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What's your poison?

Discussion in 'AK Polls' started by similost, Nov 21, 2007.


What's your Poison?

  1. R&R

  2. C-N-W

  3. Jazz

  4. Classical

  5. Dance

  6. Techno

  7. Experimental

  8. Folk

  9. New Age

  10. Other, Please educate us.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. similost

    similost Rockin and Rollin....

    West By God Virginnie
    What is your favorite tunage?

    What got you started on that style?


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  2. Scorpion8

    Scorpion8 Addicted Member

    Rock n' Roll (of course) from my boyhood days on up. Jazz and what is now called adult-contemporary or smooth jazz (love that stuff at times) and classical (NPR, when I'm in the mood and need a fix). I used to do Country Western/Young Country but haven't listened to that in years. Mostly I listen to AM Radio and a Golden Oldies station here in town that comes in best reception-wise.
  3. similost

    similost Rockin and Rollin....

    West By God Virginnie
    You bring up a lot I like too.. Golden oldies... Contemp...

    I got started on R&R I guess from an album I remember well from my parents.. It was called "Solid and Raunchy" Wished I could find it again.. but I loved the horns, and the rock and roll sound to it... I just expanded all directions from there...

    Then I found radio, on a KLH Model 18 my father gave me... So glad.... The Beatles, David Bowie, and Paul McCartney were big at the time... it became a spiral... The first Price album, Wild Cherry, Ohio Players, and Barkay's got me looking at other avenues...
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  4. Scorpion8

    Scorpion8 Addicted Member

    I have vivid memories of being up a ladder at the farm painting the barn "barn red" in huge buckets from Tractor Supply while American Top40 played on the portable boombox. Summer of '75. Was an awakening for me....
  5. similost

    similost Rockin and Rollin....

    West By God Virginnie
    Oh man I hate admitting that summer...

    #1. Love Will Keep Us Together, The Captain and Tennille

    Forget about the Rinestones :( ... they were right behind...:cry:

    However, we do have Fame to remember that year.. I had a signed 45 from the hottest DJ in Bossier City of the demo.. damn I wished I still had that..
  6. Mr. Orange

    Mr. Orange Flat speakers rule!

    Northern IL
    Well I went with classical, other (blues), rock, new age and that is my listening preference. Classical has always been my first love since I was a kid. :yes: I got interested in classical through choral singing in church and later through community choirs. I'm real big on organ music too. :D My first album that I bought was the Vox Box of Bach's organ works. :thmbsp: Rock was a close second with my being raised with the Beatles in the 60's. I've actually just got into the blues seriously in the last 5 or so years although I can see an ealier connection through some of my rock favorites, Allman Brothers, Clapton.

    If I was making up a list for the desert island tour it would include the following. Classical: Bach-organ, Handel- choral, Wagner-opera, Vivaldi & Teleman- instruments. Blues/Rock: Beatles, Clapton, Pink Floyd, Microwave Dave, Muddy Waters, Fleetwood Mac, & Metallica. I listen to some new age but it's not that important.



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  7. Charivari

    Charivari Fighting Naïve Realism

    Ellensburg, WA

    Joking aside... Other: All of the above.

    It all simply depends upon my mood and I very much enjoy something in each of those categories according to common classification. I used to only listen to Classical until just about seven years ago and still listen to it heavily. Then I discovered hard rock and death metal, poked about country, switched to oldies, wandered through jazz, even some new age snuck in, and am currently heavy on East European folk influenced music. I can't simply can't pick a favorite for every occasion as all have their strengths; rock for hanging with friends, classical for being introspective, gypsy for mixed moods, techno-ish for upbeat times, country for down beat and to aggravate friends, even experimental for more abstract mental wanderings.

    There's just far too much great music out there and still being made to settle on just one genre as the genre for me.

    - JP
  8. jonman

    jonman Addicted Member

    I chose many along with other. I like to listen to a lot of Blues, dowop, oldies and big band which should have been included in the choices, though I realize there is only so much room.
  9. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Nocturnal transmissions

    Boston Area, Massachusetts

    I like it all-

    That is besides reggae, most gangsta rap (I like rap, but not the current popular stuff), most top-40 and all "new" country, which I call "new, pop" country.

    All the rest, I just love. world. Acoustic. Roots. Garage. Experimental. Most stuff.

    Got a greasy spot on my heart for hard new-wave and original punk (Velvet Underground, Destroy All Monsters, Iggy & The Stooges, Wayne/Jayne County, Gary Newman, RomeoVoid, ect).

    got a deep-rooted love for singer/songwriters (Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt, ect), female vocalists (Holly Cole, Chan Marshall/Cat Power, Neko Case, Nina Samone, ect), experimental (Swans, Throbbing Gristle, Laurie Anderson, ect), a Jones for quality soundtracks (Twin Peaks-Fire Walk With Me, Delusion, Requiem for a Dream, Mulholland Drive, Amalie, Girl on a Motorcycle, Wild at Heart, Island Empire, ect) and good jazz and classical (too many to list).

