What TT's do you folks have

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Grumpy, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. epifanatic

    epifanatic acoustically suspended Subscriber

    Omaha, Ne.
    Micro Seiki DD-35
    Grado Prestige/8MZ
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  2. Mellotronix

    Mellotronix Active Member

    Wow. Just, yeah, holy crap. That Empire probably sounds like absolute heaven.
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  3. Audiofreak71

    Audiofreak71 Well-Known Member

    IMG_4982.JPG IMG_4980.JPG IMG_4984.JPG IMG_4988.JPG Just added this to my family of audio equipment happily adopted from the humble and extremely knowledgeable Mr Pig the AR XA thats been Morinfied with all the trimmings and custom Lacewood with a pearl cream top. It sounds so good I can't stop listening nor looking at it.

  4. kdschmidt

    kdschmidt New Member

    I L O V E MICRO SEIKI !! IMO Aesthetically, they are about the most beautiful units ever produced. Never had one though :( Soon :)
    I seem to come across lots of turntables. I buy them, clean and fix them, and sometimes sell or trade up. I only have three in use at any given time. A lot of them I buy just for the vintage cartridges and styli. The most I ever paid for one was $275 (the Denon DP-61L). My favorite is the Denon DP-45F.
    Currently laying around:
    Bang & Olufsen : Beogram 2400 (B&O MMC 4000 cart/styl)Belt drive, fully automatic
    Denon : DP-62L : (Grace F-9 cart / Grace Ruby styl)Direct Drive, semi automatic [1 of 2 tone arms, 2 of 3 weights]
    Denon : DP-45F : (Grado M2+ cart / Grado M2? gold styl)direct drive, fully auto w/scan (in use)
    Denon : DP-51F : (Grado prestige black1 cart / Grado black 8mzv styl)direct drive, auto [needs: Denon PCL-50 headshell,
    new cover]

    Harman Kardon : T-65C : (Shure V15V MR type V(5) cart / VN5MR styl)Belt drive, semi automatic (new belt)
    Harman Kardon : T-60 : (x cart / x styl)belt drive, semi auto (new belt)
    Hitachi : HT 460 : (Audio Technica AT130 LC-OFC cart / AT130E styl)Direct drive (new stylus)(in use)
    Pioneer : PL-L800 : (Audio Technica cart / styl) linear track, direct drive, qrtz lock, full auto [cover slightly marred, new stylus]
    Technics : SL-1300 : (?? cart & Empire styl) Direct drive, fully automatic [generic headshell]
    Gemini : XL-DD20 : (?? cart & generic styl) direct drive, semi auto, cleaning attachment [need 1 foot]
    H H Scott : PS-17A (?? cart / ADC QLM30 styl) 1978, belt drive, semi auto (w/manual, new belt, new stylus)
    JVC : L-A10 : (HiTec 103 cart & phansteihl 4213-DE styl) Belt drive, semi automatic (new stylus) [lid scratched]
    Pioneer : PL-7 : (Audio Technica cart & styl) direct drive, full auto (w/manual)
    Pioneer : PL-512 : (pickering NP/AC cart / Phansteihl styl)Belt drive, manual [cover cracked, new stylus]
    Sansui : FR-D35 : (Sansui SC-50 cart & Shure-type styl)direct drive, semi auto
    Sony : PS-LX55 II : (Shure cart & styl)direct drive, full auto, linear tracking [stylus repaired-needs replace]
    Technics : SL-220 : (Audio Technica ? cart / AT ? styl)Belt drive, automatic (new belt)
    Technics : SL-D20 (gen T4P cart/styl) Direct drive, semi automatic
    Technics : SL D33 : (Pickering NP ATE cart / PDE styl)Direct drive, fully automatic, part of a communicating component sys
    Technics : SL-Q2 (Stanton 681-EES cart/styl) Direct drive, quartz lock, semi automatic (in box), [lid tab chipped](stock)
    Technics : SL-QD33 (technics P-23 cart/styl) Direct drive, quartz lock, full automatic
    Dual : 1225 (Ortofon FF 15XE cart / Mk II styl)

