What McIntosh Gear Are You Using?

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by CarlV, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. FauxHall

    FauxHall Super Member

    Which one has the best sonics?


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  2. VNeal

    VNeal New Member

    I have a McIntosh MC206. I really like the amp
  3. wstrickland1

    wstrickland1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    C2500. I have questions/advice requests. Will start a thread.
  4. roadie1

    roadie1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Chillicothe, OH
    I don't currently have any but that's what I came here for. I want to ask the experienced a question. Would some of the newer gear give me a taste of the true McIntosh? Looking at the MA5200.

    I'd be using ATC SCM11 speakers but I'm not sure about the source. I have other gear if it would be a better match.

    If I came to the wrong forum, straighten me out, please.

    Happy Holidays!.....r1
  5. GearHead454

    GearHead454 Still Lost Subscriber

    MC275: two of these Mark Vs they are. got em used
    C2500, new floor model
    MR78, well used

    I am happy with each of these

    I'd get more but the kids don't have any shoes already.
  6. chuckworkb

    chuckworkb Super Member

    Very nice set up. Two MC275's, Sweet!
  7. twiiii

    twiiii Addicted Member

    west Texas
    Well you are looking at three systems all tied together. HT theatre system, Stereo System, and Office and Bedrooms system. I'm to lazy to list everything, but I will say there are a few items not shown that are hidden. Another MC 207, 4 PC-4s, Stax, Signet and Sennheiser headphones, 2 UREI 521 crossovers, and a Audio Control 520 EQ for the side speakers. The two Crown EQ2 parametric units voice the L&R, Center, and mixed rear channels. All the speakers are Bozak, The low Boy 4005 are bi-amped with added Celestion super tweeter each using a passive crossover. The B-410 Moorish Concert Grands are tri-amped with the woofers , midrange/tweeter, and the Celestion (4) super/tweeters each being driven by a channel of a MC 207. The 206 drives headphones and remote speakers, 4 Boston 801, and the 2505 drives headphones. C-34 drives the Grands in the Stereo mode, the soon to be replaced 119 drives the HT mode. Everything Stereo plugs into the C-34 , the 861 drives both, C-34 and MX 119 balanced and Marantz Cd recorder optically. The 891 plugs directly into the display, Pioneer elite 150 using HDMI, and then back to the 119. Laser disc and DVD recorder plug into the 119, with the 861 feeding the DVD recorder for dubbing. The Marantz CDR and Nakamichi connect to the C-34 as recorders, with the 861 feeding the Marantz directly to make dubs. The SAE graphic EQ , DBX 119 and 3BX are in the record processor loop for improving audio dubs . If I need to dub a tape depending on the format and speedI pull one of my Ampex or Revox tape machines from storage and connect to the C-34. There's and old Professional DBX 157 laying arround somewhere to decode DBX tapes. And there is an A-77 MK iv in storage for Dolby tapes. Lets see what else. there is a switch to select the MX-119 or C-34 for the Front Left and right channels. The C-34 also feeds a 119 input if I want to use different modes to derive a center channel for stereo recordings. The Mpi-4 monitors the Stereo line output after the selector switch that chooses between the 119 and C-34, the speaker input to the MPI-4 keeps track of the LF.s to the front L&R speaker amp. The Sennheisers can be connected to the C-34, 2505, 582Z Nakamichi, Marantz CD recorder. The MAC-3 decodes digital laser discs and feeds the MX119 and receives signals from the Apple computers via airport express . Apple TV feeds the Pioneer laser TV which feeds the 119. Direct TV is also connected to the Pioneer but feeds the audio directly to the 119 . The PC-4's turn everything on and off that isn't controllable by Mac logic circuits. Lets see there is a Dynavector 20 X 2 mounted in the old Rabco tone arm feeding the MP100 feeding the C-34 T3 input. And there is an remote control repeater placed conveniently next to the Direct tV receiver connected to the 119. If Steve at Audio Classics can find me a the PRE-OWNED HT processor the Mac-3 and 119 will be traded in. A RFD2 will replace the MAC3 laser audio decoding function. One of these days I want to replace the Stereo HT switch with a relay that selects the C-34 automatically when the power is turned on by the C-34 power switch with manual over ride.

    Pictures were taken at night so colors of the wood look to red, the walls are white and thats what photoshop corrected to. The Stereo Cabinet is also a Bozak piece that matched the Grands.as shown from the 1969 photo. Image16-70.jpg DSN_9939.JPG DSN_9942.JPG DSN_9947.jpg DSN_9941.JPG The MP100 and MVP 891 are my latest acquisitions and have only beeen fully operational a week or so, as my C-34 was at Audio Classics getting repaired and a tune up.

