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Who has experience with the MX99 Multiplex adapter?

Discussion in 'Eico Place' started by GordonW, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. GordonW

    GordonW Speakerfixer Subscriber

    Marietta/Moultrie GA USA
    (BTW: First actual substantive thread in the new Eico Place subforum :) )

    I've had one of these MX99s for years, along with an HFT92 AM-FM tuner. I bought it, as I never could find a TX97 tuner- and this looked to be just about the same thing, functionally...

    To now, I've never even gotten around to re-capping it or the HFT92, much less using them frequently. Just too many interruptions.

    Anyone had any experience with these? How does it actually compare to the TX97???




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  2. ferninando

    ferninando Lunatic Member

    San Jose Ca.
    Gold star for Gordon.
    1st REAL thread in Eico Place.
  3. Darkover

    Darkover New Member

    I have one and use it with a Fisher TA-600
  4. Trnsfmr

    Trnsfmr Well-Known Member

    Hi Gordon,
    I have been obsessed with the ST97 and MX99 off and on for years. They are unique, in my opinion, in the whole world of Stereo FM Multiplex. There are many other people who, like me, think that when one of these is restored with audio grade capacitors and properly aligned, that it is the best sounding FM Stereo tuner ever made. I have many threads here on Audiokarma and on the old Yahoo eico group about them.

    I'm a sucker for an MX99 discussion. I know the thread is a couple months old, but can I help with your MX99?
  5. Rbradio

    Rbradio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have an mx 99 myself but one of the IF cans keeps sliding out of alignment. Has anybody else ever encountered this issue?

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