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  5. audiobeer

    audiobeer AK Subscriber Subscriber

    St. Peters, Mo.
    I have a Pioneer PL 518, Pioneer PL 530, Pioneer PL-540, Pioneer PL-560, Pioneer PL-630, Pioneer PL-71, Sansui SRS 717, Sansui SR-838, Sansui, 929, Technics SL-1200, Technics SL-2000, My favorite is the Pioneer PL-630 and the Sansui 838. The SR-929 needs a tone arm as it was damaged in shipping to me.
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  6. RDecartridge

    RDecartridge "I hear, therefore I am" Subscriber

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  7. judsonw

    judsonw Active Member

    Bellingham, WA, USA
    I currently have:
    Realistic Lab-395 (original Shure RS5T cartridge)
    Denon DP-300f (two headshells, one with original cartridge and one with an Ortofan 2M Red)
    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (Ortofan 2M Red).

    The Denon has a bum left channel I am trying to fix, and if so, I will either part with the Realistic or the Denon, passing it on to a friend who got a new apartment and thus wants a simple system.
  8. Audiofreak71

    Audiofreak71 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! :thumbsup:
  9. jnoyes

    jnoyes Super Member

    Prescott Valley, AZ
    Pioneer PL 30L II

    I recently bought this from Japan on Ebay. I really wanted a PL 50, but I couldn't pass this up for the price ($530 shipped from Japan)

    The plinth has been modified by adding 1/4" hardboard to the front and sides. It is also 5/8" taller so that I could add a 3/4" particle board bottom cover. I also filled much of the voids inside with MDF. It now weighs about 8lbs more than stock, about the same as a PL-50

    Stripped and recovered with Rosewood veneer

    It has also been recapped for reliability.

    Fitted with a Sumiko Blue Point #2 it sounds great!

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  10. ateal

    ateal Well-Known Member

    Was SoCal now Central Florida
    Another high quality veneer job from you Sir. Looks fantastic.
  11. C6Bill

    C6Bill AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hanson MA
    I agree with that guy, freakin gorgeous !!!!
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  12. C6Bill

    C6Bill AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hanson MA
    @jnoyes, beautiful work right there !!!!
  13. Audiofreak71

    Audiofreak71 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, love your Thorens as well :thumbsup:
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  14. Brian.Byrd001

    Brian.Byrd001 New Member

    Sansui FR-3060
    IMG_0044.JPG IMG_0047.JPG

    I'm looking to upgrade the cart soon. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  15. bjarnetv

    bjarnetv Member

    oslo, norway
  16. the_nines

    the_nines AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Technics SP10-MK2.

    I probably have already posted this turntable, but a few changes were done since then.

    First, I re-did the veneer. The previous veneer job had created a few bubbles (I had used contact cement and some spots had developed from the start. Not blaming the contact cement, I just probably screwed up. My other plinth for my Garrad 401 was with contact cement and it's flawless). In any event, I knew about the air bubbles on this job but I chose to ignore it. Well, every time I would look at the table it bothered the crap out of me. So I stripped the previous veneer (a gorgeous walnut burl) and re-did it with American Redwood veneer and used white glue this time.

    Tenuto gun metal mat, Thomas Schick 12" arm, Ortofon LH9000 headshell, and lastly slapped on a Denon DL-103RPRO.

    Very happy with the changes, the deck now looks half-decent and sounds amazingly nice, better than before. I haven't had the time for some critical listening but plan on it soon.

    Some pics. We all love pics: ;)





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  17. guiller

    guiller Toscaninichus Australis

    Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    Beautiful TTs!!!!
  18. Dirtweed

    Dirtweed New Member

    Nothing fancy.

    ProJect Debut III Clearaudio Aurum cart
    Thorens TD 280 Mk IV (all I could afford in the 90s)
    Thorens TD 125 SME 3009....needs restoration just picked it up cheap.

  19. the_nines

    the_nines AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Beautiful Thorens!

    Welcome to AK.
  20. Joel66

    Joel66 Member

    Cypress Inn, TN
    Pioneer PL-990. I bought it used and kept it for a couple of weeks. I gave it to my 6 yr old.
    JVC L-A131 (the cartridge is a mystery to me)

    I've got my eyes on a couple different tables right now.
    Technics SL-D2. (Needs a new cartridge)
    Technics SP-15 (I'm trying to find out if the owners of the station I work at are willing to sell it)

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