What musical instruments do you have in the house?

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by outlawmws, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. outlawmws

    outlawmws On the Run

    The Badlands
    What musical instruments do you have in the house?

    I think this is a unique thread for this forum; variants have been done in lots of the other forums…

    Other than my two girls and their flute playing, we’re not terribly musically inclined, but are very interested, and play AT various instruments without formal instruction, beyond the girls and school band (Both got good enough to solo at least once each). I’ve dabbled informally at the guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and am starting on my most recent acquisition, a 5 string Kay open back banjo, none with formal instruction.

    SWMBO has some informal guitar playing behind her, many years ago, and both girls dabble informally on the piano, and are pretty good on it all things considered. (I know a couple of strings of notes on the piano, but that’s it.). My son shows the least interest, he has a harmonica that he fiddled with a bit.

    I’ve become even more interested in somewhat odd instruments after recently seeing the Decembrists, Primus and a really wild Gypsy punk group called Gogol Bordello that opened for Primus. All three groups used instruments not ordinarily used for rock (Primus was closest to standard rock, but the base player is the lead musician, and played the various basses he used more like a lead guitarist.). The Decembrists in particular kept changing instruments, accordion, violin, mandolin, lute, banjo, the list is long. Gogol Bordello even was using a couple of washboards for percussion effects!

    In any case, we have acquired quite a collection over the years, and have arranged many of them on display around our piano. With thirty six instruments and counting, there is enough here to have a session, if enough people that could actually play were in the house at one time. :guitar: :rockon: :banana: :sing: It got me to wondering how many other people have instruments, whether they can play or not, and how many and of what kinds.

    To start things off, here is my list with a little info if known:

    Yamaha Acoustic guitar - steel string - 73
    Yamaha Acoustic guitar - nylon string - 60's?
    Granada Acoustic guitar - Steel string - 76
    Fender Squire Acoustic guitar - steel string - 2004
    Kay 5 string banjo, open back 50's?
    Samick Mandolin, 2023 Greg Bennett design ~2000?
    New York Pro Mandolin (China) 2003
    Bulgetta Banjolin, closed back (English) Old!
    Mountain Dulcimer
    Hosco Ukulele
    Zither - Old
    Artley Flute
    Vito Flute
    Chanter (Bagpipe practice Chanter) 2004 x2 (My daughter and I both bought one)
    Reed Flute, Mexico
    Hohner Marine band harp (harmonica) C 1960's – My dads
    Hohner Marine band harp (harmonica) G 1960's – My dads
    Hohner Echo harp 55/80 M2 (harmonica) C/G
    Hohner Echo harp 57/120 M2 (harmonica) C/G
    Hohner Little Lady harp (harmonica) 4 holes, 8 reeds… 2003
    Hohner Marine band harp (harmonica) C 2003
    Blues band harp (harmonica) C 2004
    Ocarinas (Both girls have one)
    Recorder - Wood
    Mouth Harp (Jew's Harp)
    Spin hand Drum
    Hand Drum 2002, (Ceramic and rawhide, looks African, bought at the renaissance faire, Djembe?)
    mbira. (African, also known as Likembe, Mbila, Board Piano, Thumb Piano, Mbira Huru, Mbira Njari, Mbira Nyunga Nyunga, Karimba or Kalimba)
    Wurlitzer Accordion,
    Wurlitzer Upright Piano

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  2. Grainger49

    Grainger49 Old Fart

    Knoxville, TN
    Keyboard, classical guitar, Celtic harp, 2 flutes, pan pipes, ocarina, rain stick & a kalimba.
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  3. outlawmws

    outlawmws On the Run

    The Badlands

    I forgot our rainstick, and the girls ocarinas!

    What is a Kalimba?
  4. outlawmws

    outlawmws On the Run

    The Badlands
  5. meandog

    meandog Super Member

    I love music.
    I have a friend cross the street.
    Build a fire that you can see for 10 miles away,grab a few cold ones.start jammin.let me tell you we are not very good.
    vox phantom vi same as the beatles used.( elec. 6 )
    a late 50's early 60's lafyett. ( elec.6 )
    .( try looking that up on google ...nothing not even a pic. )
    I just gave them to an old friends son. not delivered yet,old and original.
    I kept and love my fender gemeni 3.
    old and artic white.
    a keeper.
    Do not let your kids grow up and not be able to play something.
    sounds like you are doing awsome.
    i almost wish you had a young one for each inst you have
    man you would have to go no where
    i envy you.
  6. fotno

    fotno Lunatic Member

    Buzzardtown, NC
    My wife might disagree, but compared with you guys, I'm practically musical-instrument deprived.

    1 - JB-Player Acoustic (El-Cheapo that I've fine tuned as much as it will fine tune)
    2 - '86 Fender Prodigy (Strat mutation with a Kahler trem and a Humbucker in the bridge position)
    3 - '67 Gibson SG (stock & ragged out as can be)
    4 - King Cornet (played in high school, don't have the heart to part with it)
    5 - Hohner Blues Harp (Key of E)
    6 - Peavey Delta Blues Amp (tricked out with JJTesla tubes, a mod I would suggest to anyone with a Peavey tube amp still sporting the OEM Sovteks)


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  7. meandog

    meandog Super Member

    sorry didnt mean to yell lol
  8. sleddogman

    sleddogman Super Member

    Carol Stream, IL
    Beneath this roof resides the following, a few which are utilized every day and others periodically as the situation merits...

