Will a Lexus SC 300 appease my mid-life crisis ?

Discussion in 'Wheels, Wings, Mud, and Water' started by BigElCat, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. BigElCat

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    Paola, Kansas, USA
    My car is doing great.

    I mentioned I was given two verbal warnings for speed. Finally got popped for going 91 in a 75. I put 850 miles on the car that weekend, not a single issue.

    Here's my rant today:

    About six weeks ago I saw this on my door. I knew it happened at my local diner, a place I frequent for breakfast. I could tell by looking at it, that the person that did it left his door planted in my door when he got out of his and stood up.


    This morning, same time of day, same location, I saw an elderly gentleman getting out of a mini-van after planting his door on my car.


    It's the exact same height of the first one.

    (The black splatters are road tar). I wrote down his tag number, but I can't bring myself to say anything. He's in his late eighties, with a handicap tag. He has trouble walking, and he has that same look in his eyes, like my dad. Dad has Alzheimer's/Parkinson's.

    Jee Whiz.
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  2. Oerets

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    Derby City U.S.A.

    If handy sand and paint it with matching touchup. Might not be 100% but then again presentable.

  3. onwardjames

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    What Barney said.

    It's quite the quandary. Saying something to an elderly man who might have meant no harm, or trying to get square on obvious damage.

    I think letting this slide might be the prudent thing. Maybe a body shop can touch that up for you on the cheap.
  4. HarmanKardon

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    Schwarzwald, Deutschland
    A Maybach 57 would appease my midlife crisis. :beatnik:

    Meanwhile you can get them for less than 60000 Euros, still too expensive for me. :( ;)

  5. Wildcat

    Wildcat Spring ain't here... Subscriber

    SCS, MI (near a lake)
    I know, it's really hard to do something in that case. When I have a nicer car, I try to park away from a lot of traffic. Although that often doesn't stop some bozo from coming along and still park next to me, even if other close spots are empty!

    I did once have someone leave a ding in another car of mine back in the 80s, right while I was sitting in it. To be as polite as possible, let's just say she looked like she overindulged the bon-bons for way too many years. Gets out, whips that door open into mine without a care in the world, then trudges her way off to wherever. I think the nasty look I gave her was enough. Like she even cared. That was the same car that was keyed when it was only a week and a half old, when I had it parked near one of my favorite record stores. That was (and still is) typical of the "Detroit mentality." Others around here just don't like it when someone owns something nice, so they have to deface it.

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