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Who's listening to FM Tonight? What tuner?

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by Old_Tech, Nov 26, 2009.


    DOBIEGUY AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Woodhaven N.Y.
    'The Blues Break' 2-4PM WBGO-FM 88.3
    Something about listening to long dead blues players/singers on vintage tube gear.

    Fisher 90X>Fisher 90C>Fisher100 > Electrovoice Aristocrat lll

    Heavy on the late Otis Rush (RIP)
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  2. red 111

    red 111 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    IMG_1688.JPG WBGO also on a NAD 4020 tuner...,.hey DOBIE GUY ... I have a FISHER R90 mono also and a FISHER MPX 100 decoder...but haven't used them in years... got to check them out
  3. reynolds753

    reynolds753 Just a man on a bicycle and a threat to no one Subscriber

    Denver, CO
    KVOD 88.1 MHz in Denver or at least Lakewood, Colorado. It is a fantastic all classical music station. Tuner is a Carver TX-11a.al
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  4. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Let's see - started off the morning with 90.9 WRCJ classical on the Accuphase T-100, shifted to the same station on the Onkyo TX-4500 MkII receiver in the kitchen for awhile, then settled into more of the same with the Magnum Dynalab in my study. Back to the same location in the evening, only jazz on WRCJ. Note a trend there?
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  5. gregswaim

    gregswaim Neutral Organic Sound


    Station: 92.5 FM KZPS Classic Rock Dallas,Tx

    Tuner: My vintage McIntosh MR75 AM/FM stereo tuner
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  6. gregswaim

    gregswaim Neutral Organic Sound


    KKXT 91.7 FM NPR Dallas,Tx
    Tuner: McIntosh MR75 AM/FM Stereo Tuner
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  7. siouxafrican

    siouxafrican New Member

    Fisher tuner with Pioneer integrated amp, silver face!

    Attached Files:

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  8. Mac4100HK930

    Mac4100HK930 I like the pretty tones!

    Toledo, WA
    IMG_8517.JPG Sony ST-5000f. Very sensitive
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  9. FauxHall

    FauxHall Super Member

    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Listening to "Arabesque" on Abu Dhabi Classic FM. An interesting mix of contemporary Arab music. Lots of it is very listenable as background, being riffs on American jazz with some heavy Arabic rhythms.

    On a RadioX-restored McIntosh MR77. I think the sound quality on some of the programs are limited by the station's source files. When they play a straight-off-the CD track, one can hear a definite sonic improvement.
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  10. lojyo610

    lojyo610 Active Member

    Listened to 90.9 WRCJ from Detroit, just heard some great Be Bop. Switched to 89.9 CBC Radio 1 from Windsor, ON and heard some Canadian Folk Alternative. This weekend, I'll be listening to 101.9 WDET (NPR) from Wayne State University in Detroit. Great mix of Modern Alternative, World, R&B/Funk and Blues. I am even able to get a slightly noisy signal from 89.1 WEMU from Ypsilanti, MI. Jazz and Blues all day long! The Detroit area has some great stations and I am glad I still have a decent analog tuner. I admit to streaming a lot of music, too.
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  11. musichal

    musichal poet emeritus Subscriber

    Norman OK
    I have been listening to local KUCO 90.1 classical FM all day today. A college station, University of Central Oklahoma. Nice, clean analog signal over the little Sony HD. It is my most frequent stop on the dial (what dial?), but I usually only listen for a couple hours, then move on. The selections and sound have been so good that I've stayed put and really enjoyed it. Still am. Long live FM.

    This is why I own and use a tuner. Well, a few. Also have an NAD 4130, Pro-Ject S Box tuner and am expecting a new Yamaha T-S500 to arrive any moment now. All digital. There is an analog Sherwood mono tube tuner in a closet that I bought via BT a couple years back that could have been packed better and arrived with the unmistakable sound of broken glass - faceplate glass, big disappointment. Maybe I'll see about fixing it someday.

    Yep, only the very best of tuners will do, for me. :biggrin:
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  12. DC

    DC "Manhattan Boy" Subscriber

    Seminole Hills, Michigan
    Doing some tuner A/B this winter. Only one will stay. Which one?? :idea: :dunno:

    MR74 had RadioX Tuners restoration and some of Mike’s special touches
    MR78 has Avatar Engineering restoration and Modiferri mods

  13. stoutblock

    stoutblock If it sounds good, it is good... Subscriber

    Northwest USA
    Rain is back in Seattle, it has been a very nice fall. KNKS on a Yamaha CT-7000.
  14. musichal

    musichal poet emeritus Subscriber

    Norman OK
    With the Yamaha T-S500 in the bedroom calling me, I found an opportunity to play with the new toy for a couple hours while Christine and MIL watched Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves - almost two-and-a-half hours. Okay, so it isn't a tuner that excites anyone here, but a new toy is a new toy. And boys will be boys. Don't even act like you never had any fun with a cheap toy, now.

    I had let the stations auto-set when I connected the good antenna after the screw-on/push-on F-adaptor arrived, so the first thing I did was manually reset the first three presets to the three stations which comprise 99% of my FM listening. I'll set the other four stations, totaling one-percent later because I must stand to do it. Lower back protests.

    So that's KUCO, FM 91.3; KOMA, FM 92.5; KBRU "The Brew", FM 94.7. Rabbit ears and folded wire dipoles had failed to derive clean signals from all three txs until I cobbled together that simple dipole from copper pipe. The Yamaha brought them in clear, too, with the dipole. KUCO is a classical college station with a very clean signal which they spent some money improving lately, but I don't know the details. KOMA is the typical classic rock station, but they at least work from a large playlist. The Brew is newer rock with older mixed in. I spent some time with each. Actually, I spent the least time with the classical station, despite it being my primary destination for most of my FM listening - I was in a rock mood.

    KOMA was playing Run Down a Dream, Petty, which engaged me and I listened there for a few songs, until they played a Foreigner tune I'd had my fill of long ago, and switched to The Brew with the A-S500 integrated's remote, and found fresher meat. Two things: buying the used A-S500 is the reason for this Amazon Warehouse purchase of the tuner, and the biggest complaint about the tuner in user reviews is that it comes sans remote. So the buyer has to have a Yamaha int-amp or receiver (or a Harmony-like remote) to control it, despite the fact that the tuner does have an IR window on its face. At least you don't have extra wiring required between tuner and amp for control, like the old NAD-Link system, and others similar from the past. Yamaha really couldn't afford the remote at the tuner's asking price?

    So I sat in my over-sized leather office chair beside my bed, remote atop the mattress and enjoyed the music. Sound-wise, the tuner is fine. I was really impressed with the low bass. No, not the best tuner I ever heard, but not all that far from it, either - at least, for strong locals. Certainly, I got my $118 worth. I'd been watching for a good deal on one since I bought the amp. Sounds better than most radio streams, by far. And that concludes tonight's tuner report from my crib.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
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  15. setup1

    setup1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    north of philly
    YamahaT2.jpg WRTI on a Yamaha T-2
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  16. 59volvo

    59volvo Well-Known Member



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  17. MiamiEd

    MiamiEd New Member

    Miami, FL

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