    1966 Fender Jazz Bass
    1969 Gibson EB-2 DC Bass (double pickup, cherry finish)
    1969 EKO 6-string acoustic with factory pickup (Italian)
    1970 EKO 12-string acoustic (Italian)
    2001 Fender American Jazz V Bass (5 string normal plus a high C)
    2003 Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass (Japan - soon to be fretless)
    2003 Fender American Strat (black w/ rosewood neck - the "house" electric for visitors.)

    wooden soprano and alto recorders
    various ocarinas, kazoos, slide whistles
    12" tuned Caribbean steel drum
    Kalimba (African thumb piano)

    plus tons of stuff out in the garage that can be clanked and whacked together to keep a beat. (various size open end wrenches can be quite musical...) :D
  9. jedo1507r

    jedo1507r Active Member

    Clarksville, TN
    1994 Boston (Kawai) GP-193 baby grand piano
    1989 Ensoniq EPS Sampler Keyboard

    I had a couple of cheapo Kona acoustic guitars a few years back.
  10. Urizen

    Urizen Lunatic Member

    All guitars:guitar:

    1993 Les Paul Standard w/Duncans
    1993 Paul Reed Smith EG-3 w/Fralins
    1987 Kramer American Pacer Custom I w/Duncans
    '50s Fender Stringmaster Deluxe 6
    1997 Martin D-1R (not pictured)


    Mesa Simulclass 2:90 Power Amp
    Mesa/Boogie Quad Preamp
    Marshall 1960AV cab
    Epiphone Valve Junior stack (not pictured)

  11. Acoustic

    Acoustic This Amp Is HOT!!

    2002 Martin D-15
    2003 Epiphone Les Paul Special
    And various key's of Honer Marine Bands... mainly play in G.

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  12. Fisherdude

    Fisherdude Regular Dude - Super Mod Staff Member Super Mod

    Out West.
    Bach Stradivarius trumpet: B flat.
    Bach Stradivarius trumpet: C.
    Getzen Eterna 700 trumpet: B flat.
    Quesnon trumpet: B flat.
    Yamaha FG-750s acoustic steel string guitar.
    Classic guitar, model unknown.
    Small electric keyboard.
    Hohner "Preciosa" harmonica: G.
    Hohner "Marine Band No. 1896" harmonica: C.
  13. jonman

    jonman Addicted Member

    I have a Fender Strat. It is the only one I have ever seen that was totally black including keys, neck, fret board body, switch and controls,pickgaurd, pickups and bridge. I play it throu a Fender Concert 65 head and EV Cabinet with 2 twelves. I also have a Washburn D-10 Acoustic and a Lap steel slide guitar.
  14. ozmoid

    ozmoid Lunatic Member

    Outlaw, I'm like you, I play AT a lot of axes without being good enough for public performance :D . That said, I have performed publicly on MOST of these at one time or another:

    (These first two I can actually play well)
    Aria Hollow-body bass
    Several Trombones (including an ancient "Olds Recording" that is my favorite)
    Tenor Sax
    Akai full-size balanced and weighted keyboard, digitally sampled piano rack module
    Couple of Accordions
    Ukulele (my currently most played)
    Digeridoo (bamboo version)
    several kazoos (great with the ukulele!)
    A few harmonicas
    penny whistle
    lots of hand percussion (drums, tambourine, rainstick, maraca, finger cymbals)

    :scratch2: I know I'm forgetting something...
  15. MoparMan

    MoparMan Active Member

    East TN, USA
    My Music Instruments

    Well, I'm glad someone started this thread. I have way too many to actually list them all. So here is some of them. I've been playing for nearly 30 years. I also play multiple instruments. Here goes:

    74 Gibson Les Paul Recording Model (Low/Hi Impedance Pickups, etc) My Favorite versatile one!
    70's Univox Les Paul Black Beauty Copy (Almost too good of a copy)
    78 Gretsch Super Axe (awesome)
    70's Gretsch Country Gentleman (smooth)
    Early 80's Fender Telecaster Deluxe
    80's Cheapo Yamaha (actually plays & sounds pretty good)
    90's Ovation Acoustic Electric
    2003 Ibanez Acoustic Electric
    60's? Gibson Dove Acoustic
    50's Gibson Archtop Acoustic
    80's Washburn 12 string Acoustic
    60's or 70's Aria Acoustic (dove copy)
    60's Fender Music Man Bass
    90's Epiphone Bass
    60's/70's Fender Precision Bass

