What's Pioneer in your rig?

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by sandt38, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. DarkOverlord

    DarkOverlord New Member

    Thank you so much! It was a dream come true. Uploaded some stuff on Youtube, this is from after closing on day1 when we showed some kids how it´s done.

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  2. JamVal

    JamVal Super Member

    Found a set of Pioneer CS-77's at Goodwill a few days ago.
    Grills and badges in tact. Cabs needed a little light sanding. They sound OK.
    IMGP9908.JPG IMGP9909.JPG
  3. Airjmax

    Airjmax Member

    Sycamore, IL
    IMG_2923.JPG fullsizeoutput_855.jpeg
    What does any self-respecting AK'r do when there is no traditional stereo cabinet or shelving that will contain the BEAST? Design and build a custom "rack", of course. Angle iron, cheap plywood (floor underlayment), and lag screws. Pro tip - don't forget to drill a pilot hole for ALL the lag screws. The photo doesn't show that I made the rack to look like reclaimed wood. I did a coarse sanding, painted two coats of brown, then wiped on ebony stain to highlight the grain marks and imperfections, then two coats of poly. The Sony PS-4300 is on active duty while the Pioneer PL-540 is in the shop with speed problems (way too slow on 33 & 45).
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  4. playittwice

    playittwice Well-Known Member

    Dubuque Iowa

    SA8500II amp and tuner.
    PL 50 TT

    Amp and TT have been restored.


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  5. celt_rock

    celt_rock Member

    I run a Pioneer SX-650 into a pair of Advent speakers amplifying a Technics SL-D2 with a Shure MX95E cartridge.
    It's enough to fill the downstairs beautifully. My daughter has a Pioneer SX-450 running a pair of Advent Legacy II
    speakers. Looking to find a nice, reasonably priced SX-1250 someday. They just look so damned pretty!
  6. audio-ed

    audio-ed Well-Known Member

    A week ago it was just a pioneer 202w reverb and a Pl-518. Then I answer 2 craigslist adds in 3 days and find 3 sets of pioneer speakers Cs-700g,Cs-99a,Cs-63dx.
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  7. Bill Ferris

    Bill Ferris Super Member

    NE. FL.
    2 Pioneers.
    1: Elite CLD 95 Laser Disc player(purchased new in 1992)
    Nearly 20 years of nearly daily use, never a hiccup, burp, or fart.

    1: Mac MLD7020 Laser Disc player( a rebadged & modified by McIntosh) Pioneer Elite CLD 93) purchased used, in excellent condition with OM, unfilled out warranty card, and remote from a seller on eBay 2017 late summer.

    The only Pioneers that I`ve recalled owning.

    Fixed a few over 42 years of servicing electronic equipment.

  8. Yodathedog

    Yodathedog Member

    I just acquired a CT-F750 that needs belts. Never done this before, but I think this one is worth the effort.

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