Yamaha CDR-HD1500 CDR drive replacement?

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by optimums, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. optimums

    optimums New Member

    Hello all! Long time lurker, one of the best forums on the entire internet!!

    I have a very nice Yamaha CDR-HD1500 CDR burning/HD recording unit that I absolutely love. I often rip my rarer LPs to the HDD so I can queue up "personal copies" without pulling out the vinyl everytime I want to hear them. The hard drive still works great (and from my understanding is a fairly easy upgrade, although I haven't changed mine out, maybe soon?) but the CDR drive is on it's last legs - it will not consistently play discs and won't burn discs at all at this point. I've tried the off the shelf "lens cleaners" but nothing has worked. I grabbed a random PC CDR drive out of my pile of gear to see if I could swap in any old drive and it's a no go. Anyone else have one of these units and have replaced the CDR drive?? Would love a list of compatible drives if such a thing exists. Any tips would be appreciated, big thanks :)


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  2. amr2

    amr2 Well-Known Member

    and change the lens? Maybe there is a replacement.
  3. restorer-john

    restorer-john Addicted Member

    That Yamaha drive used the optional AMQR recording where it could create bigger pits/lands supposedly to offer better sound.

    I know there were standalone burners (also Yamaha branded) that were available around 2002 or so with the AMQR option- perhaps the drives inside were similar to the 1300/e/1500.

    I have a CDR-HD1300.
  4. optimums

    optimums New Member

    Is replacing the drive lens a possible solution? I'm still looking for a replacement drive but coming up very empty.
  5. sCOBB

    sCOBB New Member

    I love this player too and have a similar issue.

    I had a quote here in Australia about a year ago. Yamaha still have replacement stock but it isn't cheap, I found a lightly used one on ebay for about $250 as a backup.

    The authorised Yamaha repairer said "Yamaha came back to me today. Regards to CDR-HD1500 part is available from Japan, however will take up to 4 weeks to obtain it and cost including labour will come to around $1000.00." That's AUD

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