What was the best receiver turntable all in one system?

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by jim t, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Rockyhill

    Rockyhill In the meantime, which is a groovy time Subscriber

    As a teen we had this Fisher late 60's. I think the bundled speakers were the shortcoming in the system as I reflect back on it now. Back then we just cranked it up!


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  2. Jayrosc

    Jayrosc Super Member

    Upstate NY
    here's mine. amazing sound. I had the turntable restored a couple years ago and put a grado black on it. Only 20 wpc but with sensitive speakers from the same era it works great.

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  3. audiojones

    audiojones Jonesin' for audio Subscriber

    Central NJ
    Old thread I know but nobody mentioned the Pioneer units from the early and mid 70's. They had decent "S" armed Pioneer semi-automatic turntables on top and some of them had separate power amps built in to each speaker (you had to use their special connecting cord of course).

    Of course the usual suspects have already been mentioned - HH Scott, Harman Kardon, KLH, Benjamin Miracord, Marantz, Fisher, Realistic, Altec Lansing, Dual, Grundig, and even Heathkit (they had one that you could assemble yourself as a kit or buy pre-assembled). There were others too, many manufacturers in the receiver biz offered one as they gained popularity in the late 60's.

    I think the top model Scott was one of the best ones but it was pretty pricey. The KLH Model Twenty (while still $400 in 1968 dollars) was a check rated best buy according to Consumers Union. I had a Model Twenty system with its original speakers for years and I loved it. Couldn't believe the great sound quality coming out of that unit!

    Jay that's a beauty, they'll never make things that nice again!
  4. Mr.White

    Mr.White Super Member

    Today someone offered me [for free] a Fisher receiver with built in cassette deck. It had two large bookshelf speakers, about the same size as my JBL L19s. It looked to be from the 1970's. Is there any chance that this could be even remotely listenable? Thing is it was super-duper clean. But I didn't want to take up space if it's junk. I told the fellow to offer it to others but if nobody wants it then let me know and I'll throw it in my storage unit.
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  5. motorstereo

    motorstereo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Here's the best one that I ever brought home. I also had a very nice Kenwood unit, one from KLH and an early Fisher unit came home with me a while back to.

    Sony all in one 001.jpg
  6. orsen

    orsen just another old cheapskate that likes audio Subscriber


    not rare cause i've had a couple of them



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  7. Marine0811

    Marine0811 I love it loud! Subscriber

    I’ve got a Sounddesign all in one that belongs to a friend. It’s a receiver, TT, plus 8 track. I need a complete board for it. If ever any one sees one let me know
  8. Gibsonian

    Gibsonian AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Didn't get to hear the "high end" ones so much, but for what I did hear was Panasonic, Thrusters and all.
  9. the skipper

    the skipper Amateur Curmudgeon Subscriber

    Here's one I always liked.

    Marantz model 25.jpg
  10. toxcrusadr

    toxcrusadr Omelette au Fromage Subscriber

    Central Missouri
    That Marantz looks like the real deal!

    The others in this thread look pretty decent too. :bigok:
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  11. Bill Ashton

    Bill Ashton AK Subscriber Subscriber

    North Central Massachusetts
    Back in the late 60's, early 70's Radio Shack had a couple units that were pretty expensive and near TOTL...I think one was called an MC-3000...one of the two, we were advised, wad "unservicable" if returned..


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  12. Vinylcafe

    Vinylcafe Linvin' the Dream

    Vancouver, Canada
    Dual HS 152
    I got one for my daughter for her dorm in Fist Year.
    She still has it.
    Has a turntable out, tape in/out, etc.
    However, used DIN plugs

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  13. Markoneswift

    Markoneswift Quartz locked n ready to rock

    Aotearoa New Zealand
  14. hifitommy

    hifitommy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    bang and olafsen have had quite a few.
  15. Gnesen

    Gnesen AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Speakers included...

  16. OMGCat!

    OMGCat! AK Subscriber Subscriber

    El Sereno, CA
    The KLH twenty was the nicest I've heard. PITA to work on but worth it I think.


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  17. tanker 200

    tanker 200 Well-Known Member

    Northwest Washington
    I have a Fisher 125 receiver/turntable combo, It originally had XP-55 speakers but I'm using XP-1's with it, It has a nice sound. They also made a FM only and one with a cassette deck

    internet picture
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  18. Guest126

    Guest126 Well-Known Member

    I liked these units from the late 70's, I remember them well. They were great to my untrained ears during that period, but my dad was a serious hi fi'er, and I quickly grew away from those multiplex systems. I always wanted one in the back of my mind for some music entertainment in either my garage or bedroom. I could never force myself to buying one, though. I'm very attuned to high quality sound and music power, so anything less I just wouldn't be able to tolerate. I once bought one of those vintage music boxes with the wood finish and the Crosley plastic turntable, but quickly returned it because of its subpar quality and performance.
  19. mfrench

    mfrench Addicted Member

    On the West Side of Rainbow
    Bogen-Presto Lenco B51
    mine was $15
    IMG_0134JPG.jpg IMG_0135JPG.jpg IMG_0136JPG.jpg IMG_0140JPG.jpg

    It sort of morphed though,...
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  20. Dazaa

    Dazaa Super Member

    London England
    Yamaha, Pioneer, Aiwa and Akai all made really nice units that make most of the stuff posted here look like botl junk in comparison. I once had an Akai "music center" that weighed a ton, had a solid aluminium faceplate, a really nice TT (not a changer, but the same unit they also sold as a stand alone hifi TT) and you could tell it was a really high quality unit. Unfortunately there is absolutely no market for them (apart from the Pioneer and Yamahas which are rare and go for a few hundred) The aiwas and Akais are worth nothing depsite being, in my opinion just as good as the midfi seperates of the era. The national panasonic and hitachi things are horrible in comparison and I've left plenty to be crushed at the recyclers

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