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Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by 91firebird, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. 91firebird

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    Wel grabbed the Yamaha 5850 for 75.00,like new condition.took me awhile to set it up but wow Dolby
    Digital and dts es sound great.plus a lot of other sound fields.even has 3 subwoofer settings.the first
    Yamaha I have ever owned and used.but hey I like it.what was this unit new,500.00 ?
  2. lightcapture

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    Yamaha AVRs are great. I've owned 3 of them. The first 2 were second hand ones. Love there sound, features, and look. Last year I took the plunge and bought a new Yamaha Aventage RX-A740 refurbished from Accessories4Less. Love all the new features including internet radio. Great investment!
  3. 91firebird

    91firebird Active Member

    Well back to the problem,my 5850 with the coax cable plugged into,the cd coax in on the 5850,now is the problem
    Mad max fury road San endears,are 7.1 moves work great the rear center speaker puts out great sound the display
    Shows rear center on.now with other 7.1 blurays no rear center sound and no rear indicator.well the reciever is
    Working but don't understand why the rest of my large library of 7.1 movies have no rear center sound.they are 7.1
    Movies have checked the web and they are listed as 7.1 movies.i am confused.
  4. whoaru99

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    What to do and why this may occur was explained in your other thread specifically about this topic.

    6.1 receiver rear center channel problem

    Might be helpful in the long run if you'd keep questions about the same problem in one thread, rather than bouncing back and forth.

    It helps people that may be interested in helping you to see what has or has not already been suggested and tried.
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