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Discussion in 'Digital Integration' started by hobbit, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. hobbit

    hobbit Active Member

    Northern Ireland
    I have an X3 by the same company, and their first flac player , the x2
    The x10 is a whole other level
    Excellent on board DAC with a digital optical out as well as line out and headphones.
    The phones out even includes and high and low gain switch that you can adjust depending on your phone sensitivity
    The sounds of the X3 and X10 is open and uncoloured
    It sounds great with headphones but also through a good stereo
    The real boon of both the new X10 and older x3 is the ability to use upto 256gb of storage in micro sd cards
    |Both feel like quality items and are made from aluminium
    They really are audiophile players, dont allow the country of origin or name to cloud your judgement


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  2. Bob

    Bob AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West coast
    I agree - there are now hundreds of DAPs that play hi-res 24/96-192 and DSD and
    we still battle the low-res crowds.

    you can see the trends just by looking at Massdrop specials. these DAPs
    occasionally have AKM DACs same as the Metronome CDPs. 4490 specifically.
    they support 256Gb cards and/or dual microUSB cards.

    I am looking forward to the day that a small DAP has a DAC and storage into
    the TBs will hold all my music without some 5K music server, or a NAS,
    or a cloud-based music storage system, or 5-10 devices in the music chain
    (Server/network, DAC, anti-jitter, tube buffer, SACD DSD to HDMI to LPCM,
    MQA, dolby this-or-that, DSPs, multi-channel bass management, etc).

    But for nostalgia there are probably 50 million iPods/iPhones/iPads/iMacs
    playing music...
  3. hobbit

    hobbit Active Member

    Northern Ireland
    Looks interesting, especially the smart phone app and 2 way bluetooth
  4. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    PODUNC USA......
    Just remember, Bluetooth only does UP TO CD quality and it drains batteries.

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