    Posturing, pre-packaged and marketed hiphop/rap has no room in my life, though there's lots of talented artists who use rap as a medium, and I dig it.

    Pop top 40 country is exactly that- top 40, with cowboy boots on.

    Top 40 can be fun, but usually is nothing more than a foreshadow of, a precursor to a marketed and re-packaged/profited from ringtone or a commercial soundtrack/soundbyte.

    Not a big fan of all the veins of blues, but love Muddy Waters, Taj Mahal, Robert Johnson, R.L. burnside, ect...

    Electronics is good. Industrial is good. Massive Attack, Nightmares on Wax, Lords of Acid, KMFDM, Aphex Twin, Legendary Pink dots, ect- good by me. Like it.

    Reggae? Dunno why, but I can barely tolerate it. I've left parties over it. don't know why. Just really don't like it. Bob Marley in tiny doses is okay. But even talented Reggae artists such as King Tubby and Lee "scratch" Perry get under my skin.

    James, when the TT is up, come back for a visit. we'll spin a few, drink a few.
  10. onepixel

    onepixel .

    I voted for each category. It's all music to me.
  11. mwr885

    mwr885 Don't Eat The Worm...

    Oak Harbor, Washington USA
    The more i try to think about it, i really dont have a genre prefrence as long as the music is "ear-pleasing" i like it!


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  12. avionic

    avionic " Black Knights " Subscriber

    Fort Dodge, Iowa
    I listen to just about anything that sounds good.:yes:Rap does not sound good:no:
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  13. caddisgeek

    caddisgeek sorry.......what?

    Southwest Vic, Australia

    PUNK! and I mean real punk, not good charlotte or sum 41. Stooges, Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans, Sonics, Dwarves, Minor Threat.............and everything else except MOR, adult contemporary and reggae
  14. Fran604g

    Fran604g Love at first sound... Subscriber

    Finger Lakes Territory, RONYC
    R & R is what started it all. My Dad listened to Classical (of course), but it didn't really rub off on me. In my late teens I started playing Banjo and fell in love with Bluegrass and Folk Music. Nowadays, I listen to a pretty wide variety of music, with Classical becoming the preferred "poison." :music:
  15. similost

    similost Rockin and Rollin....

    West By God Virginnie
    I ended up with a bloody nose at an Exploited show.. ya gotta love a great punk pit!!

    After I had made the list, I realized 10 choices weren't near enough for everything that' s out there, and the list of what I listen to.. I can't stand country, or certian types of rap, but over all, there isn't much I don't listen to...
  16. Urizen

    Urizen Lunatic Member

    R&R and it's derivations, blues, jazz, metal and it's sub-categories, and...

    Dare I say it?



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  17. Jovinyl

    Jovinyl Super Member

    Attleboro, Ma
    Other= all of the above. Mindset at the time. :thmbsp:
  18. Arkay

    Arkay Lunatic Member

    Hong Kong
    I like 'em all, EXCEPT almost all rap, and most of what comes under "techno". That said, there are a few exceptions in those genres, but very few. I like a lot of the earlier synthesizer stuff that later probably evolved into "techno".

    I think rap is designed for people with way too much anger and far too little intelligence. It is the music of the stupidly violent. If you aren't like that when you start listening to it, listen long enough and it might make you that way.

    The techno stuff is designed for people on drugs that make them happy to be there like silent zombies standing in one place barely bouncing, and calling it dancing. At least the old R & R was for people whose drugs made them move around to the music, going "Oh, wow, far out, man" because the movement felt (or looked or smelled or tasted...:D) cool (like Kool-Aid?).

    I like "dance" music in the old sense of the word; i.e., music that you can actually dance to. If the word is being used in the modern sense of house/techno type stuff for rave parties, then I dislike most of it.
  19. Reel 2 Reel

    Reel 2 Reel Mad Dog Junkie

    Rockport Texas
    For me ..I like the Contemperary Instrumental stuff...or the so called Smooth Jazz stuff from the 80's and early 90's...

    Its totaly different today....Now its just glorified elevator music...but back 10-15 years ago..it was more up-tempo..bands or groups like The Yellowjackets....Bensen/Klugh......Fattburger.... and The Rippingtons..

    Oh...and my personal favorite...

    70's Disco!!!!

    I could listen to it all day ...and not get tired of it..
  20. Toasted Almond

    Toasted Almond R.I.P - November 17, 1952 - April 19, 2016

    My mom used to listen to The Make Believe Ballroom, so in the early 50's I was crawling and toddling around to Sinatra's "Love and Marriage", Mitch Miller's "Yellow Rose of Texas", stuff like that. Then somebody gave me one of those Japanese 2 transistor radios around when I was 8. Listened to nothing but WABC and WMCA AM. Went to sleep to almost the same set every night with the radio under my pillow. Little Eva's "Locomotion" and "The Girl From Wolverton Mountain" were two songs in the set.

    So I guess it's rock and roll, but if there was a Zappa category, I'd have to check that first.

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