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Yamaha R1000 & R2000 amp Technical Bulletin No. 45H

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by Hufsredo, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Hufsredo

    Hufsredo Member

    Hanford CAli
    If you haven't done it, DO IT or have it done.

    See pic below, I also have the parts list for each amp repair kit.

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  2. sajjad amer

    sajjad amer Active Member

    Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
    Could you please help me by sharing the part list for R2000. Which Pins on voltage regulator I need to decouple?
    Thank you
  3. clinic-audio

    clinic-audio all on YAMAHA untill 1990


    the 45H bulletin is for R1000 only and do not concern R2000.
    The amplifier is using Power pack IC's in R1000 only and they need to be " decoupled "
    Not a very complicate mod !
    The R2000 is using discrete semi-conductors and need another mod kit with more components than R1000 : 16 fuse resistors , 5 transistors and 3 electrolytic capacitors
    Again , nothing very complicate
    I will strongly recommend to not use ordinary resistors instead original fuse resistors

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