Yamaha DVD- S1200 Score

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by DEAFASABAT, Aug 7, 2018.


    DEAFASABAT Active Member

    Was at the local Goodwill store on other business. This store I would rate 2 out of ten for ever having anything at all worth buying.

    Since I was there I figured I'd take a quick look and was surprised to find the DVD- S1200 with just one scratch on the top. No remote, but it plays CD's with the front panel controls and sounds very good. Will try the video play this evening.

    I've spent $12 on lesser things.
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  2. Roboturner91

    Roboturner91 Super Member

    SW Indiana
    Looks like a nice one. I have a 5-disc cd changer from that era (I only paid $8 for it, LOL). It's plasticky but sounds nice.

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