    61 Gibson Maestro Viscount GA-16VT Tube Amp (14 watts/10 inch Jensen-12ax7's & 6V6 tubes) - This is my favorite
    66 Gretsch 6162 Tube Amp (18 watts/two 10 inch and a 3 inch tweeter-12ax7's & 6379 tubes)
    Late 70's Crate CR-II amp (real wood/looks like a shipping crate-65 watts/Celestion 12 inch)
    Early 90's Fender Princeton 112 Plus (65 watts/12inch)
    Early 90's Fender Princeton Chorus (about 30 watts/two 10 inch)

    12 piece vintage Pearl Drumset with Zildjian Cymbals
    6 piece Roland V-Tour Electronic Drums
    Various Percussion Instruments

    Two Mackie 1604 - 16 Channel Mixers with XLR10 Expansion
    1 Yamaha 24 Channel Mixer
    2 Older Sonic Maximizers (422A & 462)
    2 Alesis MEQ-230 Equalizers - 30 bands per side
    2 DOD 431 series II 30 band mono EQs
    2 Phonic PCL3200 Stereo Compressors
    2 ART FXR Digital Effects Processors
    1 Yamaha P2700 - 1,000 watt power amp
    4 Carvin DCM2500 - 2,500 watt power amps
    2 Older Crown power amps (can't remember model, around 500 watts each)
    2 Echo Layla 24bit/96khz Digital Rack Mount Recorders (8 in / 8 out) - Using AMD Athlon 64 bit 3.4 GHZ computer with 1 GB RAM, 300 GB HD, 256 MB Video, etc
    Cakewalk Sonar 6 Producer & Sound Forge 8 Software

    4 Yamaha Speakers (two 12 inch and two 15 inch with horns)
    4 JBL Speakers (can't remember models on these either; two 15's in each with horns)
    4 Carvin 18 inch Subwoofer Cabinets
    Mostly all JBL Monitors (8 total)
    Shure SM57 and SM58 Microphones

    Lots of other stuff but I'm getting tired of typing and would have to go into my studio/building in backyard to see what else I'm leaving out. :smoke:
  16. AudioKeith

    AudioKeith AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Cape Coral, FL and Stafford, VA
    I have been a drummer since grade school, my wife wants to learn piano and guitar, and we are trying to develope our sons, Adam, musical talents so:
    Casio CTK 496 Keyboard for Adam and mommy
    Used upright piano coming, as soon as I find a good one on Craigs List
    A couple of off brand acoustic guitars for Adam and mommy, better ones coming as mommy gets better
    asst Kaoroke machines and mics
    Daddys Gretsch drums and Zildjian cymbals (Adam shares them :)
    Lots of percussion: bongos, tamborines, shakers, eggs,chimes, etc
    Philippines wood flute

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  17. gata

    gata Active Member

    Pacific NW USA
    I've also been a musician for a lot of years. I used to gig professionally, and now in the family years, it's hard to justify all the gear. It's just all so fun! Here's a partial list. I've actually pared down over the years.

    1976 Fender Strat
    1968 Guild CE-100DP
    1959 Guild T-100DP
    1990 Charvel Surcaster Bass
    1964 Hofner Club Bass
    1988 Seagull S6
    1990s Greg Bennett Royale Bass
    1940s Vega Arthur Godfrey Baritone Ukelele
    1940s Swedish Bjärton Upright Bass
    1970s Optigan
    1960s Roland SH-3 synthesizer
    No name classical guitar

    1965 Ampeg B-18X Portaflex
    1965 Gibson Falcon GA-19RVT
    1965 Epiphone Mighty Mite EA-22-RVT
    1977 Fender Deluxe Reverb
    1990s Mesa Boogie DC-5
    1990s Peavey Solo

    A host of percussion toys, including claves, conga, bongos, tumba, wood blocks, guiros, maracas, ocarinas, harmonica, various shakers and world instruments

    A bunch of vintage outboard gear and effects and various digital foo, i.e., drum machines, mixers, mics, blah blah blah, oh yeah and a Baldwin Acrosonic piano

    The ones that got away -- lived overseas for a period and sold off a bunch of cool stuff, including a Ludwig Black Beauty snare, a sitar, a 1920s Slingerland Maybell tenor banjo, a bouzouki, a mandolin, a Leslie cabinet, etc.

    Good god! When you write a list, it sure looks like more.:eek:
  18. Estring

    Estring Shepherd

    Los Angeles
    My Guitars:
    1980's Japanese Squire Strat
    1989 Peavey Reactor
    1980's Peavey Reactor AX
    1984 Peavey Milestone
    1980's Peavey Ecoustic
    Nylon string from Ecuador.
    My Amps:
    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
    Crate GX15R

    I also have a Realistic keyboard that I mainly use as a metronome when I practice scales and such.
  19. Mark W.

    Mark W. Nut house of the Universe

    Silverton, Oregon
    Nothing past a police/safety whistle or maybe a kazoo but I would have no idea where.

    BUT I do play a mean Stereo!
  20. Scorpion8

    Scorpion8 Addicted Member

    1 Fender Precision electric bass (me), 1 Yamaha electric keyboard (wife), and 1 electric bass and 1 electric-acoustic guitar (son).

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