What TT's do you folks have

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Grumpy, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. Grumpy

    Grumpy Krusty old SOB! Yes, I own Audiokarma Staff Member Admin Sponsor Subscriber

    Heres a short list of mine.

    Thorens TD145MK
    Thorens TD160
    Garrard AT6
    Marantz 6100
    Marantz 6200
    Marantz 6300
    Technics SL-D2
    Technics 1301

    I have a few others but they are just sitting on shelves. My Favs are the Thorens Obviously followed very closely by the AT6. I have had my SL-D2 for more years than I care to admit and it has served me very well. I had to retire it to the shelf when one of the kids got to it with a marker. Lets just say I was not a happy camper at all !!!! some day I hope to have a Mitchel Gyro Deck. and maybe even an Oracle. For now I am very content with my small collection.

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  2. moe

    moe New Member

    I've got a Systemdek IIX.

    Currently has a Grado Platinum cart. and the standard arm (see other thread for help with that!)
  3. bully

    bully member

    Near Lafayette, Indiana
    Whatta nice collection, Grump!
    I have (on the premises) the Denon DP-47F, an original one, I think from 86? mebbe 87 (they list for about twice what it was, then); the venerable Technics SL-23, a belt-drive manual table; and, in the OBM, a Fisher MT-6330, a semi-automatic, graced with a Shure V15 Type 3, mebbe 2, it has the "stabilizer" that looks like a brush. That TT has been boxed up, with a newer cartridge, since I got the Denon.
    On the way are the Technics SL-1300 and the Optonica RP-4705.
    I'm really glad you posted your list, G, 'cause I was beginning to think I was well off the shelf.

  4. Wardsweb

    Wardsweb Behind The Curtain Staff Member Admin

    San Antonio, Texas
    I presently run a AR77XB

    Also have a Pioneer PL-7 that I'm giving away in the For Sale section
  5. car67

    car67 Well-Known Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    Some very nice vinyl spinners here!

    My list:

    Yamaha YP50 with Rega RB300 arm
    Thorens TD160S/AT1100 arm
    Sansui SR222 MkII
    Luxman PD272

    Quite a motley collection but luv them all.:)

    Pete, I had a V15 Type IV and I thought that was the first one out with the little stabilizer brush.

    Grumps, the Oracle would have to be my favourite TT outside of all the mad nose bleed - as Rich puts it - stuff.

  6. Lefty

    Lefty Super Member

    Hercules, Calif.
    Presently running a Marantz 6300 and a Sansui SR-838. I've probably have picked up a dozen TTs at thrift stores over the last 4 years, anything looking decent as I find I can sell them to friends at work (cost + $10 for cleanup/checkout) as there are many guys at work that still have records but no way to play them anymore. Many intend of burning them to CDRs.

    Anyway vintage TTs are way cool :p:
  7. bully

    bully member

    Near Lafayette, Indiana
    V15 Type IV, that's the one!! When I saw that just now, bingo. I know i had replace the cartridge on the Fisher, then "not long" after that I got the Denon. Now, even then, 'not long' may have been a year or two, which it may have been, 'cause I'm thinking I got the Denon kinda like it was a replacement cartridge :cool:

    But, jeepers, the cost of a replacement styli for the V15, whew!
    I'm still thinkin' in like 1984 $$
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  8. Rob

    Rob Super Member

    I've got a Technics SL-110A. direct drive. It comes without a tonearm and I put on a long fancy Sony arm which I do not know the model number. I would guess you measure arm length from the pivot to the stylus (11") , or the total length (15") ? I run a Stanton 681EEE cartridge with the little dust brush.

    Before this I ran the same great cartridge on the classic Empire belt driven turntable. I sold the Empire years ago.

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  9. Rob

    Rob Super Member

    Some people used to brag that they had Dual turntables (sorry, I couldn't help that) :p: but some of you like Grumpy have 8+. This sounds like plenty of emergency backup in case of a failure. :)

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  10. steamshooter

    steamshooter Active Member

    I don't have a list like you guys. Just an old Audiotronics(?) schoolhouse player.(used for 78s until recently) I had two-made a DIY RCM out of one.
    RCA Victor 45 changer. It's a neat little tabletop not much bigger than a stack of 45s. Dark maroon bakelite. (1950s?)
    The Yamaha P-520 is promised to a friend.
    Technics SL1200 Three Speed -fluid damper-w/ V15VxMR - N78s for 78 playback
  11. Doug E.

