only one or two cars will be able to turn once the yellow caution light comes on. Some people, when the light turns green, will not proceed into the intersection to wait to make their turn. Instead they wait at the line and sometimes, will not even attempt to turn, even when the yellow light comes on!!! And...no cars get through!!! Drives me nuts.
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  10. Bobcat

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    EC Indiana
    Listen, if you’re the first car in a turn lane, please pay attention and GO when the light turns green so more than 3 cars are able to turn before the light turns red again.
    Thank you.
  11. 2011etec

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    I'm always screaming, which shade of green are you waiting for?,lol.

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