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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RayW, May 5, 2010.

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    We tend to get a lot of technical questions in Intros from people who are too new to know the lay of the land. This post is kind of a map to help you figure it out.

    For the most part, you can figure out where to put your question if you just look at the list of forums and use a little common sense. Think about the heart of the question and peruse the list of forums. You'll most likely see a match.

    One of the most frequent questions is about consoles since there isn't a forum specifically for that. Where to post will depend on what you've got. If it's tube based, the Tube Audio or General Audio will work. If it's solid state then Vintage Solid State or General Audio. If your question is about the turntable or tuner in a console then go with Turntables or Tuners, respectively.

    If you have an audio question that is likely to evoke heated debate, like cables, tweaks, etc., then put it in Thinking Out Loud. It's there for the discussion of such topics and is watched very closely. That also means that it is not a place for trolling to stir things up as the mod staff take great pains to ensure that topics are discussed without vitriol.

    A lot of topics can be posted in different forums. For instance, if you have a question about building some speakers, it can go in DIY or speakers and will get plenty of responses either way. Generally, I would say put questions about the theory or design phase go in speakers and specific construction questions in DIY but that's just my personal thoughts on it.

    If you're looking for documents, or have one to offer, Digital Docs is your destination. Posts requesting service manuals, etc. in the other forums will be moved there so you might as well start there.

    One rule to stick to is that Intros is for introducing yourself and/or your gear. It's not not for asking questions. They will most likely end up moved which gets them where they should be but is a burden on the poor Intro mod (me) when a little thought would have gotten them there in the first place.

    Thanks and enjoy your stay at AK!

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