What's your latest audio purchase?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by Netdewt, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. klhdude

    klhdude AK Subscriber Subscriber

    jackson,ga 30233...
    i meant i got a lot of cash,an trade even though its extra nice,an full rich an loud,an rejects records great.......i paid too much in other words..regardless of how nice it looks an runs etc......
  2. EW Hall

    EW Hall New Member

    Tampa Bay area
    I picked up the following on a road trip:
    • 2 Polk Audio LsiM 703 ($400 pair)
    • 2 Aperion Audio 633T + 1 Aperion Audio S-10 sub ($235 total)
    • 2 SVS SB 2000 subs / piano gloss black ($750 for both)
    All in great shape...great deals on these items!
  3. MER71

    MER71 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Lancaster county, Pennsylvania
    20171006_174701.jpg 20171006_174650.jpg

    Realistic Lab-500. Outstanding performance.
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  4. jetstream

    jetstream Active Member

    Can the two outputs work simultaneously at the same time or it is one at a time only?
  5. judsonw

    judsonw Active Member

    Bellingham, WA, USA
    One at a time only.
  6. Hawkeye83

    Hawkeye83 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    East-Central Iowa
  7. jcamero

    jcamero The sun will shine in my back door someday Subscriber

    The Dark Star
    The Fisher 160 receiver. Non tube solid state made in 1968. Works fine, sounds very nice, looks good too!
    A DUAL 1219 turntable. It needed a little cleaning/lubrication, and a stuerpimple. Sounds sweet with a Shure M95ed.
  8. jberger

    jberger AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Long Beach, CA
    Merlin Music Systems Signature 4. I've had some Merlin 1b speakers for four or five years, and love their coherence, so I jumped on the opportunity to get these on an eBay local pickup near me.

    At 5'2" and 220 lbs each, theyre huge. Here they are next to my 1b's

    The sound is amazingly coherent, with bass that keeps going lower with seemingly no end. I added some HPM-1500 supertweeters for that little bit of sparkle that they needed, and now I want to come home every night and listen again.

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  9. klhdude

    klhdude AK Subscriber Subscriber

    jackson,ga 30233...
    model 19 klh turntable,cause of inexpensive,and im curious,sure i shouldnt have got it,but its on the way,another klh toy.i hear things about the power cord,o no..........an we shall see,hell im in money trouble allready,its time to come out of it all soon..i hope..i dont even know if its 8 ohms,or neds 4 ohms like my model 20 which is for sale,an wonderful...im not able to do as some are with things,i,ll probably never have a mcintosh,an i have had tons of marantz very nice big ones,an onkyo right now is singing,an sounding good through acoustic research,and klh speakers..wonderful..i think ar 2ax is about the best all around speaker ever made,no i never had the extra pricy ar 3a..etc..but im happy very much with these......
  10. Chrisxo55441

    Chrisxo55441 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Twin Cities Minnesota
    So after a few years of trying and 3 failed deals i finally got my 9's :banana::banana::banana:
    will power them up tomorrow after i check the tubes. seller triple boxed them so i had to work to get them out but they arrived safe and sound. have to sell off a bunch of stuff now that i got these.

    20171012_203405 (800x450).jpg 20171012_204337 (800x450).jpg
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  11. markshan

    markshan Sir Thrift a Lot Subscriber

    Pittsburgh, PA
  12. thomo57

    thomo57 Super Member

    Sydney, Australia
    This beast come home with me a few days ago.
    Luxman 350
    Dynavector 507

    IMG_6792.JPG IMG_6793.JPG IMG_6789.JPG
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  13. Majkl

    Majkl New Member

    20171011_210453.jpg 20171011_191141.jpg Well I just picked up two interesting pieces. I scored a eico HF81 for $400 all original and working in great cosmetic shape. I'm not a tube guy so I think I did ok but i'm not sure. Posting a couple pictures if a subject matter expert could chime in and tell me if I did good and how much I should ask for it as I am not planning on keeping it. It has only one issue and that is the level knob scratches and pops when you turn it and speakers cut in and out. When its in the right position everything works flawlessly.

    My second score was a set of Eminent Technology LFT8a speakers with the sound anchors but no grills in otherwise great shape and working flawlessly for $350.
  14. fishondwan

    fishondwan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Picked this Sumo II up along with a handful of G.A.S. sleeping beauty's and a Denon DL 303 from a gal who used to work for Infinity back in the day.

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