    Whats in the 69 photo C-22, MR 71, 2 275s mono, AR amp, custom meter panel TD 121 with SME arm and ? Ortofon cartridge. Miracord 50H or Dual 1219. Stanton 681 EE or EEE. Ampex F-4460 with 2-track heads with 1/4 trk playback with head shifter for 2 trk. Ampex AG 500 2/4 HS.using 4 heads with AME Equalization for HS. Two concert Grands with Passive crossovers. (unmodified). Koss ESP 9 headphones.

    Not Shown portable 300-4 with 2 MX 35 mixers/ and a bunch of mics, stands cables etc etc etc. If Ampex puts a handle on it its portable, no matter the weight/ sort of like a MC 1.2K . Some day i'll post pictures behind the cabinets. There are vented doors 5 ft high behind the video equipment.

    If you look carefully you might see a 14 lb grey kitten hiding in the Christmas tree.
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  8. twiiii

    twiiii Addicted Member

    west Texas
    This ought to scare you to death, the behind the scenes pictures. I don't have pictures of conduits or trenches in the floor for running wire to speakers and TV etc. Thereare 3 20 amp circuits behind the Bozak cabinet and one behind the HT stuff and one for the TV display and other gadgets. I had to give up on cable TV because it caused to much noise and birdies in the background. Likewise I chose to use Apple TV and Airport Express to eliminate computer noise from entering the system. I choose not to make things to neat as it makes it almost impossible to trace cables quickly and return the system to full operation. I have to pull the MPI-4 and lay on my back to access the C-34.MR 80 and MP 100. The rest is done with a handheld mirror on a wand from either end or top of the cabinet. The Grands have to tipped on their face as does the rear Symphony the TV and center Symphony are accessed from either side. What are the three big power cords. MC 207, MC206, and Mcintosh C-34 controlled power strip. Little black box is power module for Signet electrostatic head phones.

    24 mm lens does distort things a bit. Not a straight line anywhere !!! DSN_9951.jpg DSN_9952.jpg DSN_9953.jpg
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  9. motorstereo

    motorstereo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    WOW!!!! Thank you for sharing those pics Twiii. Absolutely incredible!


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  10. Chubba

    Chubba Active Member

    StCatharines Ont Canada
    Congrats twiiii on an incredible system.Cheers
  11. Fattner

    Fattner Well-Known Member

    image.jpeg image.jpeg Remember me !! I do love Mac stuff ,love the lights

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  12. Mike Mc

    Mike Mc New Member

    I'm new to this forum....................first post. Currently in our house I'm using aN MC2120, C30, MR7083, and an MCD7008. They're feeding a pair of 1980 Cornwalls. I've had several other Mc amps, Mc pre-amps and a previous Mc CD player. I have other Klipsch speakers and other stereo components, but no other Mc for now.

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  13. GeoPro

    GeoPro New Member

    Hello audio afficionados,
    I'm Paul - I purchased a Mac 1900 new in 1971 along with a pair of Bose 901's and I have the original bill of sale. This setup has been with me for over 45 years. Last week the 3.2 slo-blo fuse failed and I ordered a new one from McIntosh. Installed it and it failed. Tells me something else may be a problem. I welcome a suggestion as to next steps.
    Paul (GeoPro)
  14. Mike Gibson

    Mike Gibson Modulator Staff Member Super Mod Subscriber

    Dufur Oregon
    Geopro, if you start a thread about this in the main forum you are far more likely to receive an answer.
  15. hugo454

    hugo454 Gold Member Subscriber

    south florida
    IMG_0386.JPG IMG_1775.JPG IMG_1776.JPG IMG_0386.JPG IMG_1775.JPG IMG_1776.JPG IMG_0386.JPG IMG_1775.JPG Early versions of the MC240 and MX110 through JBL 4311's and Sony 2051 turntable w/ signet cart
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  16. KLH9

    KLH9 A Double Pair Sounds OK

    Lost in the music
    Nothing special but it has worked for me for a few decades now. Recently serviced by McIntosh in NY

    ran it like this for a few years before finding a nice rolling "box" for them


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  17. sberger

    sberger Hard Core Geezer Subscriber

    Just acquired a nice, restored MAC 1700. I can't believe the power in this. I've read that hits closer to 60 then the stated 40 watts, and I would say from how it handles both my AR 3's and 3a' s that is no lie. Not bad to look at, either.

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  18. Birdvic

    Birdvic New Member

    IMG_2455.JPG My simple setup: C34V preamplifier and MC2125 and MC2100 amps. Sweet sound! Waiting my B&W Matrix 802 s3!!! Best regards from Brazil!
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  19. Kenaz Filan

    Kenaz Filan New Member

    I have a McIntosh MA6200 and absolutely love it. There's a warmth and "ease" to the sound I've never heard with other amplifiers: there's also an incredible precision and detail, and of course there's that classic McIntosh aesthetic. And as an added bonus they're made not far from where I grew up: I graduated from Montrose High, about 20 miles south of Binghamton.
  20. kingstoneage

    kingstoneage Active Member


    C47, MC152, MCT450
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