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Discussion in 'AK News' started by Grumpy, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. dyche01

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    San Francisco
    Thanks for making this such a pleasant place to hang out!
  2. fdrennen

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  3. tyeeslayer

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    Abbotsford, British Columbia
    Lately it occurs to me....... What a long strange trip it's been........:beatnik:
  4. luvvinvinyl

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    Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    Only lately?
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  5. theophile

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    Bully provided the signpost which pointed me here in late 2002/early 2003. EchoWars provided the information and helpfulness which hooked me. I lurked for at least 8 months, then decided that I wanted to post when I bought a Yamaha C2x preamp. I really have a pair of Altec Valencias to thank for it all. Before buying them in December 2002, I'd never surfed the internet. Due to the fact that they are particularly rare in Australia combined with the fact that in 2002/2003 there wasn't much, if any, discussion of them in the mainstream print media I was forced by necessity to look online for information about what I had just bought. Bully had posted on Audio Asylum(under the moniker of 'Pete the Bully'). At the bottom of his post was a link to AK.

    I actually love this site. There have been some wonderful, informative, funny, touching discussions over the years. Lots of really nice people have come and gone. Many I miss to this day. When they fade off I bid them well in my heart. AK is my internet audio home, despite the fact that I post on a lot of fora, compared to here I'm hardly into 3 digit figures on the other sites. Mostly I'm a member of other sites to read and learn. AK gets the misfortune of being the place where I shovel the shit out of what masquerades as a brain.
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  6. macaltec

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    Bear Creek, NC
    Been here since Oct 2nd 2004, I was researching info on a set of Altec Model 7's. Feel like I forgot most of what I learned the first few years. Thanks for still being here when I got back from my other hobbies.

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