What were the best sounding mass market receivers of the 90's/00's?

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by thurber, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. DKMI

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    I get that, but my bet is that $80 pre/pro paired to a $200 amp sounds better than the receivers of the same era that I’m seeing fetching $400. Throw that B&K pre/pro in stereo mode and enjoy.


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  2. tarior

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    Kelso, Washington
  3. Bahamayellow

    Bahamayellow Well-Known Member

    I never had one but wish I did. The technics tx 50 is suppose to sound really good for music and still gets a premium for a older receiver. I like the bigger denon receivers
    Also mine is still going from the early 2000s and sounds great with music.

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  4. the marantz model 19 was choice as was the 2270. i had a good sounding sherwood s8900a. after the sherwood i went to separates.
  5. Quadman2

    Quadman2 Super Member

    What a question... and watch the biases come outta the woodwork.

    Your question reminds me of asking which muscle car was the best during the 60's 70's...matter of opinion, based on personal experience for the most part.

    Some solid suggestions to date.

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  6. thurber

    thurber New Member

    San Francisco, CA
    This thread took off - cool. Had not checked it in a while. As I said I have developed the habit many of you have somewhat recently. I just bought a Denon DRA-425R receiver for $15 today. Really sounds nice, but not as refined and...perfect as the Nakamichi AV-8 I mentioned which helms my digital setup. For the vinyl setup I am using the Marantz 1060. I also tried out the Nakamichi AV-500 - it SLAMS and really sounds awesome, but I found myself missing the AV-8 which just has this pristine sound thing going I want to return to. Now I have to explain to my family (and self) why a person could possibly need 10 receivers.


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