Why So Many Building New Homes?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by savatage1973, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. PabloX

    PabloX AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Part of it is the home building industry is fundamentally different in my area. Nearly all houses are one offs built by small, local contractors. Planned communities like you see in other parts of the country are very rare. In other words, they're all custom houses though quality varies as some are built on spec.
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  2. Yamaki

    Yamaki Not For Hire Subscriber

    Hillsboro, Oregon
    Nothing much is available here and, since demand seems to be outstripping supply at the moment, it would be cheaper to build which is what we are considering.
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  3. danrclem

    danrclem AK Subscriber Subscriber

    When the economy is good most people want to build a home to suit their wants and needs.

    The homes are usually built in desirable areas.
  4. 45rpmspinner

    45rpmspinner AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Depends on where you live. Cities [and suburbs] are generally booming, the rest of the country, not so much.
    I've seen plenty of older homes in small towns priced where you couldn't afford to build them for that amount today.

    In my area, the price of lots has increased so much that virtually every older modest-sized home on a decent sized lot is marked for teardown.
    Soon enough, it'll be possible to to put 4-6 homes on the lot where my current home sits.

    This is why I've been selling out of this market for sometime.
    Love to stay, but the land is simply worth too much and the property taxes are far too high.
    Ultimately the developers will have their way.

    BMWCCA AK Subscriber Subscriber

    That's exactly what we're building right now. Have a good contractor and an open design. Modern engineered lumber makes the large openings possible. And, yes, I'm building to accommodate a large stereo collection, too!
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  6. JimPA

    JimPA Distinguished Member

    Grover's Corner PA.
    I built my house back in 2002 so I could have a residence at my tree farm.
    There was no home on the property, this is the reason why the house was built.

    I saved a lot of money by hiring contractors and ordering most of the materials.
    The shingles, siding rain gutters and concrete blocks were ordered by the contractors.
    The drywall guy provided the drywall.
    My house framer provided me with a lumber list.

    My wife and I worked as a team when it came to ordering just about everything.
    I used 1/2" plywood for the exterior walls and roof, 2x6 studs, 2x10 floor and roof joists spaced 12" a part on center.
    I ordered all the plumbing fixtures, doors, windows kitchen cabinets, stairways etc.
    We used parallam beans so most of the first floor is open.

    I estimated that I saved about 50% of the price of what a builder would have charged.

    The photo is of the back of the house a few years ago.
    That is me taking a photo of my former best friend Miss Heidi RIP.


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  7. philo426

    philo426 Super Member

    Nice house!half inch plywood is a lot better than that crappy chipboard and osb I see the builders using.Nice deck too!

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