Which Speakers are You Using for Your Sansui Amps

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Cheetah, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Knucklehead

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    Central Washington State
    For now I have the 500a driving a pair of Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy Monitors. They are full range bookshelf speakers. I recently acquired a pair of Infinity IL40s from the Interlude series. I suppose they qualify as vintage - they are old enough to vote! They are probably 17-18yo. I'm surprised at how much bass I get from the 500a. When I had them driving the Salk Song Towers a week ago I was amazed at how well they sounded with only 20wpc to drive them.
  2. tanker 200

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    Northwest Washington
    I recently moved my AU-555A and TU-9500 into the bedroom and am using AR-5's with them, It's a nice combination.
    The G-8700DB in the livingroom is powering a pair of Dahlquist DQ-20's and a M&K SB-1A subwoofer.

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