Window A/C Unit & Interference with receiver/setup?

Discussion in 'Listening Spaces' started by mr_soju, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. mr_soju

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    Hi. Not sure if this is the right forum, but I'm doing some rearranging in my apartment. Right now, my two decks and receiver are sitting on top of an IKEA Expedit. I'd like to move the entire setup 90 degrees to a spot that has a window A/C unit in the middle window.

    The A/C unit would sit above my receiver and the cool air would blow well above my setup and not directly on it. However, there probably 6 inches or so between the back of the receiver, window ledge and intake of the A/C Unit.

    (1) Would there be any electronic interference with my equipment with the A/C unit being so close?

    (2) Is there any reason for concern with it being so close my equipment?

    (3) Am I better off running an extension cord to another wall outlet, so I don't share the same outlet at the A/C Unit?

    Next summer, I will be moving the A/C unit to a different window. I'm committed to moving my equipment, but I really don't want to move the A/C unit since it's an enormous pain in the ass (already installed 2 other ones after we moved in this summer!).



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  2. imral3

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    Blackwood, New Jersey
    You probably won't pick up any more interference, with the close proximity, than you already are with the noise being generated on the wiring of your house by the A/C units. The cool air will be good for your equipment! A long extension cord can act as an antenna for noise and interference.
  3. Binkman

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    Chapel Hill, NC
    Greetings; Bear with me as first post on this forum.. but Interference is simply in many cases closest to line a/c source. Lamp of any load dimming? But mainly you would have to hear it audibly.. If you're running a TT for example: many were/are equipped with ample wire to get distance between amp and TT. rumble etc... worst case would probably be like a device with poor ground isolation or luminescent bulbs or diode bulbs that suck at 50hz audible leaks on 60hz ac.
    Just hints
  4. olson_jr

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    Pilgrim Hills Michigan
    There is only one way to be sure of any of this.
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  5. Roboturner91

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    SW Indiana
    I have a wall unit AC in my office where my main 2-ch setup is, I do have the stereo on a line conditioner with a noise filter currently but before I had that there were no issues.

    of course, all homes are wired differently.
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