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Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by Cylontymany, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Cylontymany

    Cylontymany Well-Known Member

    If could only own one set of vintage Klipsch speakers-which ones would they be and why? Heresys,Fortes, Choruses,Quartets? And I want them to be 8 ohms too.
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  2. 70'sAudio

    70'sAudio Where it All Started for Me Subscriber

    On The Golf Course
    I have KLF 30's, KG 5.2's and Belles I Love all of them.......Only One Set......The Horror :yikes:

    Good Luck with Your Quest, Mike. :smoke:
  3. musichal

    musichal poet emeritus Subscriber

    Norman OK
    Klipschorn. Just do it.
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  4. skud007

    skud007 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have Fortes and would love to hear Cornwalls.
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  5. Coytee

    Coytee Super Member

    Knoxville, TN
    Generally, in the world of Klipsch, it gets better as you go bigger....so it's easy.... buy the largest you can tolerate or afford
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  6. Searing75

    Searing75 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Fortes for me. Perfect size and price. Oh, and perfect sound! I have not heard any others honestly, so I can't really say. Those Klipschorns look amazing!
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  7. musichal

    musichal poet emeritus Subscriber

    Norman OK
    Has anyone else ever thought that Klipschorn sounds like it should be some sort of woolen product? Old money socks?

    Clipped and shorn by Tibetan monks.
  8. twiiii

    twiiii Addicted Member

    west Texas
    I would like to hear the new Forte III versus NEW CORNWALL JUST FOR HO - HO'S. I will never buy either. but I'm willing to listen and change my mind. We sold Cornwalls, I installed them and had a room mate with a pair in college. We could almost peal the wallpaper off the walls with a pair of Cornwalls with a MC 275 and later a 2105. You could feel chest compressions from either amp and your leg muscles flex. A little experimenting with room Equalization really improved the sound making the sound much more accurate and easy to listen to. Later Cornwalls with improved tweeter and 18/db crossover really turned me off. But after a while that was corrected and the Cornwall returned to being my favorite horn speaker system. Right now myfavorite horn system is the JBL 4435, the HF are better summed being a two way versus the 3 way from klipsch. Arrival times from the JBL are much better than the Cornwall. But the Cornwall has better definition at longer listening distances. So as with everything train your ears attending live un amplified concerts and recitals and then go pick the speakers.
  9. fernarias

    fernarias Well-Known Member

    Merced, CA
    Fortes then quartets. Cornwall if you have a large room to appreciate them (and understanding neighbors and wife).


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  10. fredgarvin

    fredgarvin Well-Known Member

    I have Quartets, love them, but I would want to move up to at least a Chorus II or Cornwall. If I could afford a Khorn, I would jump. My room is perfect for them.
  11. thevinoman

    thevinoman Nothin' but the Blues... Subscriber

    NW Indiana
    Khorns without question.
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  12. cubdog

    cubdog banging through drywall Subscriber

    Oregon IL.
    Don't forget the CF3 or CF4. I like them way more than Fortes. More refined to my ear.
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  13. playittwice

    playittwice Well-Known Member

    Dubuque Iowa
    Hello Cy, my experience with the different Heritage line-up is this. I listen to '77 Heresy then switch to K-Horns, and to me the Heresy's sound like boom box speakers. I know they are not full range speakers but to me it is really difficult to listen to them after listening to the big boys first. If I listen to the Heresy first it's not as dramatic a change but the other way around is a less than desirable. I like the sound of the K-Horns so much better I purchased a second pair for my second system.

    I started out with KG 4's then went to Chorus then to the big boys! Each time was a big improvement in sonics. Bought some Heresy cuz I thought I had to have em. They would be the last on my list of keepers. I think it was Coytee who said the bigger you go the better the sound and I can vouch for that statement.

    Please keep inind this is my experience only.
    Others may beg to differ.
    Good luck with your venture.

    I do want to add I do realize your question was not Heritage Line specific. But thought I'd give you my thoughts.
  14. braincramp

    braincramp AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Freeport, Illinois
    I listened to the new Forte III's and new Cornwall just a couple of weeks ago. There really wasn't much (if any) of a drop off going from the Cornwalls to the Fortes but if I was going to shell out $3600 for the Fortes,I'd spend another $600 for the Cornwalls. They were both very impressive.

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