    Doug E. New Member

    Ithaca, NY
    ...just one: a Dual 1209. Got it back when I was in college, 21 years ago (geez, time flies!). I play 78's as well as vinyl and I wanted a high-quality idler wheel design rather than a belt drive or direct drive table. It's been a workhorse. All I do for maintenance is lube the turntable bearings and clean the idler wheel with alcohol every few years.

    Doug E.
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  12. Don

    Don Active Member

    Upstate NY
    i have a marantz 6300. The auto off feature doesn't work. I guess that's common for these from the ebay auctions I've seen. Many don't work either.

    Nice looking table but has zilch for features.
  13. WildWest

    WildWest Super Member

    Highly modded Thorens TD 160 with an SME arm...
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  14. car67

    car67 Well-Known Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    Dave sells to Dave! :)

    Well done guys - always great to hear about members doing deals. WW, i'm sure you don't need any directions to the analog dept.com!:D

  15. Kamakiri

    Kamakiri The New Dynamic

    Buffalo, New York
    I've got a really nice Pioneer TT (can't remember the model offhand), and a Garrard AT60, which was a higher-end (but not TOTL) turntable dating to 1962. The thing I like about the Garrard is that it's real wood and real metal, unlike many of the plastic-fantastic things we see at our local thrifts.

    Great sound and look, and the best part was that I paid 9.99! The $30 cartridge added a bit to the price, but it was still well worth the price of admission.
  16. WildWest

    WildWest Super Member

    Yea Jack well, Dave saw me drolling over his recent Thorens score.
    You know that I have been wheelin and dealin here and there trying to get a Thorens. Well never could find the right price and for that matter, source. Knowing Dave why this Thorens works correctly and has all parts. Also it has a nice Shure cartridge on it and Dave assures me that it is quality. I am excited! Can't wait to start applying the many easy tweeks to this table that are available on line. This puppy is gonna sing. Finally I now have a table that requires the purchase of a test record. Gawd the sound of vinyl is special and this gets me closer to doing it right!!!

    Yup, mighty fine of Dave, thanks!! :)
  17. Walt

    Walt Well-Known Member

    Auckland, NZ
    An old Akai Quartz AP-Q50 ... from my wife's mother's estate along with about 300 LP's :p:

    It's wearing a Grado Black cartridge now ...
  18. Marko

    Marko Well-Known Member

    About a year ago, I came across a mint condition Harman Kardon T60 at an Estate Sale, for $25.........well, this got me really back into the vinyl idea, which has been enjoyable for many reasons...I also found anew Grado Gold cartridge for it on the Web for $90.

    Not to bore anyone, but this TT made me look hard at my meager system, and I decided that now is a very good time to get a killer older Cassette Deck, since the plastic one I had was going south anyways. Patience was rewarded when I came across(at a musician's estate sale), a mint Sansui SC-5110, for $10, which had all the bells and whistles, and of course, the real VU meters which were a must have in searching for a new/old deck.

    Spurred by the sonic rewards on the cheap, that TT acquisition has recently led me to acquire a Harman Kardon 730 receiver, for $37....the dial lights are out(at present), but the unit sounds superb, and does the vinyl playback pretty good...

    So for me, it's not what TT do I have, but what it's done!.....:cool:
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  19. jay

    jay Active Member

    I'm using a cherry, recently scored B&O 3404. It has an excellent, proprietary cartridge and the lightest, most delicate looking tonearm I've ever seen on a TT. This thing sounds and tracks better than any Japanese TT I've ever owned.
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  20. GTF

    GTF New Member

    Sorry guys, I only have one.

    Linn LP12 with a RATA kit
    Rega RB900
    Grado Reference-The Reference

    sitting on a home made wall shelf with a GR isolation

    phono pre is a Gold Aero db45 signature
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