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would there be any interest if....

Discussion in 'AK News' started by quaddriver, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    I dropped into your lap the sequel data definitions for a database that would let people store
    a) a type of unit: rec, amp, cd, tape etc
    b) model
    c) manu
    d) serial number

    and the web code to do adds by AK members only (no deletes or copies)

    and the license to use forever, so that we could REALLY start tracking where stuff is going and what is left out there? also some search methods? (like find me all pioneer receivers of sx-)

    not limited to just the TOTL stuff, but the everyday man stuff.

    I have thot about doing this aside from my shop inventory, just to keep track of the hundreds that have crossed my desk, and once sold, off into obscurity.

    (ps: using sharpie I mark the insides and boards I work on with 'APT (date)' and some other crap - anyone ever come across any?)
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  2. RhythmGJ

    RhythmGJ Super Member

    Buffalo, NY
    There should be...

  3. 71Challenger

    71Challenger Super Member

    London, Ontario
    Sounds like an interesting project. Count me in.
  4. Dude111

    Dude111 Analogue is Awesome

    Ya sounds like it could be useful.....
  5. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    ok over the break I will have some downtime, I will generate the DB and do a myphpadmin export of the definitions, it will take another day to create the web content. who would I talk to to install it on the AK? (I dont want to install it, just give to someone to do themselves, it will be about a 15Kb zip)
  6. 71Challenger

    71Challenger Super Member

    London, Ontario
    Ask Grumpy, the head honcho. I don't know if he will want something like this but hey you never know.

    In the mean time, let's do some serious design work. I spend most of my day designing and implementing ecommerce systems and associated databases when I'm not managing those damn budgets, projects and staff.

    I think we have something here along the lines of doscogs but with an audio gear bent. Sounds like fun. I'd love to create an API.
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