Who Made Cartridges For Pioneer?

Discussion in 'Pioneer Equipment Database.' started by Stanton681EEES, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Stanton681EEES

    Stanton681EEES Addicted Member

    NE Ohio
    I've been messing around with a Pioneer PC 135 and I got to wondering who made the pioneer cartridges. Were they made in house by pioneer or contracted out to say Nagaoka or Audiotechnica?



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  2. sawdust

    sawdust Solid walnut covers all my gear Subscriber

    I never could find out any info on them, the second TT I bought 1978 came with a Pioneer 400 cartridge after comparing it to my Pickering XUV 4500Q I can't tell the difference they both have better detail on the higher frequencies than my Stanton does I still use them all today mainly to record albums to cassette tape I use the Pickering for all my recording and the Pioneer 400 cartridge when just spinning albums

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