When did you start collecting audio gear?

Discussion in 'AK Polls' started by camerakid, Jun 25, 2016.


When did you start collecting audio gear?

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  1. Northwinds

    Northwinds Huh? Turn what down? Subscriber

    I have never "collected" audio gear, just got it with the intent of using. Sure I have stuff laying around that I am not using but I don't consider it a collection. It's just another pile to go along with other piles of stuff LMAO!!!
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  2. Ricktptman

    Ricktptman Great Music deserves Great Gear and Vice-Versa. Subscriber

    Where it's at!
    Back when it was still new.

    BLAH BLAH Super Member

    Melbourne. ..Australia. ..
    5 years ago when i was around 60...
  4. classic carl

    classic carl Without Music, Life Would B FLAT. Subscriber

    North Coast of Pa.
    I don't collect audio gear. I buy it to listen to the music. I bought my first components in 1975 before I turned 19 years old. Prior to that, I had a cheapo all-in-one sytem that I paid $150 for at Kmart.
    I presently have a 5.2 channel HT system, my main music system (2.2 channel), and another 2 channel (laptop) system all in my main listening room. I have 4 other 2 channel systems throughout my house. Presently, I have one extra receiver that's not connected to a system and two extra pairs of speakers. I always have gear and speakers for sale to make room for the next piece to try out.
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  5. xrayspex78

    xrayspex78 Footprints in the sounds of time Subscriber

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Started at the age of about 10 with a Zenith CD shelf system. Ended up buying a pair of Panasonic Thrusters for it later. Then had a Sanyo rack system, then a Technics rack system. Blew the Technics speakers and bought a pair of Avid Model 110. Must have been about 16 by then. From there I bought stuff like Advent, Onkyo, Boston Acousics, Harman/Kardon, Akai, Pioneer, PSB, AR, KLH, Cerwin-Vega, JBL, Ohm, Energy, Allison, and so many more. All those are gone now. Later I moved onto Rotel, Ascend Acoustics, Thorens, Rega, Naim, Musical Fidelity, Exposure, and so on. Been through a lot of gear and still going. Would love to get rid of some of the stuff I have now though.
  6. guiller

    guiller Toscaninichus Australis

    Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    Never. I collect music (LPs and CDs, mainly) but not audio gear. So, throughout the years I've been upgrading gear in my two systems (main and bedroom), but sold the replaced stuff.


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  7. jeff's eight

    jeff's eight Member

    If you count an 8 transistor radio my dad gave me at 6 years old, that was 1960. Later I had the hand me down of my parents old system-Console style.
    About age 15 I was given a receiver with cassette player builtin. Magnavox? Crap. in 1972 at 18 I bought Marantz separates and a phase linear 400 amp to power some
    Bose 901s. Dumped the Bose shortly after when a friend named Hugh Fountain introduced me to a store called Speakerlab. They sold a kit for something I had never seen-Klipsch corner horns. Built those in the basement.
    Circa 1980 after moving a few times I sold it all off and bought some NAD stuff and 3-way Polks. Around 2000 a friend told me to buy some Mackie powered speakers
    and a Pioneer Elite Receiver to use for a 5.1 system. In 2017 I tired of all the cables and power lines and dumped it all again. I bought an older Pioneer SX 737
    and a pair of Vintage Altec model 9's. The Pioneer died and the Altecs sucked so I bought a pair of Klipsch Chorus 1s. Bought an nearly new Onkyo 2 channel Receiver.
    All was fine till I heard some Altec M500's. Probably too much for my room size but I love them. I have a Sansui Eight that needs repairs and a HH Scott 340a that will
    arrive next month in need of total overhaul. More to follow later...
  8. BOUXY

    BOUXY Super Member

    Never started but rather was born into it:)
  9. rkgren1

    rkgren1 Super Member

    Yorktown, VA
    I bought my first stereo at age 16 with money earned flipping burgers, then after a few years. Life got busy for a long time with job, girlfriend, school, marriage, family, more jobs and school, on and on.
    At age 52, life changed completely, I found myself living alone, and I refused to subject myself again to the empty yammer of cable TV.

    While killing some time at a flea market a few months after moving, I spotted a forlorn looking stereo under a damp cardboard box of junk and I pulled it out out of curiosity.

    It was a Sansui 771, and I bought it from the guy for $20.
    I hooked up a pair of old Infinity tower speakers, and it worked for a couple of hours, kind of, and then went belly up with hugely loud bangs/pops.

    I stumbled upon a Realistic STA-90 the following weekend at a thrift store. The store owner literally dug it out from under a pile of old clothes.
    I had no idea cigarette smoke could build up so thick on anything. $5 later and it was mine.
    Windex on the outer surfaces and some contact cleaner applied to the controls, and it looked and worked great, and holy cow did it sound good! Amazing!

    I had completely forgotten how these things sound!

    Four years later I still don't have cable TV, just 7 receivers, a couple of tuners, a couple of amps, a couple of turntables, a couple of cassette decks, a RTR, 2 CD players, and a dozen+ pairs of speakers.

    The 771 has since been rebuilt and it is the system in my bedroom. It sounds sweet.
    The STA-90 was also given a full rebuild and it sounds truly excellent.

    Another Realistic came and went, along with a Sansui amp.
    3 Pioneers are still around, two fully rebuilt.
    I had a fling with a Sherwood S7100-A for about 6 months (outstanding!) and have it set up in a second bedroom just so I can go in every once in a while and listen to it.

    I am currently enamoured with an Onkyo TX-3000, which I run in my living room system.
    It's presently playing some acoustic folk music through a pair of Advent Prodigy's and a pair of Minimus-7s set up as near-field.
    What a beautiful sound this thing makes!
    And black, bouncy power meters, you gotta have those. ;)
    Early 80s Onkyo....who knew?
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  10. cgutz

    cgutz AK Member

    SE South Dakota
    1977, when I was 19 years old.
  11. avionic

    avionic " Black Knights " F-15 Eagle Keeper Subscriber

    Fort Dodge, Iowa
    When my father purchased a Yamaha CR-620,YP-701 and NS-690's new in early 1970's. He had a very large collection of London Phase IV LP's.. Most of which were not my bag at the time. I Bought DSOTM new. Took it home and cranked it up a bit. Dad wasn't as thrilled as I was then. Dad will be 88 this year. He likes Pink Floyd now.:biggrin: Go figure..I guess better late than never.
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  12. 2011etec

    2011etec Super Member

    When I decided I liked living at the local audio store more than at home in 1976,lol.In the seventies I was a walking encyclopedia of stereophonics.Today I'm lucky to remember to take my bp meds,lol.
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  13. DirtFarmer

    DirtFarmer Well-Known Member

    Mad City
    49. I just turned 50 in November!

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