Yamaha NP-S2000 Network/Media Streamer Review

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    I'm writing this review in the event that someone wants to know my thoughts. I'm not sure why Yamaha stopped production of this unit, but the NP-S2000 is Spectacular! When I purchased my Yamaha A-S2000 in April of 2014 I wanted to get the companion, same series, Yamaha Network Player - but they where no longer available. Like the Yamaha A-S2000 and A-S2100 which I own both of, the Yamaha NP-S2000 is built like a tank. Sound quality is superb and it also has balanced outputs. For a 1U rack component, this unit is deceiving when you go to lift it, it weighs nearly 30lbs!. If you want the "matching" Network Player companion for your Yamaha A-S2000 or A-S2100, you can't go wrong with the NP-S2000. It is still supported by Yamaha with Firmware updates, these are acquired by pressing a sequence of remote menu buttons, when the Network Player is plugged into the Internet. if you can find one for under $1K, acquire it! You won't be disappointed!

    Pros: Balanced Outputs make it the perfect companion for the Yamaha A-S2000, A-S2100 or A-S3000 integrated amplifiers. The build construction if 5-Star. Separate Power Supplies for Digital and Analog. Built like a Tank!

    Cons: Bit pricy, but if you can find one for ~$1K, worth every penny.

    Note: Starting with Firmware version 3.01, 192kHz is supported (was 96kHz). Firmware instructions should be on the Digital Docs site in a week or so.

    Update: 10/07/2016 Owners Manual and Firmware Update Instructions are now on the Digital Docs site
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