What was the best receiver turntable all in one system?

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by jim t, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Dazaa

    Dazaa Super Member

    London England
    An example of the Aiwa and Akais I've seen. It was actually a shame to leave them, hopefully the market will one day appreciate the decent ones.

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  2. electronjohn

    electronjohn Plug it in & see!! Subscriber

    Still kick myself for not getting a really nice Centrex system at a garage sale about 10 years ago. They wanted $20...I offered $10, then $15 but they wouldn't budge. Should've just paid the $20.
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  3. redjr

    redjr AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Danbury, CT
    Wasn't the Zenith Allegro supposed to be a fairly respectable 'all in one' back in the day?

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  4. alteclipsch

    alteclipsch Super Member

    I had a KLH Model Twenty that sounded terrific until it dropped a channel. Bring unable to repair it and unwilling to invest big money in it, I sold it to a guy who had the expertise for it.
  5. hnash53

    hnash53 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The beautiful Oregon Coast
    I'll bet the OP really, really appreciated your post... geez.
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  6. Vintagecheap

    Vintagecheap AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Western Maine
    I laughed when I first saw the title of this post. I had no idea that there were so many quality all in ones, and it reminded me of a KLH I had in the early 90's, unfortunately with some crappy speakers that weren't KLH. Anyway- thanks for sharing all these great systems I didn't know existed. Always love the learning in this group!


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  7. the skipper

    the skipper Amateur Curmudgeon Subscriber

    KLH Model 11 suitcase stereo. I remember selling these in '68. I think this was the great grand daddy of QUALITY compact stereos.

    KLH Suitcase Stereo.jpg
  8. awillia6

    awillia6 Super Member

  9. musichal

    musichal poet emeritus Subscriber

    Norman OK
    When I had a cheap Lloyd's, I dreamed of upgrading to Clarinette.

  10. stereoguy70

    stereoguy70 Well-Known Member

    HH Scott made a nice one way back when ........I had a Sony HP-550 from 1967 that was good build quality and sounded nice as well.....but the best of all of those old "all-in-one" compact stereo systems was and still is KLH. Good build quality, easy to fix when the time comes, parts availability with replacement component values is still good, and the fantastic speakers you got with them was the best part. Henry knew he was onto something with the Model Eleven "suitcase".....I'm sure the first dorm rooms to use them were @ MIT and Harvard back in the day....and then to offer home versions was pure genius.
  11. dennyb

    dennyb New Member

    Definitely. B&O is from another planet when it comes to sound.


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  12. dennyb

    dennyb New Member

    I have had one for years. Benjamin owned Concord and Sherwood as well. So the reciever as far as I can tell is a Concord tube amp . It takes a few minutes to warm up but real buttery smooth after it does. I don't have the EMI speakers. But the sound is great through JBL's. I think the Elac 50 is one of the best trntables ever.
  13. sregor

    sregor AK Subscriber Subscriber

    A lot of KLH 20 fans but no one has mention the KLH 35. (from the web - not mine)
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  14. twiiii

    twiiii Addicted Member

    west Texas
    With efficient speakers I will have to agree the B&O combo units we sold were the best. A few others had a bit more power. But the B&O were designed to handle 4 ohms and most others were not.
  15. Artie

    Artie AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Jax, Fl
    I remember when we used to sell those. Nice units made by Pioneer. While this isn't strictly on topic, I always thought these Sony Consolettes were cool:

    Sony_Concert1.jpg Sony_Concert2.jpg
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  16. lini

    lini just me...

    Munich, Bavaria
    Braun P(C)4000 (C = with cassette deck; even more impressive looking) - decent catalogue pic over there (on Lulabu's archive): http://www.hifi-archiv.info/Braun HiFi Kataloge und Anleitungen/1979 Braun HiFi-Gesamtkatalog/10.jpg The parents of a nice, intelligent girl in the neighbourhood had that in their living room - really gorgeous visual appearance and good hifi quality, too...

    Same year (1978), different manufacturer, equally stunning appearance: the Wega Concept 51k. Quite a few decent pics there: https://studio5555.de/wega-concept-51k-von-hartmut-esslinger/

    Greetings from Munich!

    Manfred / lini


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  17. JamVal

    JamVal Super Member

    Buffalo, NY
    I like the Tandberg gear that I own, never heard one of their 'all-in-ones', but if I ever see one I would be inclined to buy it:
    I think the TT is a Dual 1225.
  18. KentTeffeteller

    KentTeffeteller Gimpus Stereophilus! Subscriber

    Athens, TN
    Pioneer sold one such high end compact model in 1976-1977 with the single play S arm in the USA. There was the Centrex by Pioneer line (sold in Department Stores) which had several compact systems (the higher end models had ADC magnetic cartridges, the better of the BSR changer line fitted), In Europe and Asia, the Pioneer high end compacts were available and sold there. Yamaha early on built some nice compacts with nice belt drive, semi automatic turntables, and reasonably powerful receivers, and a very few made it to the USA and sold here in the 1968-1971 era.

    I would regard the high end Benjamin/Miracord offering with the 50H turntable as the best compact system sold in the USA by a good margin. The big issue with the high end compact systems, was price when new (some of the nicer options were pushing separate component system prices) and when cost cutting in the marketplace crept in, the higher end compact customer bought a receiver, whatever turntable or changer they liked, speakers of their choosing, and sometimes a tape unit. Which by 1971-1972 became the case. The custom component takeover by 1963 did the same to high end console sales (custom furniture based component installations got bought by the higher income, educated customer). And the rural music lovers, and those far away from HiFi dealers were the last bastion of that market, and $500 was the limit the market could bear by 1968, so some perspectives here.

    By 1978, Bang & Olufsen's Beocenters was the main high end offering of the all in one genre. The higher quality ones were much more common, and sold in much higher numbers in European and Asian countries with smaller living quarters.
  19. audiojones

    audiojones Jonesin' for audio Subscriber

    Central NJ
    The Benjamin compacts were very nice but IIRC they didn't actually offer the hysteresis motor in the combo system turntables so they were just Model 50 changers rather than 50H. While indeed very good units I think probably the best very high priced all-in-one compact phono system was the Marantz unit which could be custom fitted with a Miracord 50H, Garrard SL-95B or Dual turntable (customer ordered the unit with the appropriate cutout on the top plate). The Scott was probably just about the best "affordable" unit, especially when fitted with a small chassis Dual on top (usually we see the mediocre Garrard 3000 / Pickering combo on there). The Sony / Dual models were top notch combos as well.
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  20. Spitfirejoe

    Spitfirejoe Cheap Audio Aficionado Subscriber

    Fremont, Nebraska
    They were all prone to oversteer, as well.

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