What McIntosh Gear Are You Using?

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by CarlV, Jan 22, 2006.

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    The turntable is on pull-out shelf that uses a pair of 100lb full-extension file drawer tracks.

    The 275 has enough clearance around it, and the cabinet back is open, so there's plenty of airflow. The amp lived for many years in a much smaller space behind a closed door at the parents' house, but still had sufficient airflow not to get too hot, so I'm not terribly worried. Once the receiver's fixed and back in, the 275 will go back to its home atop a cabinet in my office.
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  2. A few changes this year.

    Addition of a SimAudio Moon 260D transport.

    Was looking for a smaller speaker than my Vandersteens. Replaced them with Byrston Mini-T. As much as I enjoyed the Vandys, the Mini-T is a much better fit with my MA6600.
    A little more forward sounding, but more to my taste. Call me impressed.
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    It's an excellent transport & comes with a 10 year warranty!

    I had one for about a year until I changed to a McIntosh MCD350.
    The only reason for the change was for SACD support & looks.
  4. JT-3

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    C26, MR74, and MC2505.


    Tuner gone over by Terry Dewick and amp/pre gone over by AudioDoctor Cornell Smith.
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