Will a Lexus SC 300 appease my mid-life crisis ?

Discussion in 'Wheels, Wings, Mud, and Water' started by BigElCat, Jul 13, 2016.

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    Had I been looking at a car like this 25-30 years ago, it would have had to have had a stick in it. As it was, this one was bought used (it's a former Honda Corp car, our local dealer won it in an auction that Corp put on to see who would get it to sell) with 9600 miles on it. Fully loaded car, my color, wife fell in love with the HFP body kit. "Just look at it compared to a regular coupe. The headlights and tail lights POP on this one." Needless to say she talked me into it.
    Now of course, she won't ride in it because it's too rough for her (she got old).
    I took it back to Missouri two summers ago, by myself and had a good time with it. For the whole trip I avg'd 28 mpg, and that includes climbing over the Rockies on the way home. It gobbles up interstates like there's no tomorrow.


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  2. cwh

    cwh AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Oakland, Ca.
    Yeah, sucks huh? Here in the Bay Area you can still find minty older cars. Still a few stick 325is to be grabbed. Berkeley Ca. car owners (especially Toyota/Honda) seem to hold onto and take care of their vehicles. Damn speaking of, although in Oakland, my neighbor is still rocking his early 90s Accord. 5' looks brand new, outdoor kept, 500k miles.

    Why I'm here. Sold my last toy and a year later started collecting vintage audio.

    Yeah APR and the like can flash that ecu into very reliable power on just 87. 250lbs torque I think. If driving habits were to stay the same I'd wager gas mileage improving too. Scheme of things, $400 no brainer. Mine has the AEB block which can turn out stupid power when credit cards are inserted into it. Unfortunately I've let it sit for almost a year so if I start it up it's going straight to the shop for 3-4x it's value. That asshole on the one shoulder keeps trying to convince me to keep it as I'd just be looking for a wagon project in the future. I'm weird for them. Saving grace might be a 6 speed B6-B7 Avant. Save me from dumping money and just be happy with what it's got.
  3. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    I guess it would depend on how big of an arsehole they'd just been to me. In general I don't walk around randomly yelling epithets, imagined or otherwise. At least not yet anyway.
  4. nyhifihead

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    long island NY

    Regarding the 500k mint accord, That's a typical thing you'd see on long island as well, people love their japanese cars. Unfortunately even if the paint/exterior was cared for undercarriage and suspension most likely rusted out. My STi was in florida most its life thankfully.

    haha respect.. some people would call it stupidity, I have to fill up every other day with premium!!My injectors are maxed out and I already upgraded pump & fpr. The next step is complete fuel system overhaul which would put me in single digit mpg range if not driving like a granny.

    I would be scared to start that b5 as well.. engine seals do not like sitting.. and in general they don't like german cars lol. It's hard to do but a friend always told me to sell a car before it's sentenced to death by dry rot in your garage.

    b6-b7 avant.. now where talking man. Those things are insane sleepers since they look so similar to the new run of the mill audis..

    This is an ultra thread jack I may make a thread about thoughts/projects on modding our cars.

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