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Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by audiodogster, Apr 21, 2017.

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    I'm looking at a Yamaha AVC-70, I'm wanting any input on it. I'm currently using a late 90's Sony receiver after my similarly aged Denon crapped out. It lacks pre-outs and want to hook up my B&K ST1400 II amp for testing. I figure I should be able to get this for under $100 which seems to be decent for the listed specs.
    Not a C-70 preamp but not bad either.

    It has two sets of preouts for the front channels and one set for rear channels on a slight time delay so no true surround channels. Supposedly a very neutral preamp (typical of Yamaha), which should pair with the warmness of the ST1400 II well enough. This was the top end unit in the AVC line, which was their AV instead of the just audio line.

    My current system is as follows:
    Sony reciever
    Monitor Audio Studio 6
    Martin Logan Abyss (pair)
    Yamaha PF-800 turntable

    I'd assume I can probably use the second set of front preouts for my subs?


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